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Ultra Technos

Upgrade of the older Technos Model

Presenting the Jupiter Ultra Technos.
A simple to operate and install Ionizer that automatically turns itself on and automatically cleans itself before each use. This means it will always be at peak operating efficiency. Like other units in the Jupiter Science range, the Ultra Technos has:
MICOM Solid state onboard computer circuitry - recently updated. This ensures quality and longevity of your unit.

5 levels of pH accessible by push buttons.

Filter-only mode for purified ionized water.

Hot water and low pressure alert

Bar graph display to tell you how much life your filter has left

Wiped own case with quality, sensitive design suited for Western kitchens.

Stainless steel outlet hose for alkaline water.

Audible alarm to prevent incorrect operation

0.1 Micron Silver Activated Charcoal Filter

One year warranty

Guaranteed Lowest Price
US$ 579.00

Technos Specifications

Voltage 110V
Water Temp Range 4-30C
Max Flow 1.5 Gal/min
Operation Initiation Kitchen tap
Unit Weight 5.2 kg 16 lb./Shipped: 6.2 kg - 18 lb
Filter Type MTF Activated charcoal
Electrode Specs Platinum Coated Titanium
Dimensions 10.5" X 6" x 14.5"
Chlorine Removal <0.05ppm
Cleaning System Auto on startup
Hot Water Protection Auto Shutoff
Water Pressure Tolerances 9 - 70 PSI
Water Temperature Limits 36 To 89 Degrees F.
Electrolysis method Continuous
Filter Duration 6-9 months or 1,000 gals


Cut away view of the older Technos

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