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Explanation of the Procedure and its Possible Effects
Please read this carefully if you are going to have a Higher Light Integration. In the etheric blueprint body, there are twelve-sided etheric crystals and other structures that act as "circuit breakers."  We call these regulator crystals. You placed these structures in the blueprint body before entering incarnation to assist you to look and feel humanly limited.    All perspectives and viewpoints expressed here in this online booklet are solely the opinion of aliyah ziondra.  (This Shefa Services Bookletarticle is from this web site:

Ninety percent of people have what we call a "standard issue" of nineteen crystals. They keep certain Light connections from being made in the etheric blueprint body thereby preventing certain perceptions and abilities from manifesting physically.  Some of these "circuit breakers" inhibit:

As Higher Light pours into the etheric blueprint, it is as if pressure builds around the crystal and it may manifest physically as sharp pains in the head or chest, spasms in the neck or shoulders and sudden deterioration of hearing, vision or thinking. You place these regulators yourself to help you to forget who you are and why you are here. At this time of planetary Lightbody transformation, limitation is no longer necessary and it is time for these structures to be removed.

Higher Light Integration

It may be time for you to have a Lightbody Tune-Up. With all the shifts that we have gone through lately, the etheric blueprints have been stressed and parts may have shorted out.  Higher Light Integration is the first step to all other work
that I do.

In a Higher Light Integration session, the first thing I do is remove the Etheric Crystals, the Divinity Thresholds, and any devices or implants.  Then I activate dormant Light Language receptors and recalibrate the Metatronic energy flows, which immediately allows your bodies to flood with Light sent by your Spirit.  As the blueprint lights up, I "rewire" the seventh, sixth, and fifth dimensional structures where necessary.

Utilizing what are called Spin Points, we then flood the inner Light meridians and "rewire" where necessary, strengthening the connections between the inner and outer bodies of Light and the physical meridians.  We recalibrate the body circuits and the glandular pulses for greater physical ease.  This work assists the DNA to accept more Light, supports the building of the Lightbody, and prepares all of the bodies for unification with your Oversoul.

The kinds of integration techniques that I and the Medical Corps will use depends on your level of Lightbody activation and the amount of Light you are prepared to absorb, at this time.  I infuse a light cocoon to help you integrate in the three days after a HLI.  Allow the integration to happen without outside input.  While you are in the cocoon, do not have energy work performed on you.  If you wish to run Reiki or other energies on yourself, that is fine. Meditation is fine.

Higher Light Integration
Divinity Threshold Re-calibration

Explanation of the Procedure and its Possible Effects

Please read this carefully if you are going to have a Higher Light Integration.  Spirit is requiring us to begin to embody our Divinity.  New frequencies are being poured in from the upper dimensions to assist the physical body to awaken and receive encoding into the Divine Image of the Adam Kadmon.

These frequencies have activated dormant multi-specie, multi-universal encodements in the DNA. This in turn has set off the original primal survival imprints in the human genetic code.

We will remove obsolete structures in the lower control panel and the neck. Due to these new frequencies they are overloading and may be causing some or all of these discomforts:

  • Chronic or recent pain in the pelvis, hips, lower back or neck.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Low life force, fatigue, depression, alienation, sudden emotional outbursts.
  • Blocks in sexual and creative flows.
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance.
  • Inability to bring Spirit into your body below the rib cage.
  • Lack of centering and grounding.
  • Difficulty unifying the lower chakras with the upper chakras.

There are also 7th dimensional flows and structures that assist us to embody more of our Divinity. We will:

  • Restructure Alpha and Omega chakras and attach 7th dimensional connectors.
  • Open Divine flow regulators, clearing, smoothing and refining flows.
  • Activate Alpha and Omega Deca Delta Pyramidal structure.
  • Activate lower control panel.
  • Balance upper and lower control panels.
  • Balance electric, magnetic, and gravitational waves from subatomics into DNA and into Divine Image.
  • Adjust and reprogram axial system controls.
  • Activate and recalibrate specialized equipment.
  • Infuse Yod spectrum frequencies.

You will probably need more water and more sleep over the next few days. Realize that if you did not feel very much during the procedure you may feel the effects in a few days, a few weeks or even a few months from now. If you refer to this sheet about three months from now you will probably notice there have been some changes in your experience of reality.


from the Kaballah

Tree of Life

Keter or Kether
Keth's namesake

Crown Chakra






Animal Polarity Connection

as with Dr light and Keth

The Shefa Services

Shefa is a Hebrew term for the Light / Emanation / Flow of Blessings from the Ein Soph through the pathways and spheres of the Tree of Life. Traditionally, the soul, the world and the pathways themselves need Tikkun, repair or regeneration, for the Shefa to flow all the way down into this world. In the Kaballah, the body of Jewish mysticism, everything operates on the principle of ‘as above, so below’. When we perform Tikkun at this level of reality it also regenerates the spheres and pathways in the spiritual realities. This then allows Kiddushin, sanctification, to pour down into this world, and this world, in turn, to sanctify all Creation. We are truly co-creators with God.

The goal of the Shefa Services is to perform both Tikkun and Kiddushin, so hopefully, you can have a more direct experience of God and the flow of divine Blessing in your life. All of the Shefa Services, except Bridging the Eternal, are done long distance, either by phone, or while you are resting or sleeping. I have found that my body acts like a lens that narrows the frequencies that I run. Because of this, I have found that I work more comfortably and effectively out of body.

Much to my surprise, the Shefa Services correspond to the spheres and the trinitized worlds of the Tree of Life.
If you are a new participant with this work, and you know that you want to a package of services in the worlds of Assiyah and Yetzirah, choose any five and the cost is $555, and I’ll attune your animals too.  Note that Higher Light Integration (Malkhut) and Sacred Body Integration (Yesod) are prerequisites for all other integrative work, and that you would do either Karmic Matrix Removal / Divinity Infusion (Netzakh) or Holographic Matrix Re-Alignment (Netzakh), not both, whichever is appropriate for you.

The Council of Ein Soph decides the costs for all services, not me personally, and the numerics set up specific frequencies for the work.  I regard all resources as shefa from God, an act of Grace, and a natural part of universal infinite sustenance.  I think of individual people as the spheres and their relationships to others as the pathways. When someone follows their Spirit, shefa flows into their sphere and fills it to overflowing. They in turn flow the shefa to other spheres. Whether the shefa is kindness, money, insights, objects, creativity, or any other resources, it actually comes from God.  We are each part of a universal delivery system of blessing.
As you can see, there is no earning or deserving in this model.

Note that in this Shefa Services book, there are some changes from previous flyers.

If you are having Higher Light Integration, Sacred Body Integration, Specialized Integration, Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment, or Rapture Infusion,  you will be in a cocoon for three days.  If you are having a Karmic Matrix Removal / Divinity Infusion or Holographic Matrix Realignment, you will be in a cocoon for three weeks.  Do not have energy work done by anyone but yourself while you are in a cocoon.  You do not want any outside assistance or interference with the integration process.  While you are in the cocoon you may get very ‘sleepy’, like you cannot hold your head up or keep your eyes open. Don’t fight it. Lie or sit down and let yourself go. You will usually be gone for only10 to 20 minutes.  You will notice that it is hard to move your body and you feel like you are asleep except that you can hear what is going on around you. This is a very deep integrative state for the body and this may happen several times a day while cocooned. You will also need more water than usual. We suggest that you re-read the section for your service the day of or the day before appointment.

   from the Shefa Services Booklet

You are the master of your own reality.
If something rings true to you, use it.
If it does not resonate, forget it.
follow your own spirit with each breath and each step.
live heaven.

all services, techniques, and products
described in this booklet are for spiritual alignment.

this is not medical advice.
if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned,
please see your doctor.

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All perspectives and viewpoints expressed here in this online booklet are solely the opinion of aliyah ziondra.  from the  web site.

Keth is an Etheric Surgeon of the Knights the Solar Cross as well, and performs similar services.  These are some wonderful more complex explanations by Aliyah Ziondra of parts of work very similar to ours, we prefer simpler fare but for the mentally inclined, here you are.
Keth's specialty is working with these energies and the Crown or "Kether or Keter" of the Tree of Life (pictured above), as his name bespeaks.  The Higher Light Integration session includes removing the Etheric Crystals and has a $100 requested donation.  Each other level of service is $90 or see our specials.  We also include an Animal / Pet Attunement with your work, at no extra charge if requested. 

"Every living thing on planet Earth is mutating from carbon to Light based existence. To help us prepare for ascension many of our pets contracted to ground and stabilize us. They channel frequencies for us and some even transmute issues, karma, and obsolete patterns for us. Many of our close animal companions seem to be having as difficult of a time managing the mutational and reality changes as we are. The rapid transformations that this reality is undergoing can be as alarming to our animal companions as it is to us.

Animal Companion Attunements are like a Higher Light Integration for your Pet.  Animals do not have the limitation structures or the Light Language transduction structures that humans do.  They do have chakras, spin points, energy circuits, glandular pulses, and a Lightbody blueprint.   In an Animal Companion Attunement I clear and re-balance these structures, boosting the immune system and glandular functioning.  I adjust the chakra system so that they feel more centered in the reality and frequency changes.  Light as a nutrient is then infused into the cells and the blueprints. Finally, I attune them to their human companion(s)."

Here is a recommended Unified Chakra Meditation to do in conjunction with the Higher Light Integration and other of our work. 

Keth's Answers to LightBody Work questions 
We are not part of the Wings of Glory Organization.
I AM a Master Etheric Surgeon, part of the Knights of the Solar Cross (as was Tashira Tachi-Ren who wrote the Angelic Outreach materials, including the processes mentioned above).  A  Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Etheric Surgeons who do this work about the Universe.  I / we do the same Awakening and LightBody work.  We each have our own styles and ways of working.  We are Master Etheric Surgeons certified by God/Goddess.  I have studied and practiced LightBody work with many Masters.  I don't have level descriptions and classifications  I just do the work, what is next for the person in their Awakening Process.  The descriptions change somewhat now because of the shifts in fabric of energy and everyone is in a different place and pace of their evolvement. 
The work comes through me Intuitively as direct knowing and is not a mental process,  so I don't get detailed mental information.  As much as possible toward your Awakening Process is done in each Session.     Whatever is next for you or you can select one of the above En Soph Integrations or Alignments.  It is orchestrated by your own Intensions, your HigherSelf and Guides and what is best for your Awakening-Healing Process. 
You set your Intensions at the beginning of your Session.  If you need to know or see things your receive the information during the session or in the dream state or in some way it comes to you after or even before the session.   The more sensitive to energy you are  the more you feel,  our work is very powerful and gentle.. and happens on many levels all at the same time.   
My name Keth is representative of the work I do representing the Keter or Kether as it is usually called.  It basically represents the Crown Chakra in the energy body and  Tree of Life of the Kabbalah.  It has somewhat to do with the creation and now integration of duality.  When I work in person or remotely  I link Crown chakras and work through that connection as part of the work.  My last name Luke means Light.  I worked with Light my whole life, and I AM a certified Master of Light as my dogs name is Light and has been through 3 of his lifetimes (30years) with me and I was a professional PhotoArtist for over 16 years.   I work with my partners Jan, DrLight and our Divine Tune-Up Team.  We help other Masters remember who they are.  See our web site for more certifications, descriptions and information.  
The walk-ins like Allyah / Tachi-Ren  have a more aware mental way of working and describing it.  Others of us work in a more Intuitive way of direct knowing, a higher self channeled way.   The work is basically the same, you can pay extra for the descriptions or just get the LightBody Awakening work.  Where have you been guided?   Ask your own inner guidance and trust it.  We would love to work with you if you so decide.
Many Blessings
Keth  and Crew

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