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In English, the word Adamantine means “something extremely hard, unyielding,” in fact, “adamant.” This word derivates from the Latin word Adamantus.  It is also an adjective to qualify something as “hard and brilliant as a diamond.”  

The adamantine particles form all elements of the Universe.  They are the smallest, indivisible particles that assemble the atoms of all original substances like oxygen, nitrogen, iron; in other words, “everything that is”, including our bodies.




Quantum Mechanics Particles



Quantum mechanics has discovered deeper layers of structure in ordinary matter. Matter is composed, o­n a tiny scale, of particles called atoms.  Atoms are in turn made up of a very small nucleus surrounded by a cloud of particles called electrons.  The nucleus is made of particles called protons and neutrons, which are themselves made up of even smaller particles called quarks. 

In the following paragraphs you will find a brief and easy introduction that will assist you understanding this relatively new science.  Before we begin, we must realize that no one has ever seen an atom or any subatomic particle, not even using the most powerful electronic microscopes. Quantum physicists have proven most of their theories by observing and studying the behavior of subatomic particles. In fact, Quantum Physics is just a theory.  

We believe that quantum physicists have already proven the existence of adamantine particles; however, they have given different names to these fundamental particles, some of the names are: electrons, quarks, muons, neutrinos, etc. this happens due to the fact that some of these scientists are based in different countries and are funded by diverse organizations.

In order to avoid creating confusion, in the Adamantine System we use the metaphysical name of Adamantine particles to label all fundamental particles.    

Scientists of the early 20th century found they could not explain the behavior of atoms using their current knowledge of traditional physics.  Therefore, scientists developed a new interpretation of matter and energy to describe atoms. They formulated the quantum theory, or quantum mechanics. The quantum theory describes matter as acting both as a particle and as a wave. In the visible objects encountered in everyday life, the wavelike nature of matter is too small to be apparent. Wavelike nature becomes important, however, in microscopic particles such as electrons, which behave like waves. They exist as a fuzzy cloud of negative charge around the nucleus, instead of as a particle located at a specific point.

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Galaxy of Creation



The words “Adamantine particles” are used for the first time in English in Glenda Green’s book “Love without End” published in 1998. However, the word “Adamantine” has been around for thousands of years.


In the Buddhist tradition we can find one of the first references to this word; in Sanskrit “Vajra” means Adamantine, and "Vajradhatu" is a Sanskrit word which means "adamantine sphere”. But perhaps, the most important finding was that the word “Vajrasattva” means “the Adamantine Being” who represents the Buddha of purification and healing.


The Vajrasattva Meditation is a special practice recommended by Vajrayana Buddhism to their practitioners who wish to cleanse themselves from impurities accumulated and caused by negative feelings, thoughts, words and actions.

In English the word Adamantine means “something extremely hard or  unyielding”, in fact “adamant.”  It is also an adjective to qualify something as “hard and brilliant as a diamond”.  The term particle is used in the context of subatomic particles, thus adamantine particles are subatomic in size and nature.

The Adamantine particles form all elements of the Universe; in other words, they are the smallest indivisible particles that assemble the atoms of all original substances like oxygen, nitrogen, iron; therefore, all that is, including our bodies.


We can say that “Adamantine particles” mean “pure particles”, not combined with anything; particles so pure, small and simple that cannot be divided and therefore are, and represent, an “absolute”. They are one of the constants of the universe.

Adamantine particles are fundamental particles Dr. Francisco Rosero believes that adamantine particles are fundamental particles of matter and energy that are not yet properly identified by scientists; most probably, quantum physicists have already discovered these particles and have named them differently; it is also quite possible that our current scientific approach does not allow them to fully understand its characteristics.

Adamantine particles are crystal-like particles of infinity, which contain stored potential to manifest any original substance or element. It can also be said that adamantine particles are encoded with a kind of “universal DNA” that allows them to form any possible type of atom.


The Power of Love   

Keth Luke Healing SessionAdamantine particles require “power” to build the other particles and atoms. There is, however, only one type of energy (not energy generated by friction as we know in 3D) that is compatible with them. This energy is the magnetic power of Love, which pervades the Universe in the form of Universal Life Force.  Love is not only the most beautiful feeling, it also is the power which ignites and directs adamantine particles into manifestation.


We can also call Love and its magnetic power, Potential; pure and infinite potential to command the adamantine particles to form infinite numbers of forms of expression of such potential. Love is the ultimate force in the Universe; it holds every galaxy, star and planet in its place. In the presence of Love, patterns of beauty, perfection, harmony and efficiency manifest spontaneously.

"Knowledge/wisdom overlaid with love/compassion and focused intent /action creates the power that holds the keys to the universal storehouse of unmanifested potential, potential that is just waiting for you to mold it and create anything you can envision."    Archangel Michael


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Here is an interesting article that relates to the Adamantine particles and their practical use by another name.

he Law Of Perpetual Transmutation 
In his book, “The Science Of Getting Rich”, author Wallace D.  Wattles talks about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation.

Simply put, energy from the formless realm is constantly flowing into the material world and taking form. This energy is limitless and inexhaustible. As old forms are exhausted, they give way for new forms to emerge from the invisible hidden energy of the universe.


The formless energy is amenable to being shaped by our minds, and is the ultimate source of all wealth. Hence, in a very real sense, every person in this world is wealthy by birth because each of us is connected to that source of infinite supply. The only problem is that almost nobody knows how to tap into it and bring it into manifestation. Hence, they remain impoverished. It is not circumstance or upbringing that does it. It is sheer ignorance of the reality of our own wealth, and how easily we could tap into it if we just tried.

It is the mind that does this, and not some sort of “business strategy”. Interestingly, most people who want to achieve anything in the material world tend to focus almost exclusively upon “method”. They try to make the right contacts, study up the right books, learn the techniques, and so on. This is all very well, but it is not the only factor in success, or even the first one.

In any area of endeavor, you will often find two people with almost identical talent and opportunity. One is a roaring success; the other is going nowhere. You may see two almost identical businesses; one is going from strength to strength whilst the other is almost bankrupt. Why?

The answer lies in how successfully we can tap into the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, and manifest from the formless according to our (Heart's) desires. Rather than constantly immersing yourself in the world of Effects, i.e. the material world, more of your focus should go into the world of Causes.

The first step to doing this is simply awareness. Being actually aware that your first priority should be working in the formless realm will get you a long way towards manifesting what you seek. Form will manifest from the formless, regardless of you. That is simply what happens by natural law. Hence, you can simply work with this process, and accelerate your progress, or try to ignore the law and experience relatively random results.


Meditating regularly on the Law of Perpetual Transmutation (Sacred Heart - Adamantine Particles) can help you make it a living belief for you. In a relaxed state, imagine a vast space above you, the size of the whole sky, and filled with energy. This is the formless realm; abundant enough to create ten thousand universes the size of our own, and still be nowhere near running out. Imagine it pregnant with potential, constantly giving birth to new forms in the material world.  See this going on continuously, from microscopic to macroscopic, as a flow from formless to form. See also the forms of our material world dissolving right back into the formless energy continuum.

Now, place yourself between the flow. See the vast infinite energy flowing from the formless THROUGH YOU, and manifesting into form beneath you. It’s like a gigantic hourglass. The energy particles move from the formless, using you as the conduit, and flow into the material world, changed by YOUR will! Rather than simply experiencing the effects of the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, you are bending it to your will. This is the way it was always intended to be used. In truth, the whole of creation is intelligent. Nothing happens by chance. This law was made to be intelligently used.

If you use a meditation like this each and every day, you will make this law your own, and begin to realize its effects in your life. It will become a living reality to you, and not merely a theory.

Yes, material methods are also important and cannot be ignored. However, doing this ALONE will most probably leave you as another “also-ran”. However, if you combine working in the formless realm with also working in the conventional way, your chances of success will be phenomenally increased. In a very real sense, you will be “going with the flow”; the flow from the formless into form through the Law of Perpetual Transmutation.


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