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franscisco Rosero
Francisco Rosero founded the Adamantine System in the year 2000

Francisco was born in Quito, Ecuador. His quest for deep spiritual insight started with studies in theology and philosophy.  He researched and studied several religions. Francisco has learned from many teachers and organizations, but as he says, “real higher knowledge is in your heart; you just have to awaken it.”

 Francisco is gifted with dream interpretation and powerful intuition, which he uses to offer private sessions of Spiritual Alchemy (to assist individuals transmuting difficult past lives). He has a doctor’s degree in Metaphysics. 

 While he was living in Ecuador, Francisco had the opportunity to learn a powerful healing method.  His instructors called it “Energia Universal y Amor,” translated  into English as "Universal Energy and Love," which originated from “Manos sin Fronteras,” or "Hands without Borders," an organization based in Spain. The leader of this organization, known as “The Gardener,” was described as a wonderful woman who spent most of her time in meditation. It was said that she learned the healing method from a Tibetan monk. Francisco’s wife, Veronica, attended the first class with a group of her friends and later he joined her.  Both studied all levels and decided to take the instructors’ class because they wanted to share this information with others.

After teaching the Universal Energy and Love method for a while in Ecuador, and then in the United States, Francisco realized that the concept of universal energy was too ambiguous and presented several opportunities for misinterpretation. He also noticed that in the United States, students need more information and written materials in order to assimilate the healing method itself. Having experience as a faculty member in several universities, Francisco decided to research more on the subject of universal energy to develop new information and class materials. These elements helped him to create AHS or Adamantine Health System later shortened to the Adamantine System.  

 Universal energy has been used since time immemorial.  The Chinese call it Qi or Chi; Hindus call it Prana; in Hebrew, it is Ruah; in Japanese, it is Ki; and, for most western metaphysical schools, it is called the "Vital Life Force."   One of the translations, or interpretations, of the word Reiki, a familiar energy healing technique, says that “Rei” means Universal and “Ki” means Life Force Energy.  Part of Francisco’s later research in universal energy included receiving the Reiki attunements and becoming a Reiki Master. 

His research was completed thanks to a combination of efforts and synchronicities.  For instance, when Francisco was teaching a class in South Florida, one of the students gave him a copy of the book, Love without End, written by Glenda Green.  In this book, Francisco found precious information that he had been looking for. The book has a chapter about Adamantine Particles, and it explains how these sub-atomic particles are the building blocks of all original substances. It also explains how the power of love commands the adamantine particles to form all matter in the universe.   This book is recommended as support material for students of the Adamantine System.  

 One of the conclusions of Francisco’s research was that healing means restoring of original wholeness, and that wholeness is achieved by the power of love bringing harmony back to the Adamantine particles of the affected part(s) of the body.  

Francisco spent several years compiling and testing the results of his research. During this time, Francisco was able to develop completely new concepts that explain how healing occurs when Universal Energy is applied to energy centers in the human body.  These concepts helped create a fresh vision of the universe and are supported by studies of Quantum Physics and cutting edge metaphysic concepts. 

Francisco has brought together lectures, classes, workbooks and CDs to introduce the Adamantine System, one of the most advanced energy therapies today.

Francisco then returned to Ecuador many years ago.  Keth and other Adamantine Masters continue to Share the Adamantine System.

 Many Adamantine students are Reiki Masters, yoga students, intuitive healers, massage therapists and practitioners of acupuncture, reconnection, reflexology, etc (the list of energy modalities is long).  There is also a significant percentage of students who take the classes because they suffer some kind of ailment and want to use the Adamantine System to enhance their medical treatments.

Keth Luke  Adamantine Master Instructor
Keth Luke is an Adamantine Master and pioneered the Remote Teaching and Activations of the Adamantine System
.  He has helped in the Visioning of the Adamantine System and the Audio /  Visual Production of  Training  and Promotional materials.

Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters who have taken the classes find the Adamantine System to be a natural way to enhance their practice as it has with Jan and Keth's.  Jan and Keth both used this system in ancient Egypt and worked there with Francisco.  They became Instructors, this life, in July of 2002 with many further Advanced Instructor trainings in 2003, 2004 & 2005.



Jan and Keth are Adamantine System Certified Instructors and fifth Level Advanced Facilitators and offer all Course Levels  and Activations.   Please contact us.  Keth is one of the few Master Instructors who facilitate and teach all 6 levels of AHS  and Teaches Instructors... and he pioneered Remote Adamantine Sessions.
    Contact number   727-842-6788


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