Past AASP Lectures & Workshops from  2002 - 2004 


AASP   2003 - 2004  Events  

September 4, 2003  Kaye Shinker, Financial Astrologer

  Skywatchers, the First Financial Astrologers

October 2, 2003   Robert Blaschke,  Author and Teacher

  Planetary Aspects:  The Music of the Spheres

October 4, 2003 Robert Blaschke, Workshop on Medical Astrology

November 6, 2003   Mary Gemming Ph.D  Author & Astrologer

  Lecture - The Harmonic Concordance

November 8, 2003   "Harmonic Concordance"
Harmonic Concordance Articles -  Lunar Eclipse  11/8, Solar Eclipse 11/23
Harmonic Concordance Part I, Great Healing Technique, Djwhal Khul, Rev Terri Newlon, 11/8
Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Star of David
HC Part 2, Djwhal Khul, Rev Terri Newlon, 11/8
Harmonic Concordance: The Days of the Matrix Energy Are Numbered, Kirael Shift Report, Oct
Time Portals Time Lords Harmonic Concordance, The Quantum,
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, Vol 56
More About Mastery  (Harmonic Concordance), Djwhal Khul, Rev Terri Newlon  10/1
Harmonic Concordance  Nov 8, 2003  John Mirehiel  5/13
The Star of Bethlehem for This Age
 GOD,  Yael,  Doug Powell  10/20 
Harmonic Global Concordance Days 11/8-11 Karma to Dharma, Project OM, Sound Healers Assoc
The Lightness of the Heart and the Harmonic Concordance    Drunvalo
Days to Focus your Intent   Thoth channeled by Sharon Shane
Magi Astrological Description  Mary Holland
Sabian Symbol Astrology   Elizabeth Keller  DK,  Terri Newlon
The Sun Is Intervening  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
MerKaBic Harmonic Concordance  from ZaKaiRan

Shift Communication  A'ra"Lei, Lyra System Commander & Comm Engineer, Rebeka Michaels
Sananda's 8th Message   Lois Hartwick   11/09
The Magdalen's Message Great Divine Feminine Speaks, Rebeka Michaels 10/29
First Kiss  &  New Earth
  Wistancia Stone & Channie Centara
"Jan can look at Your Personal Chart and your Connection to this Planetary Configuration"



December 4, 2003   Our Gala Holiday Gathering with Special Presentations, Music & Cosmic Art Show at the Royal King Buffet  (7610 49th St. N, in Pinellas Park Plaza on the NW corner of Park Blvd. and 49th St) with special Guest Speakers Evolutionary Astrologer, Imsara presenting  Astrology, Art, and Universal Healing--Uranus in Pisces  and  Artist, Patricia Bowers, exhibiting her "Channeled" Paintings, including many pieces with an Astrological motif.    

We will also have a special guest, Spiritual Musician ~ Pipsa,  joining us for our invocation with a "Song of Peace" and playing her Crystal Bowls as your AASP President, Jan Carter shares a short presentation on the Asteroids ~  The Return of the Goddess ~  Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene, Vesta and Hygiea, recognizing their importance to Astrology and in bringing back a balance to our world.   


Wonderful buffet dinner included, gift exchange and astrology talk.  This will be only $5 for members, and $15.00 for guests, .  Many door prizes, and each person who wants to participate will be asked to bring a wrapped astrology related gift ($10.00 value), to be exchanged at the meeting.   Wear your party clothes & come join in the celebration.


January 8, 2004   Janet Sciales  : 2004 Yearly Overview -
We had an entertaining evening as Janet shared her Astrological insights and humor about  "What's in Store in 2004".

Local Radio Personality and Astrologer


February 5, 2004   Lecture with David Beazley   7:15 - 9:30 pm
Lecture Topic:  Basics of Uranian Astrology, plus applying it to the Financial Markets 
The first half of the lecture, David will introduce us to the basics of Uranian Astrology using the 90 degree dial.  In the second half, he will offer us some insights into how he applies this system in working with the financial markets, i.e. the stock market.  The Uranian Planets are great tools for giving much more accuracy in predictive work
David Beazley, born in England, worked as a Marine Engineer for 20 years.  He started studying metaphysics in 1986.  He qualified in Tarot and Palmistry at the Totland Tarot Centre in England in 1992 and studied Astrology for many years - being privileged to be taught by some of the top Astrologers in England.  He became a Professional Astrologer in 1991, specializing in Relationship, Psychological and Financial Astrology.  He moved to Florida in 1993 and became an ordained minister in 1994.  David teaches Astrology Classes on all levels and travels extensively doing workshops on Uranian Astrology. 


Improve Your Astrological Skills - Maritha Pottenger, author of 10 astrology books and world-traveler for astrology, will be visiting Florida in March. She has a knack for “putting the pieces together” with astrology—and showing others how to do that quickly and easily.

March 4, 2004    Maritha Pottenger - Lecture - "Past Lives
and Astrology" Maritha spent several years doing workshops on Past Lives and Astrology for the Learning Annex in San Diego and Los Angeles, so she has discussed the topic with hundreds of people—including a number of individuals who have either past-life memories or “flashbacks” or “bleed-throughs” from earlier times. “Those who do not remember the history are doomed to repeat it.” Learn from your past to improve your future!     After an introduction covering past life research and patterns, we will examine horoscopes. Using the “karmic factors” in the horoscope (e.g., Saturn, Nodes of the Moon, 12th house and more), speculations can be made regarding possible past lives of participants. (Bring your own horoscope.) Her book, Past Lives, Future Choices: The Astrology of Reincarnation, is useful, but not essential.

March 6, 2004    Maritha Pottenger - Workshop - "Current Patterns in Astrology" 
Her Workshop will help you understand the different systems in Astrology that help us to look into the future—and to decide which systems will be most useful for you, personally. 

Handouts and discussion will cover the major forms of current patterns: progressions, solar arc directions, transits, and solar returns (along with lunar and planetary returns). Tips will be offered about how best to work with current patterns and what factors are "timing triggers" in each system. Case studies will be presented to illustrate the different forms of current patterns. A system will be presented for discovering which method(s) of current patterns will work best for your horoscope. Her book, Unveiling the Future: Progressions Made Easy is useful, but not essential.   Bring your horoscope with progressions, transits, and any other systems of looking ahead which you wish to examine!     List of Books by Maritha
To book appointment for Astrology Consultation with Maritha - Maritha will have limited time available in Florida, so appointments will be made on a first come, first served basis. She will be available for consultations in the St. Pete area on Friday, March 5. She will be available for consultations in the Orlando area on Monday, March 8.  To make an appointment, contact Maritha before March 1. She will need your full birth data. You can reach her by e-mail at: or by phone: (619) 563-5140. Please note that she lives on the West Coast, so it is 3 hours earlier where she is if you call!

April 1, 2004    Marilyn Muir - Lecture - "Eclipses"  Our mini-workshop/lecture on Eclipses, both Solar and Lunar will teach you how and why they are formed, their cyclic nature, their power of influence, the effect on a chart by house and aspect, and duration and activation of that effect.  Marilyn Muir, with 30 years experience as an Astrologer, will present the Eclipse workshop with a ton of info at a very fast pace.  So bring your notebook and come prepared to learn the basics of reading Eclipses.  Marilyn over the years has had many seminars, national workshops, television, radio and magazine/newspaper columns to her credit, as well as an active school and reading practice.

We will be having an open Board Meeting at the Mirage Restaurant  2284 Gulf to Bay Blvd. in Clearwater, FL  33765 (727-724-3604) on Tuesday - April 20th at 12 noon.  (The Persian-Mediterranean Buffet is $7.95)  It is an open meeting for those interesting in sharing and participating more fully in the blossoming of this organization.

May 1, 2004  AASP Luncheon - Saturday, 12 Noon at the Oriental Super Buffet  2456 Gulf to Bay  in Clearwater Cost: $15 & $25/couple.  This is our last formal gathering before the summer.

AASP Luncheon/Meeting with featured speaker, Taliesin (Talley).  The title of his lecture is  "What did you come to do in this lifetime?"  Everybody's fundamental life path is a path of emotional and spiritual growth,  changing the subconscious programming from negative to positive.  The quickest way to locate this path is by comparing the Ascendant to the Sun Sign.
Taliesin (Talley) has been doing astrology readings for 26 years and been a professional Astrologer for 19 years.  He has taught courses at community colleges in Eugene, OR and Seattle, WA.  His articles have been published in New Times Naturally and other publications.  He now does readings at Crimson Moon Metaphysical Book Store in Safety Harbor and Angel Face in Tampa, FL. and also does private consultations for an international clientele including clients from the Moon, Mars and Uranus!   Taliesin   813-335-2748

AASP 2002 - 2003 Season

Our first speaker for Sept 2002 Season was Jan Carter, on Draconic AstrologySoular Astrology  The Draconic Chart is basically the same as the Tropical by position, but we take the Tropical North Node (Dragon's Head) and place it at 0 degrees Aries, and then move all of the planets and angles to the corresponding change of arc.  Most major Astrology Software, such as Solar Fire and WinStar, can calculate it for you - or it can be done easily by hand using a 360 Degree Conversion Table, which will be supplied.
Jan is the AASP President. Jan first learned about Draconic Astrology in 1995.  Since then, she has been incorporating it in her work and blending it with the Tropical System.  Blending the systems is referred to as "Multi-Dimensional Astrology". 

The traditional Tropical System is believed to relate to the  "ego", whereas the Sun/Moon based Draconic System relates to the "soul".  This System, whose origins are believed to be Ancient Babylonia, is gaining more interest and recognition, especially through the efforts of British Astrologer, Pamela Crane. 


On October 3/2002 we had Robert Blaschke, topic Karmic Astrology.

 Karmic Astrology Lecture  How to interpret the birth chart in the context of present life karma as a continuation of past life experiences was discussed. The lunar nodes, retrograde planets, the twelfth house, interceptions, the ascendant, the Moon, Saturn and Pluto was covered in this thought provoking presentation about karma, and how to look for it in the horoscope. Karmic transits and secondary progressions were also included.

 Past 2002-2003 AASP Program Schedule


September 5/2002—Speaker: Jan Carter      Topic: Draconic Astrology


October 3/2002—Speaker:  Robert Blaschke_Topic:Karmic Astrology

October 5th—Workshop: Robert Blaschke_Topic: Relationships


December 5/2002--Holiday Gathering Workshop: Lilith Mandala Project


January 2/2002—Speaker: Janet Sciales Topic: Yearly Overview


February 6/2002—Speaker: June Crane   Topic:  Astrocartography


March 6/2002—Speaker:  Nalini (Tom Hopke)_

Topic:_"Interpretative and Predictive Techniques of Vedic Astrology."
A synopsis of the lecture:
The placement of the planets ruling the signs that tenant the first, fifth,
ninth and tenth houses are of great importance in the practice of Vedic
astrology. Discussion of these house rulers with example charts and charts
from the audience will be discussed. The second half of the lecture will
discuss the predictive techniques described in Nalini's second book, The
Divine Path of Prediction.

Our pre-meeting program for March was with  Sally Dishong discussing the birth chart and basic astrological teachings of Edgar Cayce.  

April 3/2002 —Speaker:    ZOLAR (Dr. R. Donald Papon)—

Topic: “My Life In Astrology...Over Forty Years and Still Counting!”

A synopsis of the lecture:

For over half a century, horoscopes and various books on astrology and dreams have been published, worldwide, under the penname, Zolar--created by Bruce King. In 1976, a dying King called Don Papon to his Westside Manhattan apartment. Taking Don’s hand in his, he said, “Don. You’re the next Zolar!” In this very personal lecture, Dr. Don will share details of his flirtation with the stellar art, including his first horoscope reading by Bessie Lispenard, his teaching the first academically approved course on astrology in the United States, his friendship with Sybil Leek and other astrologers of prominence, and how he first got published! You won’t want to miss this exciting presentation, with plenty of time to ask questions.

 Short bio:

Dr. Don, aka Zolar, is a foreign trained Homeopathic Physician; a Jungian Astrologer, and an ordained New Thought Minister. He holds degrees in philosophy, holistic health, and homeopathy, and was the analysand of Erlo van Waveren, a direct disciple of Carl. G Jung. One of his specialties is medical astrology. He teaches, locally, at The Temple of The Living God in St. Petersburg.


May 3/2002: Speaker:  David Cochran of Cosmic Patterns     

Topic: AstroLocality Magic  This is our annual Luncheon was held at Royal King Buffet on Park Blvd at 49th Street (northwest corner) Pinellas Park, FL.

Jan Carter ~ AASP President

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