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Syllabus for Return Chart Lecture

By Michele Adler

Scheduled for 1/6/05

St. Petersburg Astrological Association


I.                   What a return chart actually is

a.      Precessed or not precessed?

b.     Birth location, place of residence, or where someone went on their birthday?

II.                The 24 rules for interpreting any return chart

III.             Solar Returns

a.      Solar Return Chart Emphasis: Houses, Signs, etc.

b.     Some things that can show up in a Solar Return chart

c.     The Solar Return Ascendant’s place in the natal chart

d.     The Seven Planetary Periods of a solar return

e.      Out of Bounds Declinations in solar return charts

f.       Heliacal rising star in the solar return

g.     “Progressing” the solar return chart

h.     The use of converse solar returns

i.        Charts related to the solar return: the solar return opposition, the solar return squares charts

IV.            Lunar Returns and Solunar Returns

a.  Moon location in Lunar and Solunar Return Chart

V.               Return Chart Ascendants

a.      What to look for

b.     Where it falls in the natal chart

VI.            Asteroids as keys to interpreting solar returns

VII.         Other important return charts

a.      Annual Birthday Moon return chart (when the SUN is in the same degree, minute and sign that your natal Moon was in at the time of your birth)

b.     Lunar phase return (the point each month when the sun and the moon are in the same phase they were in at the time of your birth)

c.     Mars return

d.     Ingress charts

e.      Kinetic return (the date when the “transiting” sun is in the same degree and minute as your progressed sun)



      ·        Over 32 years of experience in astrology.


·        Taught astrology in the Dade County (Miami) adult education division. Presently teach astrology in Brandon, Fla., using my own 50,000-word teaching manual, especially developed for both beginning and advanced students.


·        Authored two books on astrology. “Astrology and You” and “A to Z Astrology”. (Please do not confuse the latter with “The A to Z Horoscope Maker and Interpreter” which is published by Llewelyn.)


·        Was one of several freelancers who wrote biographies of celebrities and noteworthy people for the Astrodatabank software, a collection of birth data of over 20,000 people.


·        Hold the professional accreditation of the American Federation of Astrologers.


·        A member of National Council of Geocosmic Research, the International Society of Astrological Research, the Association for Astrological Networking, and the Astrological Association of St. Petersburg (Florida).