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AASP March Lecture and Workshop

Improve Your Astrological Skills & Enhance Your Life

Maritha Pottenger, author of 10 astrology books and world-traveler for astrology, will be visiting Florida in March. She has a knack for “putting the pieces together” with astrology—and showing others how to do that quickly and easily.                               1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =

Maritha spent several years doing workshops on Past Lives and Astrology for the Learning Annex in San Diego and Los Angeles, so she has discussed the topic with hundreds of people—including a number of individuals who have either past-life memories or “flashbacks” or “bleed-throughs” from earlier times. “Those who do not remember the history are doomed to repeat it.” Learn from your past to improve your future!


After an introduction covering past life research and patterns, we will examine horoscopes. Using the “karmic factors” in the horoscope (e.g., Saturn, Nodes of the Moon, 12th house and more), speculations can be made regarding possible past lives of participants. (Bring your own horoscope.) Her book, Past Lives, Future Choices: The Astrology of Reincarnation, is useful, but not essential.

This workshop will help you understand the different systems in Astrology that help us to look into the future—and to decide which systems will be most useful for you, personally.

Handouts and discussion will cover the major forms of current patterns: progressions, solar arc directions, transits, and solar returns (along with lunar and planetary returns). Tips will be offered about how best to work with current patterns and what factors are "timing triggers" in each system. Case studies will be presented to illustrate the different forms of current patterns. A system will be presented for discovering which method(s) of current patterns will work best for your horoscope. Her book, Unveiling the Future: Progressions Made Easy is useful, but not essential.

Bring your horoscope with progressions, transits, and any other systems of looking ahead which you wish to examine!

Astrological Consultations with Maritha Pottenger 

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Maritha is the author of 10 books on astrology, including her latest (written with her mother, Dr. Zipporah Pottenger Dobyns), Healing Mother Daughter Relationships with Astrology (published by Llewellyn in the summer of 2003). Maritha has taught astrology all over the world—in Europe, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand as well as many states in the U.S. She has lectured at most major astrological conferences, including all the United Astrology Congresses: 1986, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1998, and 2002.

Her emphasis is on activist astrology—using astrology as a tool to make the most of your opportunities and timing, to transform negative habit patterns into positive ones. She believes that the better we understand our options, the more wisely we can make our decisions and choices. 

A consultation with Maritha costs $95.00 and takes an hour. She will cover natal potentials, and look ahead about a year (sometimes further if major developments are coming up) with progressions and transits.

Other astrological services are available, such as Relocation, Synastry (Chart Comparison), Electional, etc. Just ask. 

Maritha will have limited time available in Florida, so appointments will be made on a first come, first served basis. She will be available for consultations in the St. Pete area on Friday, March 5. She will be available for consultations in the Orlando area on Monday, March 8. 

To make an appointment, contact Maritha before March 1. She will need your full birth data. You can reach her by e-mail at: maritha@pacbell.net or by phone: (619) 563-5140. Please note that she lives on the West Coast, so it is 3 hours earlier where she is if you call! 

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Astrology, The Next Step: Complete Horoscope Interpretation

     Best approach to astrological synthesis anywhere! Using the astrological alphabet, teaches reader to quickly and easily spot what is most relevant in the horoscope. Repeated themes become easy to see. Also identifies the factors to scan to tune into particular life areas: identity, relationships, parents, career, communication, beliefs, and much more. A mammoth volume with approaches for both left-brain, linear learning and right-brain, global, wholistic understanding. 568 pages  $24.95  (Original title: Complete Horoscope Interpretation) 

Easy Astrology Guide

     An activist approach to astrology which considers both the positive and negative potentials of each astrological placement. A very even-handed, complete approach. Each planet is interpreted in sign, in house, and in aspect (conjunction, harmony, conflict). Best First book for beginners. $14.95 (Original title: Astro Essentials) 

Encounter Astrology

     First (1978) approach to teaching astrology experientially. Offers exercises (mostly in group settings) for students to learn the meanings of astrological principles by doing something. Small, with extensive illustrations.

144 pages  $7.50 

Healing with the Horoscope: A Guide to Counseling

     Surveys relevant research in psychology about what works (and what doesn't) in regard to counseling. Special focus on the needs, techniques of an astrologer consultant. Includes a sample consultation. Extensive bibliography. Includes one chapter on psychological roots of illness (and health). Clarifies what training will (and won't) be helpful for achieving positive therapeutic outcomes. 256 pages $12.95

Past Lives, Future Choices: The Astrology of Reincarnation

     Correlates astrological placements with possible past life scenarios. Also discusses karmic lessons of Saturn and the Nodes. Includes relevant research on reincarnation including “repetition compulsion,” resolving chronic pain, bodily marks from past-life traumas, gender changes, family connections, etc. 304 pages. $16.95 

Planets on the Move (with Zipporah Dobyns)

     The astrology of relocation. Shows how your horoscope changes when you change residence. Interpretations for planets aspecting angles; changes of sign on Midheaven/IC and Ascendant/Descendant; rulers of houses changing house, stellia changing house, etc. Case examples of famous people in different parts of the world. Guide to "instant" relocation based on desired goals. Free chart offer with book. 320 pages $15.95 

Unveiling Your Future: Progressions Made Easy (with Zipporah Dobyns)

     An “instant look-up” for progressions with all the inner planet (and big four asteroid) aspects, house rulership information, new and full Moons, and much more. Includes an outline to follow in assigning significance to various progressed patterns. $16.95 

Your Starway to Love: Better Romance with Astrology (2nd ed.)

     Designed for the popular market. Contains a worksheet for reader to calculate scores for Love Line (overall compatibility), Sexual Sizzle, Attraction and Affection, and more. Interpretations for every Sun/Sun; Moon/Moon, Mercury/Mercury, Venus/Venus, Mars/Mars, and Ascendant/Ascendant combination. Fun titles capture essence of each duo. Interpretations offers tips for making the most of each combination--even the very challenging ones. $14.95 

Maritha also edited Millennium: Fears, Fantasies and Facts; Astrologers Look at 2000 which discusses the unnecessary fears people have regarding the 21st century and what humanity is likely to face.

Booklets (small—5½  by 8½ inches) by Maritha Pottenger 

The Art of Chart Comparison

     Comprehensive survey: how to analyze two or more natal charts. 32 pages $4.95

Chiron in Houses, Signs, and Aspects

     Along with complete interpretations, covers mythology, astronomy, and keywords. 32 pages $4.95 

The East Point and the Antivertex

     Interpretations of these two angles axes by sign, house, and aspect. Synastry issues covered too. 32 pages $4.95 

Wit and Wisdom: Mercury in Your Chart

     Learn how best to be “heard” by others. Compatibility combinations. Use in businesss, romance. 32 pages. $4.95

Your Love Life: Venus in Your Chart

     Look at relationships, compatibility, dating options. 32 pages. $4.95