Marilyn Muir
Is There an Asteroid in Your Life?     Lecture    March 2, 2006
Thousands of small planetoids and debris range throughout our solar system, occasionally encountering or introducing themselves to Earth and its inhabitants. Our burgeoning scientific and astronomical community presents us with continual information on newly discovered bodies and orbits. The astrological community is hard pressed to determine and ascribe meaning to those discoveries. If an astronomical object becomes visible, it must become conscious in its use. How do those newly observed objects apply to Earth and its inhabitants and to their lives on a very personal level?  Join us at our evening lecture and allow Marilyn Muir to introduce you to the asteroids.

A Universe of Fixed Stars     Workshop    
March 4, 2006
So much of astrologeršs time and effort is spent inside our solar system, well within our galaxy. But there is a sky full of stars out there which have nothing to do with our solar system or our galaxy. What exactly are they? Do they have meaning for us? Did the ancients use them? Do they affect us natally, or are we also affected by progression, direction or transit? Do they affect people only or do they affect world events? What about stations or retrogrades? What are the rules? How do you read them? Join us as we explore the universe of fixed stars. Be sure to bring your charts. Wešll use your charts to define the influence of the fixed stars in our lives. Marilyn Muir, PMAFA will lead the workshop.  Her presentation will cover all the basics, give you lots of examples, and show you how to apply fixed star information in your readings.


Marilyn Muir started her study of astrology in 1973, was the founder of Mission: Aquarius, Inc. a new age church and school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida , and has taught and counseled thousands of students and clients. Marilyn holds professional accreditation with the American Federation of Astrologers (PMAFA) and has taught at several AFA conventions. Her intermediate courses were published by RKM Publishing and she lectured in many U.S. cities for RKM Publishing conferences. Marilyn is the author of:
   Astrology: The Symbolic Language,    Numerology: The Symbolic Language
   Tarot: The Symbolic Language,        Karmic Astrology
and is currently developing another course book and a major research project. All course material was developed through actual astrological practice, through hundreds of workshops and student participation.