AASP FEBRUARY 2004 -  New Speaker for February
We regret to announce that Tom Jerome Roma, who was scheduled to do a lecture and workshop for the Astrology Association of St. Petersburg this Thursday and Saturday, has had to cancel due to the loss of his mother yesterday.  We send our condolences and prayers to his family and hope to have him speak at a club event in the future.
We are blessed and grateful to have our friend David Beazley join us as a replacement with a lecture on Uranian Astrology.  This is particularly timely as Gary Christen, owner of Astrolabe (producers of Solarfire Astrology Software) will be doing a 2 day workshop on Uranian Astrology, February 28 and 29 in Clearwater, introducing his revolutionary new Software.  David Beazley is also planning to do a basic workshop on Uranian to help prepare those wanting to attend Gary's more advanced workshop.  These workshops are not sponsored by the club. (see below for more details)
Thursday - February 5 - Lecture with David Beazley   7:15 - 9:30 pm
Lecture Topic:  Basics of Uranian Astrology, plus applying it to the Financial Markets 
The first half of the lecture, David will introduce us to the basics of Uranian Astrology using the 90 degree dial.  In the second half, he will offer us some insights into how he applies this system in working with the financial markets, i.e. the stock market.  The Uranian Planets are great tools for giving much more accuracy in predictive work
David Beazley, born in England, worked as a Marine Engineer for 20 years.  He started studying metaphysics in 1986.  He qualified in Tarot and Palmistry at the Totland Tarot Centre in England in 1992 and studied Astrology for many years - being privileged to be taught by some of the top Astrologers in England.  He became a Professional Astrologer in 1991, specializing in Relationship, Psychological and Financial Astrology.  He moved to Florida in 1993 and became an ordained minister in 1994.  David teaches Astrology Classes on all levels and travels extensively doing workshops on Uranian Astrology. 

The location of the Astrology Association of St. Petersburg Club Meeting is the Ramada Inn at 5005 34th St. N. (also known as US 19 - just South of 54th Ave N) in St. Petersburg from 7:15 to 10 PM. Please join us early at 6:45 PM for social time and sharing. Doors will be open at 6:30 PM. The cost for the evening is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. Yearly dues are $25. The cost of membership for couples is $35 and $15/couple for the monthly meetings instead of $10/each. For the socially minded, we'll be gathering at Denny's Restaurant next door to the Ramada after the meeting.  Please come join us!
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Announcement Updates...
Visiting from Cape Cod, nationally acclaimed Astrologer, Gary Christen, owner and CEO of Astrolabe, Inc., producers of Solarfire, will be presenting 2 Astrologcial Workshops, previewing for the first time, revolutionary software that will launch in June 2004.
$45 per worshop includes lunch.  Saturday and Sunday, February 28 and 29, 10 am - 6 pm in Clearwater, FL.
Call David Beazley to register  727-844-3111 or 727-457-4114

David Beazley will be presenting these Upcoming Classes and Workshops in Clearwater, FL:
Uranian Astrology for Beginners
How to Apply Astrology to the Stock Market
What to Look for in Relationship Astrology
Medical Astrology - Planning an Elective Surgery
Looking at Specific Aspects in the Natal Charts
For more info call 727-844-3111 (home) or 727-457-4114 (cell)

For more info about AASP, upcoming events and joining the club, please visit our website at  www.AASP-FL.com.

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The study of Astrology is as vast as the Cosmos...

See you there...

Many Blessings,
Jan Carter, President
Keth Luke, Vice-President

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Location of AASP Monthly Meetings - Ramada Inn at 5005 34th St. N. (also known as US 19 - just South of 54th Ave N) in St. Petersburg.