Astrological Association of St Petersburg : November Meeting
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The first Thursday of the Month
The Astrology Association of St. Petersburg
 Is Excited to Present 
The Soul Purpose with David Railey
Atlanta astrologer, author, TV and radio featured guest  

For over 30 years David Railey has studied the significance of the Lunar Nodes in people’s charts.  In this workshop he reveals how to use the lunar nodes as keys to unlock the underlying themes of a chart.  Learn how to prioritize the planets, aspects and houses that are the most significant in an individual’s life.  The Moon’s nodes provide powerful clues regarding the “why” of a person’s life.  This “why” corresponds to the need of the soul – a pervasive need that winds it’s way through all areas of a person’s life.  Numerous chart samples will be studied, both of well-known individuals and from client case histories.          For more info:

  The Lunar Nodes through the Zodiac
Thursday, Nov. 3rd        7-9 pm
$10 member price for first-time guests, $15 non-members
The Soul Purpose Workshop
"...reveals how to use the lunar nodes as keys to unlock the underlying themes of a understand the "why" of a person's life.  This "why" corresponds to the needs of the soul -- a pervasive need that winds it's way through all areas of a person's life."
Saturday, Nov. 5th        10:30 am-3:30 pm
$50 workshop fee ($40 for members)
David is a very dynamic speaker with great depth and insight.  He knows his material inside out and presents it with great ease. 

David R. Railey became fascinated with astrology in 1970. Following five years of study and private tutoring he passed the qualifying examination required by the City of Atlanta for the professional practice of astrology and obtained his professional Astrologer’s license in January 1976. Along with maintaining a full-time practice, David served for four years on the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners, and as President and Treasurer of the Metro Atlanta Astrological Society. A guest faculty member at the United Astrology Congress (UAC) in 1998, he has at various times been a member of UAC, American Federation of Astrologers Network, American Federation of Astrologers and the National Council for Geocosmic Research. From 1995 to 2000, Railey lived and practiced in Los Angeles, but returned to Atlanta in 2000.

As both a practitioner and teacher David is an advocate of professional ethics and standards. Beginning his practice in a city that required candidates to pass a seven-hour written exam in order to qualify for a license impressed upon Railey the importance of professional standards for astrologers. Throughout his public career, on both radio and TV, David has always presented the professional side of astrology in contrast to the “entertainment astrology” usually seen. Railey was the first astrologer to be a regular weekly feature on a serious magazine-format news program, “Good Morning Atlanta,” on WSB, an ABC affiliate, in 1980. In addition to appearances on CNN, CBS, and numerous interviews over the years with WGST radio, WSB radio, WRFG (host of “The Cosmic Weather”) and the BBC, David produced and hosted a local Atlanta TV show called “Astrology Today” from 1990-93.

          In addition to his full-time global practice, Railey is a co-founder and faculty member of, where he teaches and supervises an online astrological course via the Akashic School of Astrology. David is also the 2005-6 Vice President of the Metro Atlanta Astrological Society and is responsible for booking speakers and events. A resident of Atlanta he can be emailed at or contacted through


DECEMBER MEETING --The first Thursday in December 
  Astrologers Michelle Adler, David Beasley(Uranian), and Don Papon (Zolar) present
 HOLIDAY PARTY, POT LUCK, and RAFFLE for great prizes, including a FREE READING.
Info:       Sarah Lyon 727-347-4737     Kendra Olwen 727-327-1384   Julia King 727-488-5504