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Courtney Roberts
Conrad  is an astrologer and writer, originally from Miami, FL.  Her latest book, Visions of the Virgin Mary: An Astrological Analysis of Divine Intercession, (Llewellyn) was released in May 2004. Courtney is currently a full-time participant in the Masters in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology program at Bath Spa University.  A former president of the Astrological Research Guild, and the founding president of the Central Florida Chapter of NCGR, her work appears regularly in The Mountain Astrologer and on StarIQ.com.  Her first book, Real-Time Astrology, was published in 1998, and her original data collections are published by Astrolabe, Inc., as well as in the Astrodatabank, and the Kepler software program.


AASP Lecture and Workshop:  November 4 & 6, 2004


Lecture: (approx. 1 1/2 Hours)



Visions of the Virgin: An Astrological Analysis of Divine Intercession

The story in the sky behind popular apparitions of the Virgin Mary, including charts for the visions and visionaries at Medjugorje, Fatima, Lourdes, the Miraculous Medal, etc.  Recurring astrological themes run through these charts, revealing the ancient, pre-Christian goddess worship at the basis of the cults of the Virgin.  The apparition events make for some terrific storytelling, while providing a wonderful demonstration of how mythological & astrological archetypes manifest together in these visionary experiences.



Workshop: (Approx. 4-5 Hours)


The Outer Planets:

Revolutions in Consciousness


A unique program giving both beginning and experienced astrologers new and practical insights into the three outer planets. The meanings attributed to these planets reflect the times in which they were discovered, almost as if those discoveries unleashed a wealth of previously unconscious traits, qualities, and behaviours.  These attributes, as well as the question of rulerships, will be explored thoroughly, using charts for the major historic events and personalities that define each planet's "era".

 Group discussions follow the presentation on each planet, where the participants can focus on their own natal placements, and on the current outer planet transits. Bring your Chart!