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"Symbols of Success and Self Destruction: 
Creativity and Ambition vs. Addictions and Compulsions"
A Seminar Conducted By  Tom Jerome Roma

Sunday February 26, 2006 12 PM - 4 PM
At The La Quinta Inn 4999 34th St N (US 19) St. Petersburg, FL
For directions Use Mapquest.com or call 727 527 8421
For Additional Info Call 610-833-5253 or see www.tomjeromeroma.net

Pre-Registration is By Mail / Send Payment to:
"Tom Jerome Roma" P.O. 217 Swarthmore, PA 19081
Fee: $45 Pre-Payment By Mail Must Be Received By February 20 $55 at the Door
Questions Call 610-833-5253

    Seminar is Contingent on Sufficient Registration
    Last Minute Attendees Must Call 610-833-5253 to Confirm

Depending on how it's used, the creative process can yield positive and / or negative results. We will first look at the astrological signatures of creativity and ambition. Then we’ll explore the creative process as it unfolds both positively and negatively in a number of famous personalities from many walks of life including music, art, politics, and cinema. Time permitting, we may look at some charts submitted by attendees.

Copies of The 2006 Annuals Will Be Available
At the Seminar or Use the Order For With This Mailing
Or Use The Order Form at www.tomjeromeroma.net

    For Those Unable to Attend, Tape and Chart Sets of the Seminar are Available / Call 610 833 5253

    Mr. Roma Is Available for Consultations Call 610-833-5253

P.O. 217 Swarthmore, PA 19081 610-833-5253
See www.tomjeromeroma.net for Additional Info and National Seminar Schedule

TOM JEROME ROMA holds professional degrees in Engineering and Music. His writing has been published in leading scientific journals. He is known for his humor, his accuracy in prediction, and is in constant demand as a speaker. His demanding consulting practice serves an international clientele. Tom teaches and lectures extensively both in the US and abroad, and owns and directs AMASS Publishing. He also pursues a career as a pianist and composer. Contact him at 610-833-5253.

Soul Astrology

     Recognizing the beauty within

                Margaret Koolman 

                          International Astrologist, Teacher and Author

 Speaking for the first time in Tampa Bay, Margaret Koolman comes from the UK, bringing 30 years of experience in leading workshops and giving personal and relationship readings.. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to welcome Margaret and learn what makes her so special.

Sunday, March 5, 2006     2 – 4 p.m.

St Petersburg

There is no charge  

Please reserve at     727-550-9660 or Kleitsch@verizon.net

 Directions to the location will be emailed

 Soul Astrology addresses the 'why' of life. If spirit is the creative oneness of life, then everything is essentially a vibration of spirit. Every aspect of the personality has a creative purpose and the potential to radiate spiritual beauty.

Interpreting charts this way enables us to accept our various characteristics without judgment. We naturally learn to act with love. We are better able to appreciate relationships and experiences as opportunities for growth and happiness.

 Learn more about Margaret and soul astrology at www.soulastrology.com

 To arrange for a private reading, contact The Connection Partners, In. at 727-550-9660 or Kleitsch@verizon.net

The Zodiac : Urban Tribes  by Bernadette Brady is a new approach to the zodiac that will change the way that you think and work with the zodiac. This new Studyshop, which is the first in our tutorial series, is designed not only for the student of astrology but also the professional  - for it allows you to revisit these basic foundation stones with fresh eyes. 

Bernadette uses her unique understanding of the development of humanity from the cave to the city to show you the zodiac as an unfolding journey of social development that can be applied to your client's charts, or if you are new to astrology, can give you a sound foundation stone on which to build your astrological study. 

This is new work from Bernadette which has been shaped from years of teaching and has never been publicly released. You may think you know the zodiac but this will give you new things to think about, new ideas and new language to use when talking about the signs.

Normal price £25.95...    
Launch Price
£23.35 (about $41 US) 

Astrologer's Student Ruler -
while stocks last
(ruler is clear - image shown has
blue removable backing)   

OR.. if you have missed out on our previous new releases,
we have returned our
normal price £77.85
but you pay only £66.85 and save £11 deal (about $19 US)

You will still get the ruler with the
Zodiac Studyshop but you can also
pick up two other titles at a good discount.

Here is the address for the astrologer that lost his books in the Katrina disaster:
Doug Egan
6981 Amberly Way
Cordova, TN  38018
Please send him whatever you can part with.  I'll be sending the books gathered at the last meeting this week.  
Thank you,
Sarah Lyons, President AASP

Michele Adler Advanced Astrology Classes I will be starting the advanced predictive astrology classes on Tuesday evening, Jan. 10 from 7:00 to 8:15 PM at Angel Heart New Age Gifts in Tampa. Please note that Angel Heart has moved to a new location. Because we work with the students' charts, it's necessary to register for the classes. (You can sign up for the classes you prefer. It isn't necessary to take all of them.) Please let either Angel Heart know if you will be attending so there will be enough handouts.   Listed below are the details of the classes.

Predictive Astrology Classes

January 10-Feb. 21, 2006

Angel Heart Gift Shop in Tampa

(new location: 3401 Henderson Blvd., Suite H, next to Outback Steak House in the Palma Ceia Shopping Plaza)

Tuesday evenings, 7:00-8:15 PM      $15 per class

Teacher: Michele Adler, PMAFA (33 years of experience, and author of the forthcoming Predictive Astrology: Cycles of Change, Seasons of Meaning)


Important: Please call the shop at 813-877-8117 to register, and provide them with your birth data. You do not have to sign up for all classes.


Predictive Class 1, Jan. 10: Lunations and eclipses. This class will cover how the lunations can be used each month, and the major effect of solar eclipses in a natal chart. Upcoming lunations and eclipses will be discussed.


Predictive Class 2, Jan. 17: Transits. The class will explore the transits of each planet and discuss its meaning. The charts of the individual class members will be used to illustrate transits.


Predictive Class 3, Jan. 24: Solar Arc Directions. Solar arc directions is one way to chart the movement and its effects on your life. Your solar arc directed chart will be provided.


Predictive Class 4, Jan. 31: Secondary Progressions. Emphasis will be given to the progressed Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the charts of the students and its meaning.  Progressed lunation phases for each student will be provided, as well as their current progressed charts.


Predictive Class 5, Feb. 7:  Return charts. Emphasis will be on the solar and lunar returns, but other return charts will be explored. Your current solar return chart will be provided for you.


Predictive Class 7, Feb. 14: Advanced predictive techniques. This class will explore minor progressions and tertiary progressions.


Predictive Class 6, Feb. 21:  Diurnal charts, classical predictive techniques. The class will include discussion of diurnal or daily charts, and explore classical predictive techniques such as the time lord systems and profections.

Our Club Lectures and Workshops are held at LaQuinta Inn, 4999 34th St. N. (U.S. 19) just behind Denny's.
Please submit any upcoming Astrology Related Events so we can post them on the club's website www.AASP-FL.com and please come visit our site!
For Paid up Members,  Events and News, Email us a Brief description (Less than one hundred words) of your event or class the way you want it listed.   Send it ready for listing.  We may edit it slightly, but would rather not.  We will list it as we have time. Call us for info 727-842-6788    AASPevents@Awakening-Healing.com

Past Events

Nationally Acclaimed Astrologer 
Gary Christen owner & CEO of Astrolabe, Inc., visiting from Cape Cod
October 22-23, 2005, Clearwater, FL  11:00 - 5:00 
Call David Beazley 727-844-3111 for location
Demonstrating his revolutionary new software, Symmetrical Astrology in Workshops,
also available for private readings.

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