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 plus our new Informal Discussion Group

Please join us for these special AASP (Astrology Association of St. Petersburg) events coming up in October. We are pleased to announce that our dear friend, highly esteemed colleague and mentor - Robert Blaschke will be returning to the area for a Lecture and Workshop. (the Workshop will be held at the Seminole Rec Center.) Don't miss these great opportunities to learn Astrology from this Gifted Teacher!

The location of our Meeting will be the Ramada Inn at 5005 34th St. N. (also known as US 19) in St. Pete from 7:30 to 10 PM. Please join us early at 7:00 PM for social time and sharing. Doors will be open at 6:45 PM. The cost for the evening is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. Yearly dues are $25. The cost of membership for couples is $35 and $15/couple for the monthly meetings instead of $10/each. For the socially minded, we'll be gathering at Denny's Restaurant next door to the Ramada after the meeting. Come join us!

Our Meeting will be Thursday, October 2, 2003 at 7:30 pm - Ramada Inn - St. Pete.

The Guest Speaker will be Robert Blaschke

Lecture Title:  Planetary Aspects: The Music of the Spheres

Hearkening back to the Sacred Geometry of Chaldean and Greek eras, wherein the 360° circle was divided by whole numbers, thus producing the original Harmonic Theory underlying the astrological aspects, the esoteric meaning of the conjunction, opposition, trine, square, quintile, sextile, septile, octile, novile, decile, undecile and semisextile is revealed.


Workshop with Robert Blaschke:   Saturday October 4, 2003    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Seminole Rec Center   9100 113th St. N   Seminole, FL 33772    727-391-8345  (see maps & directions below) 

Cost: $40/members $50/non-members

Topic:  Medical Astrology

Workshop will include Constitutional Analysis, the Body-Mind Connection, Planetary Weakness & Hard Aspects in the Natal Chart, Natural Remedies including Flower Essences and Homeopathics. Progressions, Transits & Solar Returns affecting the Health , Genetic Predisposition to Illness & the I.C. with Case Histories & Student Chart Examples.

Robert P. Blaschke, founder of Earthwalk School of Astrology in 1992, is an internationally respected professional consulting, lecturing and teaching astrologer. A third house Scorpio Sun with an exact trine to Uranus, and a Pisces Moon with Virgo rising, Robert has had a life-long passion for astrology. He began serious study in 1971, started his practice in February 1979, and became a full-time astrologer in July 1989. Past-president of both the Washington State and Oregon Astrological Associations, and past National Coordinator for the ISAR Professional Astrology Speakers Bureau, he has lectured at regional and international astrology conferences in the U.S., Canada and Australia, and has been a guest speaker for many local astrological associations. Since 1991, his articles have regularly appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, KOSMOS, Réalta, Considerations, NCGR memberletter, The Journal of Astro*Psychology, Geocosmic and many other publications. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Astrology: A Language of Life series: Volume I - Progressions, Volume II - Sabian Aspect Orbs and Volume III - A Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer.      http://www.earthwalkastrology.com

To book an appointment with Robert, please call his cell phone at  727.515.9757, or e-mail  ewastro@earthlink.net  with your birth data and type of consultation requested. The consultation fee is $150 for an hour appointment, which is tape recorded. He also accepts MasterCard or VISA for payment.

For more info about AASP, upcoming events and joining the club, please visit our website at www.AASP-FL.com.

Please remember to bring items for the sale table and spread the word...


Robert will also be speaking at the St Petersburg Theosophical Society  723 17th St. North   St. Petersburg, FL -  8:00 pm Friday, October 3 on The Spiritual Dimension of the Ascendant.  The rising sign at birth contains the spiritual heritage of the individual.  The decanate and dwadashâmsha, or planetary sub-rulers, of the sign further holds the key to the self-realization of the person. The ruling planet of the Ascendant, and its Ray, commonly known as the "chart ruler", is crucial to understanding the life purpose of any human soul.

We will also be having an Informal Discussion Group Meeting the 1st Tuesday of the Month at the Safety Harbor Library at 101 2nd St. N  Safety Harbor, FL  34695  727-724-1525.  We will have our first gathering on October 7th at 8:00 pm.  Please join us for some lively discussions as we share our various Astrology Tools and Techniques.  Our focus will likely be geared toward Mundane Events and Predictions.  Here's a chance to share, learn and grow with each other.

We hope that you can make it to some or all of these AASP events.   

The study of Astrology is as vast as the cosmos...

See you there...

Many Blessings,
Jan Carter, President
Keth Luke, Vice-President

AstroJan @ Awakening-Healing . com
Keth @ Awakening-Healing . com

Maps for Seminole Rec Center  9100 113th St. N   Seminole, FL  33772   -  Map Quest http://www.mapquest.com/main.adp

Directions to the Seminole Recreation Center:  From the North:  Take Ulmerton Road to 113th Street.......go south on 113th St appx 4 miles...........look for St. Pete College & Rec Center sign on the right, turn right .......get in left lane.........take left into Rec Center parking lot. 

From the South:  Take Park Blvd west to 113th Street..........go north on 113th St ........less than a mile ........the Rec Center will be on the left......turn onto drive going to St Pete College & Rec Center get in left lane .......turn left into Rec Center Parking Lot

Please visit Keth & Jan's website at  www.Awakening-Healing.com for info on our Healing and Astrology work and more! 
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