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(We'll be starting at 6:00 pm)




Come join us for the  Astrology Association of St. Petersburg's  annual "Gala Holiday Gathering" at the Royal King Buffet  (7610 49th St. N, in Pinellas Park Plaza on the NW corner of Park Blvd. and 49th St)  for Special Presentations, Music, a Cosmic Art Show and more...   Included will be a Wonderful Buffet Dinner, many Door Prizes, Gift Exchange, Astro Talk and Good Times...  Dinner is only $5 for members, and $15.00 for guests.  For those participating in the Gift Exchange, bring a wrapped Astrology related gift ~ $10 value.  Wear your Party Clothes & come join in the Celebration!


Please email me at AstroJan @ Awakening-Healing . com to let us know if you will be attending this Special Event and if you will be bringing any guests  or call us at 727-842-6788.


Gala Holiday Gathering ~ Thursday, December 4, 2003, 6:00 pm ~ Royal King Buffet


Astrology, Art, and Universal Healing--Uranus in Pisces -   with Evolutionary Astrologer, Imsara and Artist, Patricia M. Bowers who will also be exhibiting her beautiful Mandala Art Work.  Patricia and Imsara will weave together a very insightful and stimulating discussion related to the power of Evolutionary Astrology, Sacred Geometry, and the Healing Effects of each modality that can serve to initiate powerful and catalytic Physical, Mental, Emotional and Soul Healing. 


We will also have a special guest, Spiritual Musician  ~ Pipsa,  joining us for our invocation with a "Song of Peace" and playing her Crystal Bowls as your AASP President, Jan Carter shares a short presentation on the Asteroids ~  The Return of the Goddess ~  Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene, Vesta and Hygiea, recognizing their importance to Astrology and in bringing back a balance to our world. 



Imsara is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Acupuncture Physician, Artist and Author.  She also innovates and develops specialized programs to promote spiritual evolution called the Pyramid of Light®.  Imsara has studied in Findhorn, Scotland,  British Columbia, Egypt, the Chopra center, and China where she studied Oriental Medicine. She also holds a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s in Public Health and has worked for many years in Social Work.  Taped consultations available in-person or by phone.    www.Imsara.com

PATRICIA M. BOWERSPatricia M. Bowers is a sacred intuitive mandala artist who sees and dreams special images that reflect cosmological truths and universal sacred geometry. Her work is done free-hand and tends to have a catalytic and healing effect.  She is also available for personalized soul portraits and mandala's and her work is exhibited around the world.  Patricia is also a spiritual intuitive and counselor. Prints of her work are also available.  Her website is:  www.patriciambowers.com . 




Pipsa is a native of Finland. In the area where her grandmother lived, there was a tradition to have a "Singer" sing to the pain spirit to release physical or emotional pain, and also to Sing for Blessings.  Soon after she moved to Florida in 1992, she was guided to develop her unique Healing Sound Ministry.  First experiencing healing transformation through Sound herself.   She then began to share this gift of Love with others, who were open to experience this natural form of healing.   She also utilizes energy as a Reiki Master through her music, voice, sound and tones.  She has dedicated her sacred sound work to bring Love, Peace and Harmony into the world.   www.Pipsa.us



Jan Carter is currently President of the AASP.   She and her partner Keth have both been big fans of the Asteroid Goddesses for many years.  Jan first learned of their importance to Astrology from her mentors Zip Dobyns and Maritha Pottenger.  Incorporating these bodies in her work has brought much greater depth and insights into her Consultations.  Jan works with her partner, AASP Vice-President, Keth Luke, as a Healer and Astrologer at the House of Grace in New Port Richey, FL.  She has appeared many times on talk radio and public television, and writes, teaches and lectures on various topics including the Soul Based Draconic Astrology System.   www.Awakening-Healing.com  



Please join us for this wonderful, uplifting, inspiring, fun-filled event!


For more information about the Club and upcoming events, check out our website at www.AASP-FL.com.


Happy Holidays and Many Blessings!

Jan Carter, President   (727-842-6788)

Keth Luke, Vice-President

& Dr Light, "Dog Star"



Advanced Multi-Dimensional Healing and Light/SoulBody Work. 


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