Subject: AASP Meeting & Elections - April 7, 2005
Time flies while we're having fun!  We have two more great guest lecturers scheduled, Christine Rakela from New York and Tom Jerome Roma from Philadelphia, before we break for the summer.  Also, at our upcoming April meeting, we'll be having our Annual Business Meeting which includes our AASP Elections of new Officers and Board Members.
Our Business Meeting will start at 6:30 pm before our lecture by Christine Rakela on "The Love Relationship Formula" this Thursday, April 7, 2005 at the La Quinta Inn, 4999 34th St. N - St. Petersburg, FL.
Here is the list of members selected by the nominating committee to run for office:
   Sarah Lyons - President
   Kendra Olwen - Vice-President
   Dorothy Johnson - Treasurer
   Cynthia Brachert - Secretary
Board Members:
   Tom 'Talie' Wiesenfeld (Parliamentarian)
   Linda Skempris
   Julia King
   Jan Carter
   Keth Luke - (Webmaster)
Members may nominate other members from the floor to run for these positions during the elections.
Also, the updated AASP Bylaws are posted on our website for members to review.  Please review these amended Bylaws at we will vote on their approval at our May meeting.

We've had some really wonderful speakers this year and we promise to keep up with that tradition with our next guest lecturer, Christine Rakela speaking on "The Love Relationship Formula", also the title of her new book which is receiving rave reviews!
Christine Rakela is a certified astrologer through the NCGR and has had a full-time practice for over 20 years.  She is the producer and host of the independent television program "Astrology Connection" on MNN in New York City.  Christine lectures throughout the country and has published several articles in Dell Horoscope Magazine.  She has also been a featured guest on television and radio, most notably Fox News and the A&E Network. Christine will be promoting her new book:  "The Love Relationship Formula".

AASP LECTURE:   Thursday, April 7, 2005  7:00- 9:30 pm  
Topic: The Love Relationship Formula - Predicting Romantic Success with Astrology! 
Guest Lecturer:  Christine Rakela
Place:  La Quinta Inn, 4999 34th St. N - St. Petersburg, FL.
Cost: $10 members/$15 non-members 
Improve your love life like never before! Discover a fascinating, new approach to finding lasting, romantic happiness.  In "The Love Relationship Formula", Christine Rakela's exciting new book, which includes a CD-Rom,  you will learn about the underlying benefits of your romantic compatibility. In this lively workshop we will discuss how to use the love formula, consisting of 15 planetary connections, in your relationships, what are the anti-love forces - malefic planetary combinations  such as fatal attractions or co-dependent relationships, and the best times to meet, date, and get married!  What are the secrets to a "perfect" relationship? Is your connection true love or friendship? Find out through this fascinating lecture!
Bring the astrology charts on you and a love interest. 

AASP WORKSHOP:  Saturday, April 9, 2005   10 am - 4 pm 
Topic: The Love Relationship Formula - Workshop   
Place: Linda Skempris 8043 Causeway Blvd. S. St. Petersburg  33703    727-347-4149
Cost: $25 members / $30 non-members  Lunch included.
Time: 10 am - 4 pm

Learn how to use the "Love Relationship Formula" in synastry, first meeting charts, marriage charts, composite charts, and the solar return. You will know exactly where you stand with your partner. The anti-love forces are what cause havoc in our relationships even if they are good. What are they and how can we disarm the anti-love forces to succeed in our relationships? Find out in this revealing workshop. We will also be discussing the influences that have an impact on a committed relationship, such as the part of marriage, multiple marriages, marriage dates, and the love formula and anti-love forces in "all about marriage". Several celebrity couple's charts will be discussed. Bring the astrology charts on you and a love interest. 
Renaissance Festival - behind MOSI, Fowler Ave & 46th St. Tampa, FL - Weekends February 26 - April 10, 2005 - Plus: Friday April 1.  10am to 6pm.  Check it out...  Lot's of FUN! 

My computer has been down for the past month and a half and I haven't been able to access my email.  Please send any correspondence to me to Keth's email at Keth @ Awakening-Healing . com .  Thanks and hope I haven't missed any important news.   ~ Jan 

We look forward to a "bright future" for this organization.  Please join us and participate! 
Visit our website at .
The study of Astrology is as vast as the Cosmos!   See you there....
Many Blessings,
Jan Carter, President

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