Hold on to your hats as we travel through the "Ages" with our special guest lecturer Don Cerow, traveling Scholar/Astrologer.  A contemporary "WIse Man", Don will delight and entertain, as he unfolds the mysteries and history of Stars, Myths, Dragons and more...  Plus a special Planetarium lecture!

An astrologer since 1972, Don Cerow holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in Classics, and a minor in Astrology in the Ancient World.  He continued his graduate work at both Boston University and Brandeis.  Author of the weekly column, Athena's Web, which currently is carried on-line and by the Amherst Bulletin, Don has also written and produced shows for radio and television, and has also helped produce two shows for University of Colorado's Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, CO. He has a video available for purchase called Myths, Dragons, and the Ages.  Visit Don's website at .  To schedule a reading with Don call 1-413-219-4214.


Take advantage of Don's expertise while he is here.  You have never heard anything like this before!

Thursday, March 3:  Lecture - THE ASTROLOGICAL AGES
           Join us early at 6pm for the Astro Cafe for social time and sharing. 

Place: The La Quinta Inn 4999 34th St. - St. Petersburg, FL

Fee: $10 members $15 guests

Time: 7 pm 


Like sands through the hourglass, we weave history and astrological insight into the paths humanity has traveled. Civilizations rise and fall, and they do so in step with the heavenly mandate. Beginning with the origins of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent, we wind our way through western culture beginning with Sumerian roots on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, then watch as the Egyptians emerge from the floodwaters of the Nile. Chapters from the Old Testament bear witness to trials by fire, while the Greeks and Romans vie with the Celts for supremacy. They all seized their moment in time, until absorbed by Christianity and Islam in cadence to the celestial beat. All in all, an amazing saga from across the centuries, and a wonderful example of the power of the stars at work.


Saturday, March 5:  Workshop - STARS, MYTHS AND DRAGONS  (see March 12 also)

Place: Linda Skempris 8043 Causeway Blvd. S. St. Petersburg 727-347-4149

Fee: $25 members or $30 non-members  Lunch included.

Time: 10-4 pm


The symbol of the dragon is the vestige of a once world wide code of information found in the stars. Why is it that this obviously mythical creature is found on every hemisphere of the planet, across various cultures and throughout time? Whether as Ti'amat of the Babylonians, Ladon of the Greeks, the Imperial Dragon of China, Thunder Bird of the Lakota or even the 'feathered serpent' or flying snake of the Mayans of Central America, we find this image omnipresent around the globe. If the Dragon is a fictional creation, then what is the source of its universal appeal? This presentation retells a number of creation myths and offers a delightfully simple answer to this intriguing question.



Place: Temple of the Living God, 1950 Second Av N St. Petersburg  727-822-3157

Fee: $10

Time: 7-9 pm


Saturday March 12: See it live…STARS, MYTHS AND DRAGONS  projected on the sky

See how the planets looked when different astrological events took place.  This includes the planets and a show presented by Don.

Place: St. Petersburg College - Natural Science Building  69St  and 5th Ave N - Planetarium Lecture

Fee:  $10 ($5 If you attend the workshop Saturday 3/5) 

Time:  Doors open 6:30 pm show 7-9 pm



Wednesday March 16: Open Forum

Place: Temple of the Living God, 1950 Second Av N St. Petersburg 727-822-3157

Fee: $10

            Time: 7-9 pm


Saturday March 19: Workshop: BIBLE, AGES, HERCULES AND MUCH MORE 

Place: Temple of the Living God, 1950 Second Ave. N St. Petersburg 727-822-3157

Fee: $35

Time: 10-5pm    Bring lunch


In this workshop we will tie together the Old Testament, which sets the stage for looking at the shift between the Age of Taurus and the Age of Aries, and the coming of Abraham. Many of the scenarios which the Old Testament is reacting to are older, Age of Taurus symbols, such as Aaron making the Golden Calf and Moses coming back down from the mountain and freaking out (Moses got it, Aaron didn't).


In each age the lives and manners of men are different and God has established for each age a definite span of time, which is determined by the circuit of the Great Year.  Whenever this circuit comes to an end and another begins some marvelous sign that it becomes at once clear…that men of a different character and way of life have now come into the world and the gods will be either more or less concerned with this new race than they were with their predecessors.  All sorts of changes occur, they say, as one age succeeds another.


We will also tie together the 'End of Time' traditions of various cultures, looking specifically at some Greek Myths, Hindu, Norse, Native American and Mayan sources.  How does Hercules solve the riddle of cleaning out the stables in a single day; stables that had been accruing filth for a thousand years?   What happens in the battle between Thor and the Great World Serpent? How does this compare with Biblical tales of The Dragon struggling to prevent the Cosmic Mother from giving birth to the child, and why were the Hopi so guarded about preventing the Great Serpent from rolling over?




Source of Life Holistic Expo - Sunday, February 27, 10am - 6pm.  Wyndham Westshore Hotel - Grand Ballroom  4860 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa FL    Demonstrations, holistic products, services and readings available throughout the day.  Free Lectures every 30 minutes, live music.  General admission $9.  free parking .   Call Jan & Keth for more info or if interested in a booth at 727-842-6788.  Come by and say Hello!

Renaissance Festival - behind MOSI, Fowler Ave & 46th St. Tampa, FL - Weekends February 26 - April 10, 2005 - Plus: Friday April 1.  10am to 6pm.  Our Board Member Sarah Lyons will be assisting Astrologer, Alan Gordon at the festival this weekend.  Check it out...  Lot's of FUN!

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The study of Astrology is as vast as the Cosmos!   See you there....
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