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Online Messages: January 12th, 2008  Messagesfrom the Masters below
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Online Messages

Message from Dr. Meg:

January 12, 2008

Greetings to each of you! My apologies for not getting this out sooner. I have been in the process of moving to WA State and changing computers.

What a time it is, and it has been!
The energies have amped up considerably! IT has been quite noticeable in the physical body and the human experience. Joint issues, immune system deficiencies, low potassium and magnesium, and memory glitches ranging from simple forgetfulness to out and out blank brains! I have also noticed a lot of dimensional overlays which are causal to reality snags. In other words, those moments when you just know you did something only to find out that two months have passed and you should have done it again or never did at all ~ yet the memory of having done whatever it is remains! This can be quite confusing.
I have also noticed that some of the sacred sites are really intensified energetically. I was in Teotihuacan last February then returned in December. As we approached the area, the energy of the pyramid site electrified our entire beings. When we were out on the site it was as if all of the particulates of the past present and future were swimming in a mix of eternity. We have another group going February 21st ~26th and I imagine it will be quite a powerful journey as we immerse ourselves in the Toltec initiation processes again! (There is still time to register! See below for details!).
As the energies become more and more intense we are also finding that manifestation is easier than ever before. It is often instantaneous. Think it and it is reality. Believe it and it is so. In these times we must remember to become intentional about out imaginings. No more allowing emotionality to reign, no more thinking that logic will cure situations. Now more than ever we must become the moment!
In February, the Linain star gate system will reopen. To quote the Masters:
“The Linain stargate system is important not so much for its final destination, but for the corridors that it rejoins in its reopening. One of the most ancient series, in fact, the original series of stargates is connected by the Linain corridor. What this means is that the light which carries through this corridor series also brings the ancient memories of the before times. In the before times, each of you were beings of Light. There was no need for manifest existence. That came later. Healing and teaching utilizing the pyramid temples was guided by the Masters of all Masters. These being utilized the very basic construct of all creation to bring forward transmutation on command. This energy will soon be available to you.
This event will occur beginning on February 16th, 2008 at 5:03:23 am GMT and will culminate to full open status on February 19th at 6:02:037 pm GMT. Some of you may feel an internal pulling as your particulates reorder to the universal change as the Linian stargate system opens. The pattern of travel is an arc so as this arc way opens, there will be a vacuum effect universally. ”
This is much of the reason we are experiencing such intense energy shifts. Anytime there is a cosmic event such as this we are subject to the need to balance on every level of our beings. The very particulates that comprise the matter of which we are all created are becoming of higher, faster vibrations. This leads to reorientation of placement and position as to the very structure of creation. When this type of change occurs we begin to feel emotional. Those feelings which we have withheld have got to come out. We get the sense that we aren’t in control of our emotions, particularly anger and grief, when in fact we never were; we just delayed the experiences and increased the intensity by holding those old feelings in.
So it is important to remember that we are sane. The insanity is in the perception that we are singular in all of creation. We are part of a living organism that is creation and with that comes the responsiveness to all events large or small in that creation! Be now. We are blessed with the possibilities of infinite now’s, of all time. Why worry about the small stuff when in the overall scheme of creation they don’t matter at all?
I am excited to announce that Conversations with the Children of Now is now available! You can get it at all of your favorite bookstores or right here in this newsletter or on my web site! It is a follow up to the Children of Now which was released this time last year. In Conversations, I interviewed 15 of the Children of Now bout life, death, God, where they came from, why they are here, 2012 and pretty much everything that we all think is important in life. As this new book came together, I laughed, I cried, and I am awed and honored to introduce some of humanity’s gifted future to you!
I am in the process of getting my 2008 schedule together and it will soon be on my web site. Not only are we going to Mexico in February and September, I am working on putting together a tri to Scotland and England for late summer, early fall in which we will be guided by a true Knight Templar to explore the ancient Celtic history, the Magdalene, the Holy Grail and even more. Then, as a side trip, we will go to England to visit Stonehenge and some other amazing places…I will let you know the details as they unfold!
I will also be offering workshops in several different areas this year. All of these events will be on my web schedule shortly.
Please remember that my radio show, Continuum, is now on the first and third Wednesdays of every month! My thanks to Shirley and Brit for sharing this wonderful space with me! The shows will be available on my sire within three weeks of airing and available for downloading to your MP3 players as well so if you missed then when they aired, you will be able to hear them later!
As some of you may have noticed I have been a little overwhelmed with all that life has created within my experience. To help remedy this, I would like to welcome aboard my new assistant, MJ! MJ will be interacting with you to assist in scheduling your appointments with me, helping me to stay on track and assisting with my travel arrangements. I am beyond grateful that she has joined me. If you ordered an appointment special over the holidays and you haven’t heard directly from me, most likely you have gotten an e-mail from
To each of you my love and gratitude that you are there, that you are interested and that you are listening!
Wishing you Joy in your days, laughter in your hearts and love in everything that you do!

Dr. Meg
Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D.


Message from the Masters:

Online Message from the Masters
January 12, 2008

Antui, asi, asi, asi! Ahshallah!
Greetings from that which is the eternal light which is you!
Your world is moving into change.
Beginning in this now, a cosmic arrangement of star gates, the Linain star gate system is setting up to open. This star gate system is from the before times. It is 17 billion years old and has been utilized throughout time in such a way that those who came before you had the ability to travel throughout creation for a variety of reasons and purposes.

This star gate system joins the pathways between Orion, Arcturas, Sirius (A&B) in your immediate reality, and outward as well as inward to parallel realities and dimensions in such a way that multiple realities are joined and can be experienced. At once the capability arises to live the past, present and future simultaneously and consciously if you choose. There is balance to be maintained as this occurs, as experiencing this type of simultaneous reality can be disorienting. It would be then to throw reason to the wind and allow yourselves to become the now, to become the now’s and have no need to understand that which is, just to now that it is so.
As this opening occurs you will feel the vacuum effect which we described previously. Remembering that you operate from both electrical and electromagnetic systems, you will feel strangeness in the habitation of your own bodies at come times. It may seem hard for you to stay grounded and the sensation of hovering outside of your bodies may be overwhelming. Instead of becoming fearful, reach out with your etheric senses and ask yourselves what further you are experiencing. What else is it that you sense? Ask yourselves to listen to your planet as she also responds.
As you can see, there are seismic events which include earthquake and volcanic emissions. There are weather events in occurrence which defy the norm.
At the same time that you are changing energetically, your planet is as well. There are places upon her surface which are electromagnetic release points such as Indonesia, the waters off the coast of Japan, outer Mongolia, Palestine, and the Alaskan frontier. As the releases occur, what is observed are weather anomalies, earthquake activity, and volcanic action. There is also emotional intensity. There is also an intense release point in Siberia. This place has been an intense area of visitation by other world travelers.
Secondary release points include a fault line off the coast of the pacific north west, including Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, the southern part of the Atlantic trench near Georgia (there is a smaller fault line there which has been basically inactive for some time which will reawaken), the south east area of India, and the Caribbean crater which includes most of the Caribbean islands and into Mexico.
As your planet has her checks and balances, so do your bodies. There will be times when you feel as if the energy which has built within you is so intense that you would explode. Surely, we assure you that you will not. Channel this energy in such a way that you create constructive experiences rather than to mistake this for emotional response.
In this coming year your world will be changing. The faces of the political front will change as those who choose, vie to become what they perceive to be leaders. Who are they which you choose to represent you? Have you chosen or have you allowed others to choose for you? Think of this, as your world future depends upon it.
There will be surprises in the coming US election ballots. Those who seem obvious will come together for a strengthening of opportunity.
In Great Britain, there will be sudden changes related to the Parliament. The Prime Minister may consider change as well. There will come to Parliament a series of decisions which cause flutter and indecision as those things to be considered raise many questions and uncertainties of decision.
In France, more political uprising between factions of religious belief. A relatively small group will cause relatively large unrest particularly in the South of France.
The Vatican will acknowledge information which it has held in its vaults that will validate and change the view of history particularly during the Crusades. There are documents which will be discovered one primary with a secondary referencing and therefore validating the primary document. The signatures on these documents will leave no question as to their authenticity. These documents if admitted and released for public perusal can change the course of history as it is known. That which many fought for was fabricated truth.
In Hungary, there is a man who wanders who is of the Christed energy. He is a Healer and many will seek him. Do not mistake him for the One, but know that he is authentic in his ways.
April of your year the stock markets will rise sharply and temporarily in response to world events. Do not mistake this for a long term boom as toward your elections processes (in the US) there will be uncertainties until the process is ended.
Also in April of your year there will be further events in Indonesia which will also affect Central American countries. This due to changing temperatures in ocean currents.
As the energies of your time and place continue to escalate and rearrange dramatically toward the end of April and into the third week of May, many of you will feel stirrings or stunning experiences of Awakenings. Be true to yourselves and give yourselves credit that perhaps what you are experiencing is not entirely of the self, but of a much greater reality which affects you and the entirety of beingness. In such a way, you are becoming attuned to the One as never before. Many of you may experience other worlds as you have not previously. Do not fear that which has always been but rather embrace what you have forgotten to be so. In such a way it is to draw upon the infinite to define life.
In August of your year there are indications of a great storm which is destructive to land and hearth. Great waves and winds are possible and the storm lasting longer than is the norm. Winds in excess of 180 miles per hour are possible with what is given. This to affect the lower US, with another storm of similar nature possible for Europe in the early Fall, affecting particularly, France.
There will be another smaller star gate opening in response to the earlier opening of the Linain system. This opening of parallel nature to rejoin the Arcturian gateway to universes parallel. This being more in the nature of a worm hole rather than an entire system of pathways.
A movement toward World and in fact Universal Peace will begin to occur in early Summer. This with the gathering of nations of the old worlds, recognition of the One in Human form. We tell you this: it is that there are those who do not have basic needs for human survival. In the name of peace, remember peace of mind and peace of soul for as more of your kind are of ease in their existence, the higher the name of Peace shall be escalated. It takes strong beings to stand tall and to speak for what is necessary and to do so they must be sustained of body, mind and spirit. In all of your endeavors, remember them.
The season for crop circles will seem to be less productive this coming summer. What you must do is to observe the messages which will be given in quality rather than quantity. What is given are new technologies in the form of mathematic sequences. All reality can be described in such ways. Look beyond the bizarre and into the possibilities that are presented to your world. There have been many validations in pictorial form given to you over time. These published and republished as amazing happenstances. Now look to the real messages. They have been there all of the time. Infinite energy, travel in time and space, spiraling formats for sustenance of your reality, links to your consciousness with the beyond. What is it that you feel when you gaze upon these messages? Read them with the eyes of your hearts. There will be a sequence of four messages which will come. There will be three weeks and a matter of a few days between the first and second of these references messages. The third and fourth will come rapidly after the second and nearly simultaneously.
Humanity will begin to re-harmonize beginning in mid March. There will be an etheric humming that some of you will hear. Open the ears of your hearts to the messages of the One. They will guide you to greater existence and even to initiations of awareness that you had forgotten.
Shed your fears. Look beyond the need to know, the need to control. These are of old paradigms which were an illusion. The truth is that you exist within an entirety. What is it that you will do with your experiences? Will you relish the pain that you have perceived or will you look beyond the obvious emotionally created reality and into the possibilities of infinite remembering? What will you do with the journey you have chosen? Will you stand still, waiting for something to become you or will you move your feet toward that for which you have come? Rise to your reality. You are the ones who create it!
Of healing, there will come validation that energy is form and form is energy. There will be the recognition that what was believed may not be the entire truth. As there are those who would disavow the invisible as truth in the name of profit, there will be those who prove the truth as essential for holistic healing. That which is the body must be recognized as an expression of the reality of the soul. When this has occurred, true healing and the nature of all dis-ease will be understood. The question is who is listening and who is speaking of this? Do not become smug in the proof. Become part of the proof that true healing becomes of the One and not of the profits of the few. To create need with healing is not healing but the enablement of the perception of imperfection. Rise to the knowing that it is the perception that perfection is something less that itself that allows illness to become manifest.
And to each of you who believe that you lack. It is only that you believe it that it is so. Arise to whatever you choose and let it be so. You are everything that you believe. Your choices are reflected all around you. They are you. Rise to the reflection of the truth in you! Do you know that the perception of lack is nothing more than the belief that you do not deserve that which you desire? Do you know that when you create the perception of your value that abundance is part of the natural process? The question is what do you truly need? What do you truly want? Or are you needing and wanting because you believe that what you need and want based upon the reflections of what others believe? Have your own journeys. They are priceless.
With this message we include once again the symbols of initiation to your previous awakened state.
Antui antellah ahshallah entui.
What is, what was and what will always be is in the light of the light and within the light.

Be in peace.


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