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Online Messages: August 25th, 2007
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Online Messages August 25th, 2007

Message from Dr. Meg:

Greetings to each of you! I know this is a bit early - I thought I ought to get a follow up newsletter out since the changes that the Masters spoke of are coming earlier than the actual event they spoke of, the tear in the fabric of creation which begins on Sept 6th and maximizes on the 14th or so. They will fill you in below.

What are we experiencing?  Holy cow what a ride we are on!  I have heard from many, many people about changes that we humans are experiencing in preface to the actual shift. There is a lot of body pain, sharp shooting pains particularly in the head. Not headaches, shooting pains. Also the feet, particularly the balls of the feet are demonstrating pain, particularly after sleeping or standing after sitting for a while. Some people are getting burning in their feet. The foot stuff is directly related to the earthquake activity that has escalated just as the masters said it would. Hang onto your hats because the earthquake activity is about to ramp up. Please donít take this with a fearful perspective, just a headís up. Particularly if you are in an earthquake zone. Some people are feeling pain in their major joints, hips, elbows for the most part. Donít shoot the messenger, but these symptoms will most likely get worse before they get better.

Other symptoms of the current coming shift are sleepless nights (including yours truly!), appetite changes including not being hungry at all or being ravenous for several days at a whack. Weigh issues are on the rise, but that is mostly fluid retention based upon the energy influences.  Remember, we are mostly created of water so when there are huge changes in the universe, our bodies are going to respond.  Sometimes that means fluid gain for a while.  This too shall pass.  Another thing that is happening is brain fog.  Jut try to think of that word you mean to say, or to recall someoneís name, even though you know it as well as your own.

The most intense for people have been the emotional ups and downs. That is rampant and there have been lots of arguments among people who just donít do that, misunderstandings like a mercury retrograde on steroids.  Be sure to be very clear with what you say or do, then follow up even when it is with someone that you trust because pretty much everyone is affected with the energies right now.

The truth is that all in all the old paradigms are dying.  They no longer work.  I know that I said that before, but if whatever you are doing isnít working, look for new or creative ways to go about them.  Mostly, please, look inside of you.  Go into your hearts and ask the real you what you can do differently to avoid misunderstandings or taking things personally.  Donít depend on anyone else for validation of your choices.  Ask yourself how you can change old ways so that you are free of them.  All it takes is making a different choice in a moment and lives change forever. Believe me, I know!

The positive side of all of this is that with the new energies are coming new and exciting teachings from the ethers. I know that many of you are experiencing new types of awakenings that are often profound.  My advice is to stay out of your heads with this.  Donít try to understand.  Let the information free flow into you.  When you need it, it will be fully present to you.  You will wonder how you knew it!

Look closely to your dreams. There is a lot of night school going on right now.  The guides are coming and the Masters are roaming the dimensions, sharing and caring and leaving us with what we need toward total recall of our light beingness.  Also in our dreams, many of us are processing our day time lives big time.  Look for the symbolism, donít take your dreams literally.  Often your dreams will tell you volumes through symbols or things that represent something to you.  What we canít always face in our waking time, our dreams will process with us.

Remember, through it all, that each of us is whole and perfect just as we are, no matter how the moment looks, if we are forcing or fighting anything we must look at what it is we are really doing.  Usually it isnít at all about what we are uncomfortable with in the moment, but something, some issue, that we are carrying deep within us.  Generally this is a fear that we just donít want to own, so it causes us dysfunction in our lives until we meet it head on and dispense with it. It isnít as hard as it sounds and we donít have to relive the pain of whatever experience in the past caused it. Just let go. Life is too short and there is so much beautiful for us all!

Well, I am thrilled to tell you that I finished ďConversations with the Children of NowĒ last night (Yayyyy!) It comes out in February. I interviewed 15 kids for the book about life, death, love, God, 2012 and many other subjects that we humans always want to know about. The children didnít let us down either! I know that Amazon.com has it up already for preorder, and I will be letting you know when my advance copies arrive, probably in mid to late January.

I will be traveling throughout the Fall and do hope to meet as many of you as possible in those journeys. Here is a brief line up of where I will be when. The full details are on my web site. One new addition is Doc Spirit Adventures! I will be taking groups to the pyramids of the sun and the moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico in December and February! I am excited about this and will be sending out an announcement with details shortly! Here is where to find me this Fall:

Tree of Life Conference, September 7th - 10th, 2007
Sherwood Hills Resort Salt Lake City, UT

Building Bridges Conference, September 15th-16th, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lightworker's Midwest Conference, October 5-7, 2007
Wyndham Naperville-Lisle Hotel in the Grand Ballroom, Lisle, IL

Lift the Light, The world Puja Event of the year! November 3rd, 2007, Seattle, WA

Celebrate your Life Conference, November 9th - 11th, 2007
Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona

Teotihuacan, Mexico December 2007 (details to come)
Join me for an experience you will never forget! For info, please e-mail me at

Canít wait to see you here or there!!!!

The Dr. Meg show currently has limited room for sponsors if you are interested, please contact Dr.Meg at drmeg@spiritlite.com.

Until next time, I wish you joy in your heart, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do! Be in peace. Blessings,
Dr. Meg
Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

<Jan, Keth
and Meg Blackburn Losey  Ph.d

Message from the Masters:

Messages From the Masters
August 25, 2007
Anshallah! Antui! Entilleha, ansi, asi!

Greetings to you in these lighted times! Your world is shifting!

As we have spoken to you previously, your time to experience another major event nears. Also as indicated, there has been an escalation in earthquake activity on your earth as well as extremes of weather. The energies have set up earlier than projected. Expect them to continue to escalate until the climax of this event on September 14th at 6:02 a.m. eastern time. The event had been projected to begin escalation on September the sixth, but current consciousness and the energies have combined for a sooner rather than later setting up of the event.

Inwardly many of you have felt disturbed, uncalm or unsettled. There are times when many of you feel as if you are literally plugged in to the extreme electromagnetic currents that are moving through you and your environment. What occurs is your physical response to the energies. What you must know is that the rest of you knows inherently that which comes and is prepared to balance and experience this event as a catalyst for the changes that come.

Your particulates are about to become rearranged. The actual relationships of your particulates amongst themselves are going to reorder to different proportions. Your particulates are responding to the light which is evident universally with this event as well as the photon belt which you have begin to traverse upon your planet.

Know that as you move closer and closer to your galactic center, you will be exposed to more and more light energy. As this occurs, your particulates will respond by reordering again and again. As they do, the mathematic increments, the ratios of placement of the very fabric of your beings change relationships. As it does, you cannot hold within that which you have hidden from yourselves.

When your particulates rearrange as they have begun to do in this now, there will be what you might consider a vacuum effect which will pull the light through you.  As this occurs, you will be rewired to the new energies.  Your entire electromagnetic system will respond.  What occurs is your Galactic overlay, a high frequency matrix of wiring that will interface with your earthly selves. You are receiving your intergalactic initiation.

Consciously open to the coming changes. Imagine that you as a manifested being are spreading your etheric arms widely to receive that which is light. Your particulates will spread wider with intent and you will receive more than if you just let it be, so to speak.

As your particulates respond to this universal stimulus, and they separate, along with the light come the symbol of all time. These symbols are complete libraries of information for you. They are you. The infinite you. And they will burn into your manifested being that which you have forgotten.  As this occurs, your vibration will be brought to a rising to new heights and into higher reality. This, in a way, is an ascension. You might think of this experience as Ascension by intent. No, you will not rise to the sky and disappear. Instead, you will bring the heavens to you and to your earthly experience.

This you can do with ease and with peace, as the void opens and the heaviness of dense energies is drained, so is the resistance to your heritage. So is anything that is not of truth.
Because of this, there will be political scandals that will continue through the Fall. There will be changes and truths coming out that you have suspected for some time. There will be information coming to your world that has been on hold, waiting for the clearing. It is time. It is now. It has begun.

Look beyond your humanity for a moment in eternal time. See the infinite picture of your threads in the tapestry of all creation. You are interwoven, creating the beauty of a landscape far greater than you can imagine. All that you are and all that you do creates the beauty of the weave.  Lift your sight unto the light.  It is there in which you will recognize your being.

For you in this now, we have created a series of symbols for initiation to those of the highest vibrations. They are above our message. They are the initiation. Use these for your opening to the coming energies. Use these until you have found your specific harmonic rising.  It is there within you.  Meditate upon them as you go about your days.  Allow them to become you and you them.  As you gaze upon them you will feel stirrings deep within you, awakening to your higher being. Do not think of this, allow yourselves to unfold as a delicate blossom on a Spring morning as the sun caresses it, so shall the Light within you assist your to unfold.

Be not of worry or concern of anything.  Be in and of the now.  There is no other time.

Know this: That you are wholly in and of the same creation as we. Know that beyond the light and into the void there comes a destination which is only light. Shine as you are truth, Dear Ones.


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