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Online Channeling and Messages,     May 10, 2005

 Greetings to each of you! The energies are snapping! Since the star gate opened on the 17th of April, we seem to be experiencing a streamlined influx of intergalactic energies! Many of you may be feeling that you are having a hard time staying in your bodies, or staying grounded. That is because we are literally receiving more light in our bodies as the energies pass through us. Intuition seems to be wide open, as is manifestation.

 Remember, as we become more aligned with the energies, that which we intend is already so. What I mean by that is that what we wish for, what we attempt to create will come forth immediately in some form, so be careful what you wish for!!

 What I generally do when I am in creative space is to imagine how I will feel when the reality that I want to create comes forward. I don’t give specific details because I find that often the universe takes us literally so we end up losing out on the finer points of what would have made our creations perfect. Besides, when we give too many specifics, have we not limited the outcome of what we create to a pass or fail situation? Yes, we have because we have told the universe that that is exactly what we want and nothing else will do! When we create in that way we set perimeters to the new reality we want. The universe becomes limited in what  it will give us. It becomes a pass or fail situation limited only to what we have asked for or less, if it comes to fruition at all.

 Why not send our intentions out there without limitations. Then we have infinite possibilities about what can create for us. Think of it as a shopping list. How many of us make a list, do our shopping and get home only to realize that we have forgotten something very important? Hmmmm. I say, allow the power of creation to bring us that which is perfect in our journeys!

 Recently I was on my front porch “taking 5” during a busy and productive day. When I am out there, there are some wonderful creatures who share that space with me. There is a family of squirrels who live in a hollow tree. I get great amusement as I watch their antics chasing each other round and round the tree and in and out of the various holes where their nests are. I can often hear the babies crying at snack time. 

There is also a hawk that lives out there. She is a magnificent creature who emanates power and grace in her flights through the trees and across the valley. She often sits with me in a nearby tree when I sit out on the porch returning phone calls.

 I love each of them dearly.

 One day as I sat our there, the squirrels were out there playing and along came the hawk. One of the squirrels had gotten over to a nearby tree and was sitting on a branch. The hawk swooped down in an attempt to make lunch of the squirrel. As I saw this happen I thought, “Nooooooooo!”. And as the hawk connected with the squirrel and the tree, she got her wings caught in the branches and the squirrel got away for that moment. The hawk gathered herself up and went and sat in the next tree, waiting. I had a huge set of mixed feelings at that point.

Besides the obvious that this was nature, and that each being has a purpose in all of that nature, I began to think of the hawk and the squirrels as representing the people of our world.  

Each of us has needs. Which of those needs are vital to our existence and which of them are only perceived? In other words, which of the things that we think we need most do we really need at all? And how do we go about getting them?

 Do we dive into opportunities that we see, only to botch them up because we got excited in a moment, or do we sit patiently, waiting for the moment to arrive when all is given in perfection and that which we need comes effortlessly?

 And in our endeavors to attain that which we perceive that we need, do we become an aggressor or a victim? One who pushes themselves through each day, barreling past each moment and never noticing what could have been? Or do we become an eternal victim in our search - one who perceives that nothing is ever right and it is everyone else’s fault when things don’t work out.

 We can participate in our journeys by being creative in every moment, taking part in ways of knowing that the reality we create is perfect in every moment and that sometimes to attain that reality requires more of our participation than other times.  

The hawk was patient. I couldn’t stand the pressure. I went inside. As I write this, I still hold my breath wondering if the little guy made it. But then there are different ways of succeeding are there not? Perhaps his sole purpose was to sustain the hawk. I will never know, but the lessons the two of them brought were priceless.

 I begin traveling this week. It is going to be an extremely busy and exciting couple of months! Due to my travel schedule, new sessions that I book from here on out will not be until early July (not that long really, but just letting you know).

 My website schedule is up to date if you want to see if I will be in your area. It is at http://www.spiritlite.com/schedule.htm.

 In a nutshell, I will be in Clayton, GA this week bring the Master’s live to the group there as well as doing healing sessions. For more info, please call Christy Black at Mindful Expressions 706-782-5755. 

The Oneness conference in Sedona, AZ has recently undergone some terrific energy shifts. We have reworked to program in order to offer not that which everyone knows, but those things which are applicable in the new energies. I am very excited about this! There are a few rooms left at the Hilton in Sedona where we have a block of rooms reserved at special discounted prices. There is still time to register to the conference. If there is anyone you know who may like to attend, please forward this link to them. Thank you! Come to the 1st Annual Oneness Consciousness Conference! Get Details… 

I will be at the Conscious Living Expo in Spokane the first weekend in June in booth #101. I am giving a lecture about how to manifest the reality you want and I am also giving a 2 hour workshop about the new kids, the crystallines, star children and more. Come by and see me if you are in the area. For more info, please see http://www.consciousliving.net.

 I am going to the Summer Light Conference the third weekend in June to meet up with Lee Carroll (Kryon), Kahu Fred Sterling (Kirael), Pepper Lewis (Gaia) and Aurelia Louise Jones (Adama), My friend, Dr. Todd Ovatkyas will be there teaching a special workshop that Monday. This will be the first time we have all been in the same place at the same time and of course, it is at Mt. Shasta.  I am actually not participating in the conference this year, rather going as a guest but in case any of your are going, I hope to meet you there!

 Mid July I will be in the Denver Area. More details to come – watch my web schedule for an update.

 The following Channeling is from the workshop I did in GA a couple of weeks ago. The Masters were in great form to say the least, and brought forward some great new info. It is 15 pages. As Always, I am grateful to be of service to each of you. Remember that within each moment lies only perfection. It is our perfection which chooses whether we recognize that or not.

 Blessings, Grace and Love,


 Opening of Stargate. 1  Channeling all below      StareGates

This opening creates infinite access above and below. 2

You may now receive information that is limitless in nature – if you choose. 2

The difference is that you are left with much as the energies move through you. 2

DNA – not 12-strand in the third dimension and infinite beyond that 2

It is human nature to have a tendency to limit everything by describing it and by saying how many. 2

Your heart is your true set of ears. 2

Each of you has come here with a certain expectation of change. 2

Our vehicle gives what you will understand with one pair of ears; we share what you can hear with the rest of your ears. 3

Each of you is contributing a strand of energy; they intertwine in the center and rise upward. 3

You are creating an energetic opening universally that you will take from here as a doorway within you. 3

Your grace is your essence combined with the essence of All That Is. 3

When you allow your self to be in that grace and be your true self others will recognize you. 3

Therefore, Truth is born in every moment that you move through your existence. 3

In this way, your world can be changed. 3

Take what you are learning here and experience it 3

Each of you now has a Master with you who will assist you with your assimilation process. 4

The Infinity Grid. 4

What is the significance of the triangular shapes that have been presenting themselves to me?. 5

Each of them is an etheric doorway that you may step into and receive an education. 5

The reality you encounter is greatly different; it is a life-changing experience. 5

Opening of stargate. 5

It is a refinement of the way you receive energy and an expansion of the amount of information available. 5

It has been signaled to open by certain celestial events throughout the multiverses. 6

It has opened literally new worlds to your awareness – some of you will remember you have traveled before you came here. 6

How do I break through my barriers to receive the energy?. 6

Constellation Pleiades fading in and out 7

Feelings of confusion, pain, and loneliness. 7

Question about Wesak. 9

How may we make people aware of what they are doing to the water of the Earth?. 10

Earth Changes. 10

Truth about government deceit and misinformation is coming out but no one cares. 12

Recently elected Pope [Benedict XVI] is an interim Pope. 12

Take that which you are out into the world and give the Truth, one moment at a time. 12

United Nations and Bolton nomination. 13

How emotions affect DNA and physical manifestations of thought forms. 13

What will be my role in the upcoming upheaval with the churches and religion?. 14

How we use the Master with us. 14


Opening of Stargate

CH:    Greetings to each of you.  We are most appreciative of the opportunity to be of service to you at this time.  It is that there are many changes happening within you and within your world.  As you know, there has been an opening just days ago of a stargate that makes a huge amount of difference in the way that the energies reach you once again.

 This opening creates infinite access above and below

         We have spoken to you recently about the new patterning of the energies that are coming to you.  The opening of the stargate creates an infinite access above and below.  It is a unification, a unification, of those energies in such a way that the purity of communication among worlds is possible and is occurring on many levels.

You may now receive information that is limitless in nature – if you choose

         You as beings of this world, of the dimension of the third, if you wish, can receive this type of information if only you wish.  The information that you may receive is limitless in nature.  And, at the same time, can attune you, can attune you, can re-attune you in such ways that the changes of energies that are occurring through you will be much smoother and face less resistance as they move through you.

 The difference is that you are left with much as the energies move through you

         The difference in the then and this now is that as the energies move through you, they do not, shall we say, simply pass through, but you are left with much.  You are left with teachings from these energies.  They carry fullnesses of knowing on many levels.  They also communicate – we say “they” meaning the particulates of the energy as it moves through you – is also in many ways reattuning your DNA structuring, your DNA structuring.


DNA – not 12-strand in the third dimension and infinite beyond that

         Many of you often speak of 12-strand DNA.  What you must know is this:  your DNA is not 12-strand, not in your third dimensional self.  It is as it is.  However, beyond that, it is infinite.  You have replicas, aspects, of your DNA completely outward and completely inward.  In such a way, then, you have infinite strands.


It is human nature to have a tendency to limit everything by describing it and by saying how many

         You see, it is human nature to have a tendency to limit, to limit, everything by describing it and by saying how many.  That way it seems like it is manageable.  You do not need to manage your selves – you are doing quite well.  Trust us, we can see you!!


         Therefore, in such a way, to always have a necessity to define limits your experience because we tell you this:  that which is definable is not Truth, because Truth is immeasurable.  You must know this.  You must know this.  Note we do not say you must understand it!  You must remember within your heart selves.


Your heart is your true set of ears

         You see, your heart is your true set of ears.  Your heart is the set of ears with which to hear Truth.  Your head and the ears upon it are those which are to experience the world in which you live, are to experience in order to survive and to learn and to communicate and so on.  They are not your true ears of wisdom.  They are not your true ears of understanding.  That comes from within you, from your heart space.


         And so, when our brother Jesus said “those who have ears can hear us, verily we speak to you”, what he was saying was “open your heart and hear us with your entirety.  Do not limit us by measuring us, because we are so much more than that”.  Do you see?


Each of you has come here with a certain expectation of change

         It is that each of you has come to this space and this place with a certain expectation of change within your lives and your realities with what you may learn within what is given in these days.  It is that, with what is occurring for you as you are moving through this process, yes, you are receiving information.  But at the same time we are also present and you are receiving energetically an education that is beyond words.  Words are measurable; words are defining, and therefore can only communicate so much to you.


Our vehicle gives what you will understand with one pair of ears; we share what you can hear with the rest of your ears

         Our vehicle is giving you what you will understand with one pair of ears.  We are sharing through her and with you that which you can hear with the rest of your ears.  In such a way, then, you will receive a fullness of that which is and that for which you have come.  In the process, because of the way the energetics are in these moments, there is a certain interaction of the energies which is occurring which is very much an integration.


Each of you is contributing a strand of energy; they intertwine in the center and rise upward

         Each of you, if you would imagine, is contributing a strand of energy into the center of your circle at this moment.  And each of them are rising upward and upward.  And as they do, they begin to intertwine.  And as they intertwine, that is becoming a fullness of beingness, a fullness of your circle adjoining in a way.


You are creating an energetic opening universally that you will take from here as a doorway within you

         And as this joining is occurring, those of you who have traveled infinitely, and some of you together, and all of you having agreed to be in this moment at this time, are creating an energetic opening universally which is coming to you and that you will take from here as a doorway within you, a gateway within you, in which you may exhibit and express your grace – if you choose.


Your grace is your essence combined with the essence of All That Is

         Your grace is that which is your essence combined with the essence of All That Is in such a way that it is expressed through you, from you, and within you as the love and the grace that you share with others in your world.  Others cannot help but respond to this because it is a knowing from within inside – they cannot help it.


When you allow your self to be in that grace and be your true self others will recognize you

         So when you come to another with your grace, and you allow your self to be in that grace and allow your self to, shall we say, freely express your self as your true self – not the guarded, masked self that you have and wear within your world – but that self which is Truth, others cannot help but recognize you.  You cannot help but smile and they cannot help but smile back.


Therefore, Truth is born in every moment that you move through your existence

         Therefore, in such a way, Truth is born in every moment that you move through your existence, should you choose to exhibit your grace from within.  As you do, you give clarity to your self.  Because what you are allowing to happen, what is occurring through you, is a flowing of universal energy that is moving through you and maintaining clarity within your field and at the same time teaching you, communicating with you, and then moving outwardly and touching another and another and another and another.

In this way, your world can be changed

         In this way, your world can be changed.  And in this way, it is already so, because when two or more of you come together there is an exponential magnification of that which you are creating.  And so it is then that reality becomes changed.  The experience of that reality becomes changed.

Take what you are learning here and experience it

         And so it is then to not take what you are learning in this process home and file it away in a closet or a dark drawer, but rather to experience it in the way that it is given, in the way that you choose, that you may be the creator of whatever reality you wish.  And you can contribute to the creation of reality within your environment and within your world.  In such a way, then, you have become the Master of everything that you create.  Do you see?

         In such a way, then, as this is an occasion which is different than others when we provide visitation, we wish to interact and engage with you in such ways that you have opportunities to address with us those things which you wish to have explained, you wish to share with us in ways that will assist that which you are learning, that which you already know, and that which you are attempting to find which you are not quite grasping.

         In such a way, then, it is our desire and our intention to ask you what it is that you wish to know that we may be of assistance to you in this time and in this place.  Before we open that door for you, we ask that we have your permission to give an attunement to you in such a way that perhaps those things will come more easily for you and move more easily through you as we give that which is given.  Is there anyone who has an objection to us creating a shift for you at this time?

         One moment.  [pause for attunement]

Each of you now has a Master with you who will assist you with your assimilation process

Each of you, for the balance of our visitation and thereafter as you are in attendance here, has a Master with you who will walk with you and assist you with your assimilation process.  Each will remain with you and each is with you now.  In such a way, then, we have a circle within a circle.  And each Master has those of assistance, and so on and so on.  And what we have simply just created is a vortex, an infinite circle, in which you are the center.  You are the heart.  And you are the soul as a collective group.  And each of you as Beings of Light in such a way.

         Therefore, that being said, and that having been created in this environment, we would ask if there are questions to come forward.  We await.

The Infinity Grid

Q:      Could you explain the mechanics of the infinity grid?

CH:    The mechanics of the infinity grid?

Q:      Could you discuss the infinity grid?

CH:    How many months do we have to be present?  [laughter]

Q:      Well, thanks to the attunement, not many.

CH:    There is something that you are attempting to grasp and you are not asking us directly that which you wish to know.  And we are attempting to define it more fully so that we give you that which you are asking.  You see, there is an aspect of that knowing that you are reaching for and you do not understand because you are looking from your head.  You are trying to understand it when in fact you already know.

         So – the infinity grid is that which all things are a part of.  It moves through all things in ways that everything is connected with it, through it, above it, below it.  It is a part of everything and everything it.  And so it is, then, that you might consider it an energy network somewhat like the ley lines upon your planet.

         In the same way, within the grid system there are major energy passageways and there are secondary or more minor energy passageways within the gridwork.  Plus, depending upon which dimension we are speaking, the grid is more tightly woven or less tightly woven depending upon the frequencies.  Do you see?

         Therefore, what we have just said to you is:  when you take that to the next step, the grid is in spiral format.  It gets smaller and smaller as it moves inward and wider and wider as it moves outward.  And yet within it, within it, within every level of reality, there is a spiral which is to its finest point and its densest point as well.

         And so it is an infinite arrangement of connections to all things, all of which are spiral in nature, all of which are spinning with information which, with the spin, is transferred and transferred and so on, very much in the same way as through the null zones only on a larger and a bit more complex fashion.

Q:      So the spin points in the body – is that the communication of that ...

CH:    It is so!

Q:      Aahhh.  Thank you.

CH:    You are most welcome.  Now you are really spinning! [laughter].

What is the significance of the triangular shapes that have been presenting themselves to me?

Q:      What is the significance of the triangular shapes that I’ve been experiencing either in nature or that have been presenting themselves to me?

CH:    They are telling you to wake up and pay attention because they are the Truth of formation of reality in such a way that...  Are you experiencing these etherically as well as symbols?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    Have you stepped inside of one yet?

Q:      No.

Each of them is an etheric doorway that you may step into and receive an education

CH:    We know.  And so it is, then, that when you are ready, each of them is an etheric doorway that you may step into and receive an education.  We will tell you, however, that if you choose to do so – and this applies to each of you – that the reality that you will encounter is greatly different than that which you are accustomed.  It will be forever life-changing and it will be a fullness of information from the broadest concept to the smallest detail.

The reality you encounter is greatly different; it is a life-changing experience

It is not something that you could step into and step out and write a paper about or give a lecture about.  It is a fullness that becomes a part of you in your knowingness, you see?  Beyond that, we will not create your experience for you but to have that explanation is a good thing.  Where you go depends upon the frequency of what one you step into.  And what you learn depends upon that which your essence is requiring.

Q:      Thank you.

CH:    You are most welcome.  We will also say that there are other symbols that may come to some or all of you in time that are in the form of geometric shapes.  They will often appear to float into your awareness and present themselves in front of you.  Those are invitations for you to experience altered reality if you choose.  Have we answered this with fullness for you?

Q:      Yes.


CH:    And we wait.

Opening of stargate

Q:      Could you talk more about this opening of the stargate and I guess whether we should be doing something or what it means to us or...  I don’t know exactly the right question to ask.

It is a refinement of the way you receive energy and an expansion of the amount of information available

CH:    What it means to you is a refinement of the way that you receive in your now.  It is a refinement of the way that... and an exponential expansion of the amount of information that is available to you intergalactically throughout the multiverses is now able to funnel through the opening that this stargate has brought to you.

         In such a way, you might consider it a white hole [laughter] that is coming directly through reality in a way...  What it has done is it has created balance where another one closed.  In the same way that black holes universally create balances from one universe to the next, in parallel universes you have one universe that is building pressure and another one that is growing.  And so there is a drain from one and a feeding of the other.  And so on and so on and so on.


It has been signaled to open by certain celestial events throughout the multiverses

         And this is the way that black holes work in reality.  In this way, comparatively only, it is very similar in the way that this stargate has operated, only this stargate is not a pressure valve.  It is an opening for experience.  It has been signaled.  It has been signaled to open by certain celestial events throughout the multiverses which means that there has been a harmonic alignment not only within your galaxy, but holographically inwardly and outwardly in such a way that that specific alignment has instigated the opening of this stargate.


It has opened literally new worlds to your awareness – some of you will remember you have traveled before you came here

         In such a way that this occurs, it has opened literally, literally, new worlds to your awarenesses.  Perhaps some of you will remember your roots now.  Or perhaps where you have traveled before you traveled here.  Because feeling some of those energies perhaps will bring recollections to you in ways of memories or even your giftedness that you have not allowed your self to perhaps experience fully.  Have we answered this fully for you?


How do I break through my barriers to receive the energy?

Q:      Yes from a general point of view.  From a personal point of view, how do I break through my barriers to receive the energy?

CH:    One moment... First of all, you must change your perception of your self.  You have created a vision that you must break through, therefore you are imprisoned.  Instead, it would be to change your perception to one of freedom rather than one of confinement.  Do you see?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    It is that easy.   When you give your self permission to be free and change your perception from confinement to freedom, that is when you have become open.  It is a matter of trust and it is a matter of giving your self permission to feel safe in the experience that you are requesting.  The reason that you feel confined is because you do not feel safe.  Is that not so?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    And you do not feel safe because it is an unknown and therefore it is out of your comfort zone.  And therefore, if it is an unknown and it is out of your comfort zone, and you cannot control it, then it is something to be afraid of.  Do you see how we have come full circle with this?

Q:      Yes!

CH:    And therefore, we will ask you a question.  What is your fear?

Q:      Fear of failure, whatever that means.

CH:    What are you failing at?  Perceiving??  How can you fail at perceiving?  How can you fail at being your self?  You already are!!  So how can that be a pass or fail situation?  You have already created your self.  Are you not there?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    Then what else is there?

Q:      Maybe I won’t like what I find.

CH:    Perfection?

Q:      That would be good.

CH:    So we would ask you this.  Ask your self what it is you are hiding that you do not want to discuss with your self.  And then take your self outside and put your bare feet in the grass, put your bare feet in one of the streams which are many here – the energy is wonderful because it is constantly cleansing – and let it go!  Wash your self clean.  And then, when you have found your base self free of those protections which you have surrounded your self with, first of all you will see that – gee, it’s not so scary after all.  And wow – this really feels good.  And it takes a whole lot less energy to feel really good than to put up all those walls every day.  [laughter].


         And thirdly, Dear One, don’t take your self so seriously!

Q:      Yeah...

CH:    Because you are so serious about your self that you have cut your self a swath to be in and that is all you can be!  You see?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    Have we answered you fully now?

Q:      Yes.  Thank you very much.

CH:    We are most grateful for the opportunity.


Constellation Pleiades fading in and out

Q:      I am wondering...  I was watching the star system Pleiades about two weeks ago.  And the stars were fading in and out.  And as they brightened, there were many, many, many more stars.  And when they would dim, there would only be one to three stars of the almost seven or eight [...].  Could you shed some light on that?

CH:    You were witnessing electromagnetic activity between your here and that there in such a way that it was affecting the visuality of it.  There are in fact many more than seven stars in the constellation – some which are brighter than others – so when there is electromagnetic interference, you are going to see some more so than others.


         When that interference clarifies and it is not present, that is when you get a more full visual of the constellation, you see.  It’s not truly a constellation – it is more of a consortium.

Q:      Thank you.

CH:    You are most welcome.  It is quite more complex than most of you realize, by the way.


Feelings of confusion, pain, and loneliness

Q:      I have a question.  And I don’t even know where to begin.

CH:    At the beginning is good!  Or in the middle if you wish!

Q:      Well, I’m feeling a lot of confusion about where I am.  A lot of times I’m feeling a lot of pain in the center of my chest.  And I’m also experiencing a great deal of loneliness...   And you’re smiling.  That’s sort of where I’d like to go.

CH:    You would like to go...

Q:      I’d like to discuss what I just said.

CH:    The pain in your chest is not related to your heart physically.  It is related to the stress that you have allowed your body to experience through the changes that have occurred within your life.  Your life has changed drastically recently in ways that you have not yet found a balance.

Q:      True.

CH:    In such a way that you are perceiving your self as individual and separate from all other things, and therefore you must be alone.  This is not true, Dear One.  We tell you this:  you are never alone.  In All That Is and all that surrounds you, there are loving beings who touch you and assist you in everything you do.  And all that you need to do is speak to them with your heart, with your mouth, telepathically – whatever you wish.  And ask them to assist you in your difficulty in such a way that it becomes easier to put one foot in front of the other and to find those who are to be with you in your life that your life will continue to grow as the changes are indicating.


         It is very easy to get caught in the emotionality of the changes and the severity of the changes in such a way that it becomes a “stuckness”.  And that stuckness is what creates a sense of “aloneness”.  How can you be alone when you are created of that which all other things are made?  That which is the light of the Source and All That Is?  And all that you have to do is send outwardly from your self that you need something.  And so it is that you will have it!

Q:      So why don’t we come into this world knowing these things?

CH:    You do – you simply don’t remember them!

Q:      Okay, so why don’t we remember them?

CH:    Because you have a thinking brain and an ego that lies to you that has evolved to the point where you have chosen to come into this world at this time and it is one of the challenges you are learning to move through.

Q:      [...]

CH:    In such a way, however, it is not as hard as it seems.  When you are in the middle of a situation, it appears much harder than it truly is, because it feels so much bigger from the inside.  You see?

Q:      Right.

CH:    First of all, when you are tense as you have been with the changes, you are not breathing regularly.  You stop breathing when you think about these things, when you face new things.  And every time you stop breathing your energy stops moving momentarily.  And when your energy stops moving even for a brief split second in time, it begins to get dense.  And your energy field becomes dense because you are protecting your self because you hurt.


         And so what you have done is you have created a density between the inside and out here.  And that is the proverbial wall.  What does not get in also doesn’t get out.  And therefore comes the feeling of stuckness.  You see?

Q:      Yes, I do.

CH:    And so it is then to first of all begin to breathe, to allow your energy to begin to move again in such a way that it begins to cleanse and clarify your system.  To let go of what you are holding onto behind your self that is creating such pain.  In such a way, then, that you are able to liberate your self to step forward into the challenges that your journey has provided for you.


         It is about this Now.  And this Now is quite different than perhaps you perceived it would be.

Q:      [laughing] Yes.

CH:    Nevertheless, this Now is whole and perfect just as it is.  In this moment, Dear One, is there anything at all that you need?  Are you safe?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    Are you cared for?  [pause]  By the beings in this place?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    Are you...  Look what it took for you to come here – what a great step and stride this was in your journey!  And to be among like-minded people that, for this now, can love you and nurture you and show you what you have not been experiencing so that when you go home you will recognize that which you are seeking which you feel has left you, because it is present for you.  Do you see?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    You are loved and you are well and you are whole.  It is only your perception that tells you differently.  We assure you that this is so.

Q:      Thank you.

CH:    And we touch your heart, Dear One.

Q:      Thank you so much.

CH:    We are the ones who are grateful.


Q:      I was wondering if you could expand on DNA activation and attunements and the different groups that are doing them and if at one time they will be done automatically or...

CH:    They are happening spontaneously already.  There are new generations coming in who are carrying the new relationships among the genetic structure.  We do not care to comment on different methodologies simply because it gets quite too complicated for the generality of the moment.


         However, what we will tell you is that we will reiterate what we have taught the vehicle, which she has shared with you in this day.  And that is that when you instigate your higher awareness, when you enter into your Gamma consciousness. when you have the initiation and you at first activate this happening, it happens within your brain.  There is a unification of the way that the electromagnetics work across and through your brain.  That then instigates the changes in the communication patterns among the DNA and the relationship of the RNA to the DNA.


         In such a way, then, when you – if you – choose to, take your self to the communion point, where perhaps you will meet and speak with some of us or others, then in such a way you have created a unification of the DNA strand communication.  In such a way, then, as happened in the brain, there becomes a fullness in the strand as well!  So now the entire electromagnetic system of your beingness becomes electromagnetically unified in a way that you are a complete transmitter and receiver in pure format.  You see?  In pure format.  Without the everyday three-dimensional interruptions and interferences, so to speak.


         Most of the, shall we say, methodologies that are being utilized in your world to this now do not access beyond a certain point.  They only work so far out, in other words, in an infinite structure.  And so if you are only working so far out, then what about the rest of the story?  Do you see?  When it is an infinite construction and experience, it is holographic.  It is Light.  It is the reflection of Light.


Then if only limited levels are accessed, then the changes are only up to a certain benefit or only to a certain permanency.  Now that is not to say that that level isn’t necessarily – or below that level – isn’t necessarily all that was necessary.  Do you see?  It could be that whatever the repairs that were needed can be found in those areas.  And that is phenomenal!  However, beyond that there are other aspects of being that are also affecting this now.  And that is why we do not wish to compare modalities and dissect them because it would take too long to compare procedures.  But you understand what we say?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    In such a way that many of those procedures are excellent as far as they go.  Although – and we will tell you this – that holographically speaking, the premise in some of that work is that if you work on these levels then they will mirror ever outward because all things are infinite.  That is true to a point, true to a point.


         If you’ve established a certain clarity and that clarity communicates outward, that is going to do a certain amount of change.  However, if there is a major dysfunction, a major attachment, a  major interruption in the field of some sort, then while certain amounts have been communicated, it’s going to take a different type of access and communication with that level to make those changes on that level in order for the normalcy to completely kick in on the third dimension.  You see?  It is a trickle-down effect.

Q:      So does that mean that it’s more or less like meeting of the minds?  You may have the DNA activation, but it’s only going to go so high as what you can accept at that time or what your level of lightness or spiritual awareness is?

CH:    You can activate the DNA.  And what that does is it tells the DNA to be on alert for coming changes.  Is that not so?  You activate something, you turn it on.  You cannot create someone’s journey for them.  If they are not ready or willing for changes to occur within themselves, then all of the activation in the world is only going to take them so far if they do not choose to make the leap.  Do you see?


         That is not to say it is not giving them benefit, because of course it will.  But what we see through your asking, you are imaging the activating of the DNA in such a way that it becomes this.  True?  And, yes, you are awakening it.  And, yes, you are telling it “A HA” – awareness.  But if that being doesn’t want to move past awareness, they won’t get the “A HA”.  Do you see?  And is not a journey everyone’s choice – what they do with it?


Question about Wesak

    CH:    Yes?

Q:      Yesterday I learned of a time in our plane when Jesus and Buddha will come together.  Would you elaborate on the significance of that and the work that will be done for us here in that meeting?

CH:    One moment.  We ask for clarification.  You are asking us about an actual meeting within your dimension?  You are asking about a meeting that is taking place that will affect your dimension?

Q:      From my understanding – both.  They will come here – not to this particular place, but on this world.

CH:    One moment.  Each Master holds a key or keys to certain openings of energies, openings of available information – wisdom, shall we say – enlightenment.  In such a way, then, that you have the Master Buddha whose teachings have, for many, many, many years, created knowings and belief systems among many people.

         In another part of the world you have the Master Jesus, who also created a certain set of knowings by his example and certain sets of beliefs.  No matter what was chosen to be done with them, he brought them to the world.  And so you have Masters, each with a different set of keys, who have blended in their knowingness and some of their travels even perhaps, as far as what was experienced – but it is what they did with it and where they took it.

         And then each holding a certain stage of enlightenment that ultimately allowed them to choose to leave this place.  Each of them only left this place in body and are still operative and a live being as Masters on many other planes.  The coming together of them is a joining of the keys, the joining of the keys – once again a unification of energies, in a consciousness to allow a state of consciousness through their joining that is beyond that which the general populace has been aware of, even.  You see?

         And so the two of them coming together creates an uplifting of the ability of the general consciousness to begin to expand and enlighten.  And this type of thing will come when the world is at its truest jeopardy.  And the path that it is on in this moment is one of jeopardy.  And so this meeting will create a change worldwide as well.  Have we answered this for you fully?

Q:      Yes.  Thank you.


How may we make people aware of what they are doing to the water of the Earth?

Q:      I would also like to ask a question about our water.

CH:    Which water?

Q:      All of it.

CH:    Water in general?  Water in the bottle?  on the planet?  in the faucet?

Q:      Water on the planet that we then put into the bottle and into our bodies and utilize.  As beings, we’re destroying it faster than we’re trying to preserve it.  And as individual beings, what is there that I could do to help bring awareness on the importance of maintaining clean, usable water?  How do we...

CH:    How do you gain back your planet when it is out of control?

Q:      Yes!  Thank you.

CH:    When it is being polluted by individuals and corporate entities who put their pipes underground and don’t tell anybody that they’re polluting the rivers?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    And so on and so on and so on?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    First of all, on a personal level, it is that particularly in your country it is a society of wastefulness.  It is a society that will turn on the faucet and walk away to do ten other things and then go turn the faucet off.  How much water was wasted in that moment?  How much was really needed and how much was used?

         Secondly, by example, one may share information – not by preaching because no one would hear you.  But if you, for instance, were to see something that was interfering, perhaps you could pick it up or ... and so on.  Secondly [sic], it is that your world has become very complacent with itself.  It thinks that others must tell it what to do and when to do and how to do it.  And so you are a bunch of sheep – not you personally, but generally speaking – who follow whatever the norm is doing and that must be “truth”.

Change the perception.  What is the Truth?  What is the Truth?  If you want to truly change your world, change a perception in many directions, because you as beings are not being given Truth. You are being led by the noses to existing truths that are not at all Truths, but rather contrivances and manipulations because others wish to gain.  And therefore, it is that you can make a difference one by one.  If enough people change their perceptions, then the contrivances and the manipulations no longer are effective.

And besides, it takes many less lightworkers to make a difference than it does those who are not awake.  That is not a judgment thing – it is vibrational.  It is the pyramid:  those who are not awake are at the bottom of the pyramid.  Those who are enlightened are in the lighter frequencies.  It takes many less to project much wider and farther because they are not as heavy energetically.  Do you see?  It is all applicable.

Earth Changes


Yes, Dear One.

Q:      I’d like to hear about the Earth changes.  We’ve heard some rumbling lately on the far side of the oceans and sometimes closer.

CH:    You have specific questions?  There are quite many interrelations going on.

Q:      Yes.  What are those interrelations?  What’s happening next?

CH:    We actually gave you all of this at the first of your year.  And it still exists if you wish to review it.  However, we will give you an update.  It is that your planet is seeking balance from that which this Dear One has spoken in such a way that it has been abused and it is experiencing the emotionality and all of the things that the human beings are.

         In a way, it is responding.  It is also looking for balance in the way that the people of your world are.  It has also been raped and drilled and drained and a million other abuses in such a way that at this time the plates are shifting.  There will be some severe shifting of the plates over time that the reality of the land masses will change.

         There will be mountain ranges born in the Atlantic Ocean which at this point do not appear to exist.  They will rise out of the Atlantic.  The earthquake activity and volcanic activity that is escalating will continue to escalate.  And you must know that if there is what you call an earthquake – seismic activity – in one area, there must be a balance somewhere else.

         So every time there is an earthquake, there is going to be another one somewhere else in order to maintain the balance upon the face of the planet.  It is a given.  It is all about balance.  Therefore, in such a way, there have been some dramatic examples of the kind of balance that your planet is needing.

And at the same time – and we do not mean to say this dispassionately or impassionately – but where there become too many beings in an area or upon your planet, your planet in some way – or the people upon the planet – will find ways to create balance in that overage, because the planet can only support so many people comfortably.  It has not been comfortable for a very long time.  And you are multiplying like rabbits!

And you are not making any types of provisions for your future.  You are using all of the resources that you’ve got.  And so the planet upon which you exist is saying to you:  “wake up and pay attention – we are uncomfortable”.  That is the royal “we”.

And in such a way it is adjusting.  And as it does, catastrophes occur which reduce some densities of population by great numbers.  This is a natural part of the process.  It is not a personal part of the process.  It is natural process.  It is Nature.  Just because you exist upon your planet does not mean Nature’s rules don’t apply any more.  And that is something that you as humans, thinking that you are separate and greater than everyone else, have forgotten!

Now you want to know specifics about when’s and where’s and how’s and so on.  And so what we would ask you is about your concerns.  Because, yes, the land masses will change.  And, yes, we can give you descriptions but you have an entire planet.  And so what changes would you like for us to describe for you?

Q:      Changes near where we live.  Changes near where we travel.

CH:    Well you travel extensively!  And where you live most of the time?  Where you live in this moment?

Q:      Where I live most of the time.

CH:    It’s a fault line within not too many miles from where you live to your west which is waking up, has not been awake since the late 1800’s – in such a way as it was wide awake at that time.  In such a way what we are given is there is coming a separation of that fault line, because there is balance occurring with the induction zones that are occurring on your west coast and on the other side of your Ring of Fire.  And those other, shorter fault lines that are in between are creating a shortening.


         So what is going to occur is there will be an opening there in this fault line.  Is that what you wish to know?

Q:      Thank you.

CH:    You are most welcome.  They will mostly average between 6 and 8’s on your Richter measurement scale.


Truth about government deceit and misinformation is coming out but no one cares

Q:      You talked about the connivances of the world government, the misinformation that we’re getting.  It’s getting to the point now where the misinformation, the lies, and the deceit are in the mainstream news, and yet, no one ..

CH:    No one cares!!  Do you know why?  Because you are desensitized as people.  You are in an age where there is so much information coming at you and available to you, you have become desensitized.  You hear so much about trauma and death and war and famine.  And you see pictures day after day after day one way or other that you become desensitized.

         And so you do not hear it.  An analogy would be when you are raising small children and they are doing their thing and they are yelling and screaming and interacting, and the mother learns to tune them out.  But she knows when it is serious enough to listen.  In this way, you as a populace have tuned your world out and wait for that serious thing.  But what is occurring is there are so many serious things happening that you are not noticing!


Recently elected Pope [Benedict XVI] is an interim Pope

Do you notice that you have just received in your world a Pope that has been elected by those who are his peers as a political move, as an interim, because he is of an age where he will not survive long.  And so he is being placed for a reason.  This is a major event in your world.  Major event! {End of Side A}

And so they are doing their best to maintain, shall we say, a balance in their situation.  What they do not realize is there is a third miracle awaiting to happen – that which the Lady gave.

Q:      And it is a miracle, not a disaster?

CH:    That is not for us to give you, but we will tell you that there is an event that will occur.


Q:      There’s the Malachi prophet – 1192 – that Archbishop who talked about these Popes.  This was an interim Pope to bring together...  to pointedly do something about evil incarnate to attempt the bringing together of the Christian and Jewish.  And then the next Pope, I believe, is Peter, and that is where the seven hills of Rome are destroyed or crumble.  Are they talking about the seven hills as symbols for the seven major religions of the world?

CH:    Yes.

Q:      Thank you.

CH:    Because religions are limiting.  And Truth is unbounded.  And when Truth becomes more well known in your world, then those religions that are based upon untruth cannot survive.  Not that they don’t have their good points, but they are difficult to find amongst the contrivances.  Besides, the point that we were making is that religion is limited.  You are infinite beings – why would you wish to limit your self?

Q:      So if some of the Truth is beginning to come out, and the world in general is not listening to it, will it take such a horrible disaster of some kind...

CH:    Will it?

Q:      Will it?  Oh, you’re asking me! [laughter]

CH:    Everyone wants to hear about coming disasters.  Why not hear about how to avoid them?

Q:      Yes!  Then please tell us.


Take that which you are out into the world and give the Truth, one moment at a time

CH:    Take that which you are out into the world and give the Truth, one moment at a time, from your beingness.  And it will ripple outward.  It is all very simple.  But the Truth is that each of you are God – you are the creator of all that you experience, all that you seek, and all that you do.  And to give people permission to know that they are God within themselves and have all of creation within them takes the control away from those who wish to maintain it!  Do you see?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    And so you can deduce from there what there is to do.  Can you not?

Q:      Yes.  Thank you.

CH:    You are most welcome.


         May we create another attunement in the room?

Q:      Yes, please [from group].

CH:    You are not breathing and the energy is getting quite big with us.  One moment.  [pause]  That one will continue with you for days! [laughter].

Q:      Thank you.

CH:    Are there further questions?


United Nations and Bolton nomination

Q:      In March, you spoke of Kofi Annan and I was wondering if you could shed some light on the current administration’s appointment of Bolton to the UN and what the motivations for that were?

CH:    We did not hear through these human ears the words that you said at the beginning.

Q:      At the channeling in March, you spoke of Kofi Annan and activity around him.  And I was wondering about...

CH:    You mean the U.N. representative that we spoke of?

Q:      Correct.

CH:    Yes, we did not give his name.  We are with you now.  And would you pull it together for us now?

Q:      Okay.  If you could elaborate or shed some light on the current United States’ administration appointment of Bolton to the United Nations?

CH:    There is an attempt by the U.S. administration to create a underlying control within that situation in such a way that it is a more subtle power.  A heaviness of energy is what we are given of this being.  What you must know, however, is that there are several beings within the U.N. who have motivations and awarenesses that, if your world is not brought to a oneness, there will not be one world any more.


         And so there is beginning to be among persons the beginnings of a movement toward that.  Do you see?  Have we answered you fully?

Q:      I feel like our current administration is fighting that tooth and nail.

CH:    Of course they are because they want to be in control of the entire world.  It is a megalomaniac situation.  But the megalomaniac has many puppet strings and many controllers.  You see, it is like a cancer.

Q:      Thank you.

CH:    You are welcome.  You wanted more, and when you think of the specific, we will be happy to share it if we are still present and if not, you may ask the vehicle and perhaps she may bring it forth for you.

Q:      Thank you.


How emotions affect DNA and physical manifestations of thought forms

Q:      In March, you also discussed how emotions affected communication of the DNA.  Everybody up!  It’s like “just let go of the emotion; just let the pain run through; you don’t need to do pain and suffering”.  [...] track emotional patterning that interferes with stepping into your own mastery.  Is it really as simple as a perceptional change that can literally neutralize the effect of the emotional pattern or do you need to ...  with a perception effectively neutralizing the pattern as you run it, the emotion as you run it...

CH:    On your self or another being?  We are uncertain of what you are asking.

Q:      I’m talking about our selves.  Okay, so if I’m talking about my self in relationships or lower back pain or whatever.  Obviously, there is an emotional pattern that I’m running that is bringing about the physical manifestation of the pattern.

CH:    Yes.

Q:      Is it a perceptional change that totally releases me of that emotion or does that perception neutralize the emotion and I need to replace it with ...

CH:    In your situation, personally speaking, it is a thought form, a belief system, that is creating this for you.  It is creating a drain out your root because there are safety issues, safety issues, with that which you are truly asking us that have to do with responsibility and taking care of the world and everyone else in between.


         And therefore you are creating pain for your self because it is as if you are carrying everyone.  You see?

Q:      Um-huh.

CH:    And at the same time you are losing energy out your root.  And so it is then to clarify that, remember that it truly isn’t about you, that each will make and choose their own journey.  And that while you are an observer and can assist with that journey, you do not have to have an attachment or a responsibility to it.

Q:      So it’s perceptions that release you of your attachments which affect your thought form and how you perceive the thought form through belief patterning?

CH:    It is all perception.

Q:      Okay.  Thank you.  That was my original question.

CH:    We wanted you to talk it through.  [laughter]


What will be my role in the upcoming upheaval with the churches and religion?

Q:      In this upcoming upheaval, so to speak, with the churches or the changes with the churches and religion, will I as an individual play a role in this change?  Will it be a major or a minor role?

CH:    One moment.  What we are given is that you will be an instigator that will create a snowballing effect.  So in one sense it is a major role.  In another sense it is a minor role.  Do you understand?

Q:      I do.

CH:    When one acts as an instigator, it can roll in one of many directions.  The choices are made on down the line.  You see?  But much of the world is ready for those changes.  And much of the world is simply looking for security around those changes.  Everyone needs to fit somehow.  And what they must understand is that they will fit anyhow.  [laughter]


         We will be departing shortly.  Are there any last moment questions that you wish to address with us?


How we use the Master with us

Q:      I was excited to hear that we each have a Master with us.  And while we may have already, it’s good for those of us who still get insecure to know it.  Do you have any suggestions for us the best use of that resource?

CH:    Did we tell you to breathe?

Q:      Yes.

CH:    And give your selves clarity?  Ask them what it is that they have come to assist you with?  Or if you specifically know what you need assistance with, ask for it!  You may do this out loud or you may do this telepathically, because they can certainly hear you.  And from there, we will not give you your experience.  We will just ask you to create it if you wish.  It is available to you.

Q:      Thank you.

CH:    You are most welcome.  Because you are wanting us to tell you how to do it all.  And it is not ours to do.  [laughter]

Q:      I’m Yellow – I had to ask!

CH:    Yes. We knew one of you, or at least two of you, would ask this question.

Q:      Well, it was given to us to ask.  Thank you.

CH:    It wasn’t given to you – you made it up!  [laughter]  Do you see the difference?  There was a point made there.


         In such a way, then, we are most grateful to be of service to you.  And at this time in the interests of time and that of your experience of your day, it is that we must depart for now.  We will remain present throughout the weekend and assist in every way that we are called upon to do.  And therefore in such a way we remind you that each of you is whole and perfect just as you are.  That which you need is already given.  You must simply state that you need it because you get what you ask for.  But you must remember to say so.


In such a way, then, from within your perfection walk in peace.  Remember that you are blessed just as greatly as everyone else.  And all things are you and you are all things.  Be in peace, Dear Ones.

Q:      Thank you’s and Namaste from group.

CH:    Namaste.


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©Spirit Light Resources, Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn 2005. This information is intended for the highest and best good of all beings, and may be freely shared for personal use if maintained intact. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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