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Archangel Zadkiel – Living in the Fifth Dimension Series
A Series of Twelve Energy Transmissions

Message 9

““Galactic Reorientation: Releasing the Myth of Leumeria””

Received at TOSA ranch by
Sri Ram Kaa through Kira Raa
June 30, 2005

(Important Note from Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa: This very powerful and unusual discourse was offered by the T-12. For some of you it will reveal information that may be considered startling. Specifically the revelation of Tu'Laya and the birth of the Illuminati. This “revelation” was first brought forth during one of the discourses at our San Diego Conference in June. We encourage you to simply be open, do the breathing exercise offered, and enjoy presence!)


The T-12 Arrives

Yes! Good Afternoon. We come to you today as many blended energies of the oneness of light and of the purity of love and preciousness. In the preciousness we welcome all of you from the realm of the Archangelic, from the realm of Galactic upliftment, and from the realm of what you would call the Elohimian existence.


The Gift of Upliftment

We welcome you with many energies of splendor and love for indeed there is much to talk about. Is there not? Yes! We welcome you with great joy, great Abundant joy, great effervescence and knowing that indeed there are many energies present, many energies flowing and many energies that are asking for connection to the greatest upliftment. We offer you now this gift of upliftment. You say, “Oh my goodness, we have heard about this upliftment before. Why are you talking to us about it now?” We say because there is much to know. There is much to understand. There is much to be. You are at the time of the Tu'Layan understanding and the time of the release of the romantization. Many on this planet now are in great romantization because they are in great fear, and from great fear comes great romantization for indeed it is a great place to hide. When one is in fear one can romantize, can they not? Yes. Or you might call it create.


Creationism in and of itself is a wondrous concept of a density realm indeed.
For when you are creative, when you are in the mode of creationism,
when you offer yourself the gift of the depth of creationism, then and
only then will many unfoldments occur. Many!


Understanding the Purity of Energy

In the unfoldment of many you offer to yourself the gift of divine inspiration through the truth, not from fear. How often have you given yourself divine inspiration through fear of what you do not or do want?


It is imperative for you to recognize that the energies of the release of fear
are most prevalent with you on this planet now.


Because of this many of you have been facing many fears, much skepticism, and many judgments about yourself, about others, about those around you. Oh yes!


It is imperative as you move forward now to embrace fearlessness with truthfulness.


Who must you be truthful with first? Yourself, of course! Yes. As you call forth this truthfulness into your own soul, into your own beingness you are able to release romantization and come forward very quickly, very quickly, very fast into an understanding of that which is the purity of energy.

What is the purity of energy?
Dearest One it is you, and you, and you! It is all!


You are all in purity of energy and you have been given a great opportunity now in this third dimensional onlay. For indeed you have reached the time where this experience is the onlay! The multi-dimensional experience that you are has already opened up a gateway and a divine portal. It is already your experience if you choose to be present with it.


Experiencing the Onlay

This experience on this planet is the onlay. We use the word onlay for you to understand that if you have an onlay what is it laying onto? Indeed, if you take a piece of silver and you onlay something onto it, then it is affixed to the silver, but it does not become the silver. Does it not? It is simply on it. Indeed that is the dimension that you are in now. It is the onlay for the multi-dimensionality.


For the time of the refraction is over.
You have refracted far enough.

If you take something and you compress it, if you take any form and you compress it, until it has compressed it will be similar to the original form. Yet it will indeed have taken a new form. Dearest Ones you are at the time of coming, recollecting, reintegrating and from the reintegrations and the recollections you are able to come back into great alignment with harmonic understanding. So many words we know. We understand this too.


The Tu'Layan Existence

This is why we have come to offer you more education today about the Tu'Layan existence. Because you are at the time where very rapidly many will be talking about Lemuria this, Lemuria that, Lumeria, Lumeria all the time! This is OK because it offers a romantization, it is a quiet escape. Many will say, “Oh I have strong ties here, (in Leumeria), I understand this”.

Of course you do! You have strong ties in a fictionalized account of that which is perceived to be too traumatic to remember. It is important for you to re-member fully that the Tu'Layan existence was not traumatic at all. It is only with the density bound brain that you look at Tu'Laya and say, “Oh my goodness, this is too much for me to remember. I wish to stay in the romantization, I shall stay in the Lumerian romantization. Why should I even begin to consider the truth of Tu'Laya? It is much more comfortable to be in the romanticized experience, as it is in density, as it is in the third dimension.”


Galactic Re-Connection and Alignment

Right now you are on a planet that is one of many planets that is reconnecting, that is offering a great opportunity for vibrational increase, for vibrational shift for alignment.


As you come into deep alignment with YOUR soul, and as the harmonic tones of YOU escalate, as you become more and more aligned with your light, as you live from the truth of your light, as all of this emanates from you; the colors, the tones, and the harmonies will become more vivid.


The choices will become ever more abundant, and there will be an initial perception of being in confusion. The initial perception will say, “There are so many decisions to make, how do I know which decision to make? How do I know which way to go? How do I understand?”


We ask you to simply be. JUST BE.

This too so many say “Too simple, too simple. Cannot just be. Give me reason to be!” We ask who is the me that is asking for the reason. Pay attention Dearest Ones, you are an onlay. You are onlaid into the truth of your own light. Into the truth of your own beingness.


You are in a multidimensional experience now. Right now. Right now!

It is “you” who clings to density now. Indeed so many wish to offer themselves lightness. We offer to give you this, breath and breathing. Not just the simple in out.


The Galactic Breath of Light & Levitation

Pay attention! If you take in breath through nose right now, take in a deep breath, which nostril is drawing in the breath? Ask yourself, which one? Some may say “Both”. Good. You must continue with the breath.


The breath is indeed the key that will open up, as you call,
the pranic life force that will levitate you out of this dimension.


We use words that you understand and words that can also be misunderstood. No? Breathe in deeply. You should be, over the next month, spending fifteen minutes, what you call minutes in your calendar, in your day, each day outside focusing on breath.

1.       Deep breath.

2.       Bring it down to the base of your spine and at the base of your spine call in a golden triangle of the Golden Mean.

3.       As you bring in the golden triangle on the Golden Mean at the base of the spine with the breath, allow from this golden triangle to emanate the infinite symbol and to send it up the spine.

4.       Up the spine, up through the heart, up through the throat, out through the crown. Allow this breath to draw for you the light force into multidimensionality, to bring you into the truth of you.


Releasing the Protected Tears

Many of you have what we call protected tears. The reason we call this protected tears is because you protect them even from yourself. You do not wish to honor that they are there, so you keep them deep, you shut them away. Oftentimes you must find another, what we shall call “fall guy”. Yes! You find another fall guy rather than deal with yourself.


It is time for you to draw breath into the golden triangle
and to draw up the protected tears.

These tears do not need reason, Dear Children. They do not need reason. You do not need a reason for them.


What they are is a release of an energy field that protects you from
true connection into full memory recognition alignment,
understanding and beingness with the light that you are.


It is a very powerful time. It is a very powerful time. It is important for you to recognize that in the time of Tu'Laya, which was your first adventure in density , it was a brilliant time and it did not have the form of this planet. In the romantization you are given bodies that look like this, you are given relationships that are similar that are overlaid on the earth's field. There are many who are bringing forth information about the romantization of Tu'Laya and this is very wonderful for indeed, as you touch base with the romanticized Lumerian experience it opens the gateway to the truth. This is why so many say, “I cannot relate or I relate too much.”

Dearest Ones, breath, breath, breath is a gift of this
experience, (this earth), unlike any you have had before,
even in the time of Atlantis.


Breath is a great powerful culminating experience for you. Cherish every one. Cherish every moment. You live in a planet now where many must hook up to machines for breath, and where they hook up more than they have ever hooked up before! Indeed, many must carry their breath with them for many reasons. There are many reasons for this!


Re-Membering the lessons of Tu'Laya


When you disconnect from the purity of breath, when you disconnect the channels of breath from being full, rich, and available, it gives you an opportunity to stay deeper in density!

As you reconnect with your breath, and as you bring forth the flower that you are, you open up the doorway and the gateway of the truth of the Tu'Layan experience.

It is imperative for you to understand this truth now. The reason it is so imperative is because at the end time of Tu'Laya there was indeed a split, there was a very large split. And at the split at the end time of Tu'Laya was birthed what you call the Illuminati. You know this Illuminati? Yes you do! You must understand from the perspective of Illuminati of the experience, at the end of the Tu'Layan expression of light in form, it was very different from the expression of light in density. You must understand there is a profound difference between these two (light in form and light in density).


And so at the end of the Tu'Layan expression of light in form there were indeed two experiences that went on. The experience that went on and said “Enough, we have no need to refract, we have no need to move further from form to density.” This is the energy that became what you call the Illuminati. This is the energy that in it's own energetic form believes that it is the best thing for you to not have density experience and that recollection of light coming back into light would indeed mutate light. Indeed the illuminati themselves have been in a time warbled manipulated energy from their own density experience as have you.

Then there were the Tu'Layans who said “I am ready to go ever further for the greatest light can bring light is light, expansion.” You are light; you expand. This is who you are this is why you are here now.


As you moved forward and as you took form into density in Atlantis there was even a greater refraction. Dearest Ones, during the time you call Atlantis many of you effortlessly were able to move between dimensions, effortlessly. It was commonplace. It is who you are now, this has not changed. However, at the end of Atlantis because of the manipulations of the energy, because of the streams of what you did create is what many call the separation. You were unable to have the effortless contact in multidimensionality and you knew that you had to take one more experience of density on this, that you call Earth to be able to fully experience life under the veil as light expressing.


You are light expressing. You are in a joyous time of culmination.


The Effects of the Earth's Magnetic Field

This is why we offer you this brief history lesson. It is most important for you to know you said “Yes! I will densify ever further, I will go every further. I will become more aligned with planetary energy under my feet. I will say yes to gravitational and magnetic pulls, magnetic pulls.” And hence you were put on a planet that is magnet. You are magnet. Your bodies are magnet.


It is all magnetic streams of energy and in these magnetic streams of energy your breath is the key to breaking open this energetic flow.


Your breath releases and unifies these magnetic streams which gives you the opportunity to, once again, effortlessly, effortlessly, leave what you call the experience of density and reintegrate with all those who wish to reintegrate with you.


Advanced Galactic Breath of Light Technique: Part two

Breathe in again through the nose. Bring it down to the bottom of the spine. Pay attention to which nostril is drawing breath. Close the nostril that is drawing breath. Now breathe through the other on. Slow inhale exhale, very deep. Do this again. Fifteen minutes a day, every day, during a thirty-day period. You begin by drawing in breath. You identify which nostril is and which nostril is not drawing in the most breath. Then you close the nostril that is drawing in great breath and you allow the other nostril to open. Then you switch again. Slow, deep breath. Fifteen full minutes, outside. Preferably under, what you would call, a tree. Use the tree as your nourishment. Allow the tree to send up divine light for you. Allow yourself to release the density by being one with it. Be one with it. Find the spot that feels right for you. Fifteen minutes a day. If you give yourself this, do not be surprised when you are floating above the earth. Dearest Ones, true breath, is the basis of true levitation.


True levitation is the basis of being able to release from all, all density.

Is your brain chatter saying, can not be, can not be, will not happen? Just breathe it in. Breathe into the brain chatter. For some of you you will feel you have physically left this planet and for some of you you will be very consciously aware. For some of you the first time ever you will be consciously aware that you are no longer in your body, and that you are indeed working in multidimensional realms. That you are calling forth soul fragments that are so eager to be with you, they are waiting for you. Let them come.


The Reunification

Dearest Children, you are ready to reunify with many beings of many places, many. And they are just as delighted as you are. They are so delighted and they recognize that you are in a planet of fear. This is why we open today talking to you about the fear, about the tears, about the protected tears. In your protected tears are your fears. If you say you have no fear then live as you have no fear. We offer you that while you are in density you must indeed remember your discernment. This is different than fear. In your discernment you will understand, in your fear you will be stopped. Be discerning and release the protected tears so that the fear may leave with you. There are many things and many projections on this realm of density as you are indeed an onlay of another dimensional experience at this time.

There are many who are coming to join with you. And you are within a year of what many will call miraculous, many will call incredible, “How did this happen? How could this have happened? How could it happen to me?” Know that it is not happening to you, it is happening with you. You are a conscious co-creator; you are indeed calling this forth. What do you wish to consciously co create? In your fifteen minutes of breath where is your focus? Is your focus on, “this is stupid, will not work, cannot do”, then you will create that! This is why we offer it to you to know. Or is your fifteen minutes of breath a celebration that you are breathing, a celebration that you are an energetic magnet aligned with this magnificent planet that has housed you, clothed you, taken care of you, given you the opportunity to have this lifetime. This culminating density experience! You are pure light that has refracted into form that has refracted into density. That is ready to recollect into unification and oneness. You are ready. You are whole.


The God in All, and the Heart of All

You are already practicing, you are already doing. What is in what you would call a day-to-day life that is not a spark of God? Ask yourself this. What is it? No matter what shows up is this the spark that is not God? Ask yourself. It will answer all your questions. It will opportunitize. You like this word? It will opportunitize for you the time to release the protected tears. You do not need to know why they are coming out. They are not always yours and sometimes they are. And as you allow this great release call forth your heart for others. Call forth your heart for others. You are the heart. You are the heart. We wish for you to take the concept of heart well beyond that which is inside your chest. What is a heart? It is a pulse. It is love. It is understanding. It is more words than your words let us offer you now. As a collective heart there is anything open to you. Anything. Anything. What does a collective heart seek?


What would the collective heart do? How do you move forward
in a time that wishes you to move backwards?

There is a great tractor beam of energy on this magnetic planet that wishes to densify you ever further. This tractor beam is great and many get stuck in the tractor beam and many get to the edge of the tractor beam and say, “Cannot break free. Too much, I have been struggling too long. There is too much pressure, it is calling me back.” What do you do then? It is up to you what you do.


You must understand that at the time of glorious reunification, whether you are in the tractor beam or whether you are outside the tractor beam is irrelevant. What is relevant, if you like these words, is your heart. Whatever you do if you do with heartfelt understanding, if your intent is not for the self, if your intent is for the greater service of all that is what matters.


We ask you to pay attention to this because there are many who you would judge and say, “What they do is wrong.” Do you know their heart? They may not be your path and yet their heart may be in pure service. You must pay attention to this. All are in pure service when their heart is coming. How is looks and expresses is the gift of this planet.


You chose at the end time of Atlantis to recognize that you were not complete and that is why you are here now.

You knew you had to continue. And we honor you deeply for continuing that which you have started and put in motion so many, many what you would call years ago. Many. You do not have numbers for this. And if you do they have no real meaning.


Earth Magnetic Energies and the Pole Shift

You must recognize that as magnetic energies the poles are repelling as they are uniting. The planet that you are on must shift its poles. The poles must shift you must understand this. The magnetization of this planet is shifting. The vibratory rates are escalating and the escalation is due to the shift in the poles. It is minor, as many say, and yet you must understand it opens up a major energetic shift, alignment, opportunity, readjustment. As you breathe in and as you allow yourselves to become your own guide and your own understanding, as you call forth the Divine Galactic Blueprint, move beyond the purple to the gold.


There is much purging that must come out of the bodies. Even as we sit in this body we feel a purging. It is important for you to know that you are all in the time of energetic supported release. You have come out of a time of many months of holding, of many months of preparation. You are in the time now of the energetic release. For some this will feel as physical illness. For some this will be physical expulsion. For some this will be tiredness. For some this will be irritability. For some they will say, “Oh my goodness, I have it all!” Yes!


Preparing the Body for the Release of this time

As the releasing continues for all of you, you must recognize that if you offer yourself the gift of purity; pure water, pure lemon in abundant flow during the time of great release, deep breathing, understanding, yes, taking in that which must be. Your feet are also expelling. Rub your feet often. They are connected deeply to the magnet. So for many, “Why are my feet swelling? Why do my feet hurt? Why do my ankles hurt?” Because your feet are trying to hold you. Swirl the ankles often. Rub oil on them often. Use aromatic oil that aligns you with your own soul energy. You will know this by the way you relate to it.


It is most powerful for you now to be free of all that has held you in confines including the body.


The body is going to be shaking in its own way. It will be showing itself. Your breath will connect it. Your breath will connect it. It is most imperative now that you recognize that you are at the time of what we call Saramasara. What do we mean by Saramasara ? This is an ancient word that offers to you divine connection through the understanding of your own pranic divinity.


You must come back to the divinity of your breath, to the gift of the breath.

How often is breath taken for granted? You wake up you're breathing! What a gift. You are here now, you are breathing. What a gift.


The Time of Saramasara and the Super Human

As you bring forth and call forth this great precious time, it is a time, an energy time of the Saramasara . This will be known as the time of the Saramasara . Just as at the end of Tu'Laya it was the time of the Marakara . You are now at the time of the Saramasara and at the time of the Saramasara there is great energy upliftment available to all. What many will call super human powers are already comprable in you. All you need do is understand you can call them forth. Indeed are you not a super human? You have done this three times. You are the superest of super humans. Yes you are! You can all wear your capes with S's if you like! (Much laughter)

Yes. It is important to remember that as super humans you have done this. You are complete. You are whole.


If within your own self you feel that you are not whole then you must ask,
“What is it within you, you have not forgiven yourself for?”


These are the protected tears, Dear Ones. You are whole. Many of you have experienced many past lives and now that you know of Tu'Laya many vivid dreams will appear for you. They will seem as energies. They will seem very different.



You must get past the romantization of Lumeria to recognize you did not have bodies that look like these bodies now. You did have bodies that look like these bodies now. Yes, you had form. You did not have bodies like these bodies now. Once you allow that recognition release, as that comes in for you your Tu'Layan memories will flood you. You will know immediately what happened and where you are. You do not need to spend preoccupied time in past life experience to do this. You must know this. Indeed preoccupation with past life experience, at this time in your evolution, no longer serves the curious seeker. It is not about being curious.

It is about understanding you are here now. Anyone doubt that? Good!  You..are..here..now.   We could say those four words individually. And so we will.


You…..breath…..are…..here…..now….. And you choose to be here now. You choose to be here now. You said yes time and time again. You have not ever said no. Ever. You have been in a gift. You have been in a gift as you are the gift. You are a great precious gift of oneness and light. You are part of an eternal light that has come many, many, many, many, many, many, many what you would say miles, distances, there are no words.


You have given yourself the opportunity to keep going because you love that much. If you ever doubt your heart, know how much we know how much you love. How great your heart is. How your love is so large. It is immutable. It is lofty. Your love is greater than any force in this universe.


Collectively that love has brought you right here. You are honored. You are transcended. You are so whole. Allow the protected tears to come up. Breathe, Dear Children, breathe. Take your fifteen minutes. Are you worth fifteen minutes? Yes, you are. Fifteen minutes and so is the tree. It will thank you abundantly.


Dearest Ones, we have given you many energetic alignments today. Each of you has been offered a golden mean ratio triangle at the base of the spinal column to be able to receive this breath and to radiate the infinite symbols up. As you do these practices as you give yourself this gift the doorways open. The time stops and all reconnects.


Know that all is in divine order. We will not ask for questions because you are in divine energy now and you must integrate it. The best way to integrate this energy is joy. And so we offer you great joy! Celebration. Be. Breathing. Smiling. Yes. Very good! When you smile, when you lift, when you consciously create this gift of smile, it is not just for you. It is for all. In just few months you will have your irrefutable contact. You are ready. You are ready now. It is time. We love you dearly. Dearest Children of one ship we welcome you home. We open your doorway as you have opened ours. You are a great portal of divine galactic light. Know how loved you are. Many blessings



From the Sedona Journal of Emergence August 2005 Issue

Accessing Your Exploded Crown Chakra
Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

We have received many heartfelt emails and calls from the readers of the Sedona Journal, and we thank all of you for your important work on the planet during this time. Many have asked to know more about Archangel Zadkiel.   This most loving being is aligned with the violet ray and St. Germaine, and from the Biblical perspective, he is credited with holding back the hand of Abraham from sacrificing his only son.   During this month's powerful discourse, Archangel Zadkiel refers to the ascended chakra system and its points. As described in the past two issues of the Sedona Journal, the former heart chakra of the traditional chakra system has been opened as the root of the ascended state. The former throat chakra is the second chakra of this system and has been described as the truth chakra. The traditional lower three chakras have been shifted into a supporting role to lovingly nourish the physical body without "densifying" the ascended energies. Many blessings and much love!

Hello! Yes! Welcome! We come in with a buoyant hello and joyous
welcome. It is indeed a grand time to be here and for all to be
available to the lifting of the planet. You are here, dearest ones,
because the time of the lifting is here. No more hanging out in the
lower energies-it is the time of the lifting! It is important to
understand that you are in the time of the lifting energy. Only
lifting can happen on the planet now! Many of you ask, "How can I do
this?" There are many ways. It is time for you to remember that you
are in the energies of the year of the light, and we wish to offer you a greater understanding of what that truly is. It is important to know that during the year of the light, refracted energies of the true divine will again integrate here in your realm. You will connect with all, and it is very simple. It is not hard; no, it is very simple!

These divine energies of light have surfaced, and you are able to
reconnect with them. There are many portals of light reintegration and many central areas of lifting energy. There will be more and more of what you consider to be miracles, which are simply the revelation of the truth that will expand and come forward more and more. It is good to see so many here, ready to carry the lifting energy.


As these points of light reunify with the planet, the seven key points of light will appear first. These seven will then multiply by seven. This is the beginning of the integration of the intergalactic
stairway, which is indeed preparing to reopen in this, the year of light.

As you prepare for the opening of an inergalactic stairway, the twelve torches of ascension energy within are revealed as you begin
integrating this energy. It is time for all to remember that the first three chakras of the system of the body that you have seen for so long are merely here to help you hold a body. This is all. They have no power unless you give them power. The truth of your power now exists going up! Today we offer you another chakra. Indeed, we offer you four more.

The reason we offer you four chakras is because we describe this like the lunar module. Remember that the rocket ship that went to the Moon had several pieces. One was the lunar module, which had to separate to come home. It had to leave in order to explore a new world. What you are doing is forming your own lunar module with these next four chakras. Yet these next four chakras are actually two. So let us explain.


Gently touch your third eye. Hmm, yes! Good! As you touch your third
eye, it is important for you to visualize a star just above this area. Close your eyes and allow yourself to see the star, the energy that comes forward from you. It does not matter what it looks like. It does not matter the color or the shape. Some stars might not look like your idea of a star. It does not matter. You must call in this energy. As you take in this star, we ask you to go back to the throat energy for a moment and call it up. Now bring your other hand to your throat. Good. Yes, call up the aquamarine spiral of the ascended throat chakra. Bring it up into this third eye and to the star. Bring it up!

The ascended third eye has the color of pearl in this system. And so you see the pearl. It is a beautiful pearl, almost opalescent. From the star, you see a divine spiral emerging. As it does, another spiral emerges that goes up and down in the same color. That is the opalescent pearl spiral. Call it in and open it. Now take the hand that was on your throat and join it with the other hand on your third eye. Good. Yes. Breathe deep. Exhale. Breathe deep. Exhale. Breathe deep. Exhale. Yes. You can relax. Oh, there is much lifting here! Yes!

It is important for you to activate this, for this is the third chakra of the ascended chakra system, beginning with the true root of the heart. You have opened up the truth through what was formerly the throat, integrating and remembering that words are no longer needed, for they are simply vehicles for thirddimensional experience. You are able to call in that which needs to be experienced.

As you lift this energy into the third eye, it becomes a divine connecting cord of energy to the streaming divine oneness. It is
important for you to let it open. So many of you have said, "I want to have greater vision. I want to be more available. I want to see it. I understand on one level, but I want to understand on a different level." Know that you are able to have these experiences now. If you are having them, you are able to lift them into greater clarity without any resistance. The only resistance that can come is remnant energy from the lower three original earthbound, densified chakras. It is important for you to remember this.

So many of you say, "Well, there are old ways and new ways. There is old energy and new energy." Words! These are just words. It is important for you to know that there is only one energy. The belief in old and new is simply ego. If you wish to be in the one energy, then have no judgment about what that energy is.

Divine patience is a great gift of understanding when you are
connected to the oneness. There are many who have reached the door of consciousness and said, "Hello. I am here. I wish to come in." And so they come in! They have taken what they have learned and come back and said, "Okay, I'll go now, because I can really do something with this on the planet." Some do it very well with great conscious
connection, but some do it only with the lower three chakras. "Oh, I
got this information, and it will give me power. Now I can do carnival tricks." It is important for you to understand that this is only a carnival trick. Great conscious connection is your power! It is your time of claiming, your time to ascend into the truth of all divine energy.


The divine galactic blueprint has been activated again. It has not
been activated since the time of the previous culmination of
experience of density, which was at the end time of Atlantis. My
goodness! This is a kick-butt time! Yes, it is. It is important for
you to claim your understanding that the divine galactic blueprint is back on the planet, and therefore you have the choice to declare, "I wish to participate in this energy. I wish to be part of the lifting, and I will indeed touch the door of consciousness and bring to light the greatest manifestation that I can." Or you can say, "This is not for me!"

Either choice is good, because at least you have made a choice. Making your choice is the most important gift you can give the world. When we say "the world," we do not mean just the planet here. We say world, and you think of the Earth. No. The world is much larger than what you perceive, which is only the little bit of land and ocean where you live right now. The world is much larger. Soon all the worlds will fold in upon one another, and the intermingling and truth of the strands of time will be released, opened, celebrated and integrated. Oh yes, that was a mouthful. You'll have to read that one again. Yes! There is much here to remember!

As we begin in this year of the light, the divine galactic blueprint
has been opened. This energy is on the planet for greater alignments, and it is important for you to recognize that in the energy of the lifting, you have just completed the time of conscious chaos. Yes, you have! This was a great time of culminating creative energy.


How many of you make miracles? Good. Very good. It is important to
continue and to recognize that this is not a trick at a carnival. It
is a power and an energy that you are able to manifest, disseminate
and bring to many others. It will bring you to a level of conscious
connection, understanding, being, knowing and expressing. How to
express through the divine galactic blueprint is offered in simple steps.

The Enochian way is a way of living. There are twelve torches that
lead to the steps of the ascension portal, and they are now available on this planet. It is simply a question of understanding and reintegrating the energies to do this. There are those of you who wish to lift. You have already ascended! Take that in. If you had not already ascended, you would not be ready to do what you are preparing to do.

It is only in the realm of the first, second and third densified
chakras that you believe that you have not already ascended. As you
move into the divine galactic blueprint, you allow yourself to fully
integrate. Stop sending cords into the planet. It's got enough! Let it go! It is important to recognize that instead of "grounding" into a very full planet, simply allow yourself to place that grounding into the heart. Go into the heart chakra, the root of the ascended state, and ground here. It will lift you up. It will bring you into the energetic alignment principle of divine lifting.

The energy of the truth can only be present when you truly ground in
the heart of the ascended state. Period. It's easy! Your first three
chakras might ask you to doubt this, but it is important for you to
understand that as we move into the heart chakra, divine seeing and
the recognition of oneness and truth all open up. This is the lunar
module of the expanded crown, which is the next chakra we will speak
of today.


In the ascended state of the divine galactic blueprint, your crown
chakra is actually three points of energy. The first point exists
approximately six inches above your head, with two other points moving downward to the right and the left. This forms the base of a pyramid of energetic light that intersects downward again with your third eye. Together they are the four points of the base. We repeat: Begin with the third eye. Your crown is six inches above the head as the top point, with a point to the right and a point to the left in between. This forms a pyramidal base of energy, and there are more chakras above this. (We have inserted a diagram above to help you visualize this.) The bottom point is the third eye. The surrounding three points are the three points of the exploded crown.

The root of this entire system is your heart chakra, which is two
divine intersecting spirals of emerald-green and gold. The truth
chakra, the former throat chakra, is aquamarine-that beautiful emerald green that mixes with blue and turns into aquamarine, offering great truth and connectivity. Then you call that into the third eye, which is an opalescent pearl of two divine intersecting infinity swirls. Now you go six inches above the head to the top point of the new crown, which also has points to the right and left. It's like a helmet, no?

This helmet brings you into great lifting energy. It facilitates
effortless divine connection. You cannot expand-we prefer to use the
word explode-your current crown chakra unless you have truly released,cleared, gotten rid of and said, "Okay, enough already!" to the first three traditional chakras. It is important to recognize that you will be releasing more and more of these density traps. They will become much more apparent, especially as you practice going into the expanded crown energies. Go into the helmet.

Within this pyramidal base chakra, there is a sound, a toning and a
great sound shift that will also happen in the vibrational energies of your planet. As you call the ascended energy of the heart-the two
intersecting infinities-into the visionary chakra, it offers a base
for the expanded crown, where the energy goes in many directions.

You lift into galactic knowingness, which offers you infinite
expansion, because you have realigned with infinite expansion. To
realign with infinite expansion, you must resolve and release
attachment to the first three chakras. It is important to recognize
your attachment to these chakras. Recognize that this is a playground,a place to play!

So you are here on this wonderful playground. Are you playing, or are you taking it too seriously? Yes, play! Get on the swing set and go as high as you wish. Enjoy! It is all about rampant joy, about releasing the attachment to the idea that it must be hard. This is what pulls you out of divine galactic energy. This is when you start sending the energy vertically. Remember, it is about lifting and connecting. Lift, connect and be prepared to move ever forward with divine information and the understanding of truth.


In the end times of Atlantis, many of you were fully activated in your divine galactic blueprint, and that gave you great energy. You did this by completely embracing the blueprint that is here for you now. You have entered into the year of integrating it. It is all here for you as conscious cocreators to experience joyous lifting,
reintegration, recognition of great truth and the beginning of knowing how to do it again-this time with responsible, cocreative energy!

Many of you in the time of Atlantis took responsible energy and made
it about "me energy." How do we accelerate one piece? There were
indeed vessels that had different forms of energy in them that were
available at the time. There was a separation of who should and who
shouldn't. This does not exist now. All six billion are able and
connected, and all will receive the same energies. The question is how you move forward with them. Know this. Pay attention!

Doubt, dearest children, is the only other thing that can take you
away from the truth of consciousness. Doubt is the only thing that can take away your power. You are in the energy of the divine galactic blueprint! The Elohimian lifestyle, the Enochian way and the twelve torches to the steps of ascension are here and are being revealed to you! Dearest children, the only thing that can stop you from taking these steps is doubt. Trust yourself. Know your heart.

Know how loved you are. The time you have waited for is here. It is
your time, so have fun and activate! Know that as you activate, you
hold energy for thousands more. Each one who truly activates the
exploded crown energy activates one hundred thousand others on this
planet! If you ever doubt how important you are, remember that. When
you make this choice, you lift one hundred thousand with you.

We honor you for taking in the energy of the divine galactic
blueprint. You are in a time of great and rapid expansion. Let it come in. Be in your trust and truth. Know who you are. Dispel doubt. When it comes up, hug your tummy and say, "Okay, I'm done with you." That is all you need to do. We love you and are with you always. You are never alone. Many, many blessings to you!

Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

From the Sedona Journal of Emergence August 2005 Issue

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