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The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

May 15 2005

Greetings from Home.


We join you this day at your request, not to tell you which way to turn or
to tell you what you are doing right or wrong, but to hold the mirror in
front of you so that you may see who you truly are. Do you re-member who you
are? We do. We have come for the specific purpose of helping you see what
you came to do and to show you where you are on that journey. Now you are
asking, “How can I step forward into higher vibrations and how can I be on
purpose as an intentional creator?” Ahh, but it does not end there, for many
of you have found your purpose. Many of you have found your passion or at
least part of it. Keep in mind that it is not about moving into your
passion; it is moving in the direction of your passion, for moving from
destination consciousness and into journey consciousness is your natural
evolution and why we are here. In that way we can even say that all of life
is about learning to enjoy ! the ride.

It might interest you to know that you are all going to the same place. You
are coming Home again…but not before you create Home on Earth. That is why
you came here in the first place. We have been doing our best to give you
suggestions to let you see yourself from a different perspective so that you
can re-member pieces that you forgot. Today, we will take that a step
further. Practical magic is our passion. All the information that the Keeper
puts out, all the books, all the seminars, all the DVDs that he loves to
play with are simply ideas in the ethers. The ideas have no meaning
whatsoever until someone takes something and uses it in a practical
application to make their life a little better. That is practical magic.

A New Perspective on the Seven Stages of Life

This day we offer you one more piece of practical magic, yet what we offer
you today will go on beyond our message for you at this moment. It will
stretch over a period of three months. First let us share with you a vision
of yourself from the perspective of the spirit looking at the human. We have
given much of the information that the Keeper calls Spiritual Psychology,
but let us share with you the next step in that evolution. There are seven
stages of life. You go through each one incrementally, on purpose, to pick
up specific mastery opportunities. These stages are not defined by years,
but by your vibrational evolution.

Humans are evolving. You are no longer the lower vibrational people you used
to be only a short time ago. You are now reaching for higher truth to
support higher vibrations. As you evolve from one level to the next, you
start grasping new ideas; you start seeing yourself in a different way. We
wish to offer you a suggestion this day about how to see yourself over the
next three months. It is a game, but then all of life is a game, so we offer
you a new game and a new way to view the last three stages of your life. The
fifth, sixth and seventh stages of life can now be viewed in a new timeline.
As you evolve, there will not be any new stages added. Instead, you will
start over again in the same physicality. You will be re-birthed within the
same physiology; the connection to spirit will have a new ignition and you
will be able to move through another lifetime in the same physical body.

Enlightened Seeker to Enlightened Knower

The process of re-birthing and moving into the next level can begin today.
Let us share with you how you can look at the next three stages of your
lives. In the fifth stage of maturity, things start changing for you. You
stop looking for your truth outside of yourself and start accepting it
inside of yourself for the first time. Instead of being the seeker, you
become the “know-er”. The evolution of that fifth stage of life is the
opportunity for you to understand that you are God, that you are a creator,
and that you have a responsibility to All That Is to use those powers of
Yes, we know. It is difficult for you to comprehend that. We know that your
egos get in the way and you try to hold them off and it becomes difficult
for you to see who you are. We also know that there is a difficulty for you
in understanding the difference between when to create and when to allow. We
will offer you a very simple solution for the question, although it is all
semantics anyway, for even a state of being is actually a creation. Let us
offer you a simple suggestion. When to create and when to allow is answered
by a single question: are you happy where you are? If you are, then be. If
you are not, then dare to choose again and create a different reality. We
tell you simply that all change leads to something better. Yes, we know.
Humans do not like change. They resist it with great effort; however, all
change will lead you into evolution.

The Fifth Stage Question: What Is Really Important?

At a point in your evolution you begin to grasp truth on a soul level. It is
then that you start to direct your own change and to activate your own
changes and creations. What we offer now is an opportunity to put that into
practice. It is then that you become creators taking responsibility for your
own happiness and passion. It is then that you become of the highest use to
the Universe that you can be. That is where the magic lies. The fifth stage
of life becomes about finding that truth within yourselves. The question
asked of everyone in the fifth stage of life is: What is really important?

The seekers begin seeking in the third stage of life. Finding the truth
within and becoming an enlightened knower does not generally happen until
the fifth stage of life. Finding that connection point, that ability to
create, that opportunity for you to take responsibility for your own
creations and holding that little sense of peace is what is before you this
day. We ask you to consider setting your intentions to step into that stage
of life with us now, no matter where you are. The seven stages of life are
the general course each soul takes in a journey of evolution within each
lifetime. What we are suggesting now is to intentionally step through the
last three stages together with us over the next three months. This exercise
will offer advanced souls possibilities to experience intentional creation.

Starting Over Without Dying

We will offer some very simple suggestions, but before we do, let us take
you down the road, for you love walking backward in time. Let us share what
we will speak about for the next three months. Each stage of life has a
specific purpose for the evolution of the soul. It is not always done in the
order we have specified, nor are all the stages always completed in each
lifetime. They are simply the general life guideline your spirit has laid
out for your evolution within each lifetime. As we take you through the last
three stages of life, one every month, it may be helpful to know what will
happen after that journey. How is this going to evolve and where does it
end? It is very simple. It does not end; you simply start over at the
beginning. Stage one is the planning stage where most contracts are made
before the incarnation. Can you imagine what it would be like to plan your
next incarnation while stil! l remaining in physical form?

We are going to offer you opportunities to see how this can apply in your
daily lives now, no matter what stage of life you are in currently. As we
lead you through the applications of incorporating those pieces, it will
lead you to re-write your game—to start over and to re-birth and to blossom
with a new bloom. It will allow you opportunities to move through the
process of evolution and what you have been calling ascension. This day we
talk to you about the level of maturity, about reaching an opportunity where
you can find the essence of your being and what is really important.

Determining What Is Important

One of the suggestions we will offer you is to pretend that everything has
been taken from you. If your family is important, move it away for just a
moment. If your job is important and helps to define you, move it away for
just a moment. If your possessions are what you have clung to so
desperately, move them away for just a moment. What is left? That is the
question we ask you to bring yourself to during the next 30 days, for moving
through the fifth stage of life will open the door for all the remainder to
go forward and for you to step into your own evolutionary process this day.
So that it is not necessary to physically remove these items, we ask that
you energetically remove your attachment to all the things you have deemed
as important and release them with love. Then and only then can you really
determine what is really important from a soul level.

We love games. We have been watching yours with great intensity and playing
whenever possible. We love to enter your game when you invite us in. We are
doing so now, but it is your game. We are here as the mirror to keep you
from forgetting who you really are. We are here to pick you up off the
ground every once in a while and re-mind you of your magnificence. We are
here to blow the dust away so that you may see your own light and understand
the effect you have on others and your responsibility to create. That is the
role of the angels—to reflect the magnificence of humans. We ask you this
day to send yourself forward into the fifth stage of life, to bring yourself
forward and pretend that you are here in a situation in your life where
everything must be re-evaluated. Everything that you have must be looked at
for its true importance in your life.

When the Stuff You Own, Owns You

It was not long ago that the Keeper and the Keeper's Keeper moved. They had
been in one place for twenty-seven years. He called himself a collector and
she called him a packrat. He collected everything that meant something for
“someday he might use that item.” We tell you, there comes a time when your
stuff owns you, and we ask you to look at that now. We ask you to look not
only at possessions but also at relationships and all things that you
believe are important to you. When you release the need for all the things
outside of you, then you may enjoy even more than what you had in the first
place, for only then do you understand its true place in your life. That is
the process that opens the door, and it is usually defined in the fifth
stage of life.

That sets up the opportunity for you to move into the sixth stage of life,
where you may experience a true Lemurian existence. Each one of you goes
through it as you become childlike. We will speak of that next month, for it
is an important part of your process as human beings evolving back into the
soul and releasing the body. The evolutionary path is that you come in as a
spirit to jump into a body and go through all this time on Earth in a
process to lose that same body. In the fifth stage we are trying only to
help you remember what is really important and who you really are.

For Thirty Days…Evaluate Everything

During the next thirty days, with everything that you encounter, we ask you
to look at its true relevance to your spirit and find out what is really
important. It does not mean that you need to release it. It does not mean
that you need to give everything away. It does not mean you need to fill two
dumpsters like the Keeper did. What it means is that you are changing your
reality by shifting your own perception. Find out what is important to you
by releasing all attachment and you will begin to understand what is
important to your spirit as spoken through your higher self.

The connection to your higher self is much closer than you think. Many of
your own life decisions are not made by the lower conscious mind but are
made in conjunction with the higher self. The death process is not a
conscious decision in most instances. This and many other important
decisions are made from a junction of the higher and lower selves. When that
connection is in place, your own higher self relieves you of the need to
carry the body. The fifth stage of life is the first step in that direction.
That is usually the conclusion of life. Now, it is not about leaving. It is
returning to spirit. It is not about re-membering Home or going there. It is
about creating Home where you now are. It is about learning how to live,
learning how to be in your passion now. That is the expression of God that
you have the capacity for that no one else has.

Even we, the angels in heaven cannot do some of the most wondrous things
that can be accomplished only behind the veil. We cannot hug another person.
That is reserved for you. We cannot touch another life. We cannot ignite
another soul through looking into their eyes and helping them re-member by
way of a physical glance who they are. You can, and that is why you are
here—to work with yourself and ignite your own light and turn around and
look into the eyes of another person. To do that, we ask you to look at your
life and experience everything that comes into your life over the next
thirty days and see what is really important to you. The interesting part is
that it doesn't make any difference what you decide. It is not the outcome
of the decision that your soul is looking for. It is simply the experience
of reviewing. It is not the destination; it is the journey.

Merlin's Path

Step backward in time and shift your reality, for as you do, you become like
Merlin and walk backward in time. Your vision is faced toward your past. If
you are very present, your consciousness will see where you are, but you do
not see your future, so, in fact, you are always walking backward in time.
When we tell you to walk backward in time intentionally, it means turning
around and walking into your future. That is what you are doing now in the
next thirty days. More capabilities are available now than ever before on
the planet because of your collective rise in vibration, because of the
energy that you share. Set that into motion this day and watch the magic
unfold. Dare to look around you at everything that happens and everything
that enters your life—at every person you meet, at every thing that you
grasp that has had importance in your life—and simply evaluate its true
meaning and its true usefu! lness to your soul. We will walk you through
these last three stages of life very effectively and very quickly so that
you may begin a new planning session—the first stage of life. Purposely
write your script for what you have called the ascension.

Dear ones, you are there for each other. Reach out often. Hold your power.
Do not give it to us. Do not look to us for all your answers. Do not listen
to every word we speak. Take only the pieces that resonate with your heart,
for you are the ones who must hold the power. Discern what is right for you
and create magic. Pull it from everywhere you can find and watch as your
world begins to change for the better. If you find that this means nothing
more than you walking with peace of mind and a smile on your face, we ask
you to consider that perhaps this may be what you had in mind when you came
into this planet.

It is with the greatest of honor that we sit with you and offer reminders
from Home. We have waited for eons for the opportunity to do it. If we can
hold the mirror, if we can brush the dust away so you can get a glimpse of
yourself then we have done our job and are in our passion. We leave you with
these simple reminders: treat each other with the greatest of respect.
Nurture one another every opportunity you can, for you are actually
nurturing yourself. And re-member that it is a game; play well together.

Espavo. <http://www.lightworker.com/articles/espavo.shtml>

the Group

Connecting the Heart

By Barbara Rother

Steve and the Group have talked about the next three months being a renewal
process, a time of great beginnings as we re-evaluate what is important in
our lives. There is such a feeling of anticipation in the air. As if this
year so far hasn't been full of exciting, changing times, now, more
unexpected gifts are in front of us. Now is the time to let go of the past
and open up to the present and future, acknowledging what is important to us
in our lives. It is up to us to open-heartedly accept the new adventures. Of
course we can also choose to resist; the choice is ours. At times I feel
like life is moving too fast. I know that I can consciously intend to slow
down. Spirit does not gi! ve us any more than we can handle. When we feel
overwhelmed all we have to do is ask to slow down the pace. After all, we
create our reality. By taking a deep breath and balancing our lives we can
again take charge. Remember, taking charge does not mean being in control.
Control constricts the flow of life. Stand in your power while still
allowing life to beautifully unfold naturally. It is important to learn to
listen to the signs of spirit gently nudging us to take the next steps on
our paths.

Recently we returned from our magical event in Hawaii . As always, miracles
were created by those who attended. Our hosts, Melainah and Michael Yee,
held the space for this heaven on earth. We look forward to returning on
06/06/06 when the OverLight series will present "Practical Magic."

This was our third time to visit this special island of Hawaii . To bring
130 Lightworkers together for a week is indeed miraculous. For me this was a
life-changing experience. Our journey through the rain forests, waterfalls
and volcanoes, and listening to the ocean waves crash against the lava rocks
outside my room, added to this delightful time. We even had the opportunity
to attend a Hawaiian wedding of some dear friends, Margaret and Richard
James, performed by Michael and Melainah at sunset at the beach of the Place
of Refuge.

One of the most moving days was my contact with the dolphins. I found myself
swimming alone near the shore while everyone else headed out to deeper
waters. I was soon joined on all sides of me by a family of dolphins. I felt
lifted to another dimension of time and space. I was one with this pod. Soon
there were dolphins beneath me as well. I was totally surrounded. I found
out later from Michael, who was on the boat watching me, that there were a
dozen or more dolphins all around me. I felt I had been released from my
human reality and moved to join these angels of the sea. I was in such a
state of bliss and peacefulness. I am not usually a strong swimmer but I was
being moved gracefully through the water as the dolphins guided me. All at
once I was jolted out of my dream state and went into fear. It was as if
something or someone had said, “Come back.” The dolphins felt my hesitation
and respected that; they suddenly moved ! on without me. I felt a feeling of
remorse, sadness and anger at myself for feeling fear.

As I shared my experience with Kahu Fred Sterling, who was a guest speaker
at our event, he explained what had happened to me. I had experienced such
an overwhelming feeling of love that I could not handle it. The abundance of
love was too much for me. I know now that when I return to the dolphins next
year I will be totally able to welcome all of their unconditional love. They
gave me a gift that adds so much to my life. I will always remember the
state of peace I was in when I was with them. Whenever I feel myself being
stressed I will return to this state of tranquility they gave me. I also
will take this overwhelming love they gave me and spread it to all who
surround me.

The 050505 was indeed the magical time that we intended it to be. We also
energetically joined with several other groups around the world. All of us
from the seminar joined together at the beach to celebrate this grand day
and experience the Five Pools of the Lemurian Initiation. This information
was presented to us in a channel by Steve and the Group on 040404 at last
year's event in Hawaii . There were five tide pools that represented
restrictions of life that we asked people to let go of. We wanted everyone
to know that you cannot move onto your spiritual path if you hang on to any
of these fears. Fear is nothing but a lack of knowledge. The Five-Pool
Ceremony filled in that lack of knowledge and prepared people to move into
their power. Each pool had two guides to help people through the process of
stepping into the water with the intent of releasing their fears. This was
the first step of moving forward.

The first pool was the pool of releasing guilt and remorse. This is where we
had people release any feelings of guilt. If you can do something about a
situation, then do it. Otherwise, forgive yourself and move on. Guilt is a
useless emotion that holds an anchor to your heart.

The second pool was the lack of self-worth. So many of us have self-doubt.
When we remember how wonderful we are and have true self-love, then we can
spread that love and share it with others. It is wonderful when you can be
your own best friend and enjoy your own company, just you with you.

The third pool was the fear of failure. We all want to move ahead with our
life, but so often we do not even attempt to do so because we are afraid of
failing. Trust yourself and follow your heart. Like the Group says, you
could not fail if you tried. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons
that teach you to move forward.

The fourth pool was the fear of success. This is often confused with the
fear of failure, but it is vastly different. Success can change your life in
such a dramatic way. No longer are you comfortable with what you have
experienced in your past. Your world becomes totally changed and that
quietly scares some people.

The fifth pool is special to me because this is the one that Steve and I
facilitated. It is the fear of creation. Steve created a space for people to
release the seed fears that they held in their bodies over many lifetimes. I
then helped them to breathe in their power and move forward with their

We ended the day watching the most beautiful sunset over the ocean. As we
all left the beach that day we felt renewed. With this miracle we had
created we were all ready to walk forward to the new level of empowerment.
This is the practical magic we will carry on from this day forward.

Today I celebrate the power that resides within me. I recognize that this
power is ready to work on every issue and problem that may come my way. I
celebrate life and anticipate the joy.

Love and Light,


Barbara offers "Readings from the Heart"

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