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        Leah and the Arcturians  Happy New Year   (below)

The Arcturians on Space Travel
Received by Sal Rachele
March 14, 2005

Greetings in the Light of the Radiant One. We are delighted the channel has asked us to speak on space travel. This has been one of his favorite topics and he has discovered much of this on his own. However, we will gladly add our knowledge and wisdom into the mix.  This will be a bit scientific, but we promise not to make it too technical.

In order to understand the higher principles of space travel, one must realize that the quantum flux and holographic nature of the Universe is such that there is really no “here” and “there” at all. Everything just IS. And everything exists everywhere at once. We realize this is hard for your 3D minds to grasp, but stay with us.

Keeping the above explanation in mind, there are three main modes of space travel used by those who are and have interacted with your planet. We will call them as follows:

(1) Phase-shifting
(2) Zero-point fields
(3) Thought transference

The method used by the Zetas (greys) and other 3D and 4D races is phase-shifting. Phase-shifting makes use of the natural ley lines and grid lines of planetary bodies, as well as wormholes and warps in the space-time fabric. These wormholes and warps are called portals and stargates by many of your teachers. They are like holes in space that connect one system to another. Your scientists are beginning to explore the possibility that such travel is possible. Some of them have come upon information originally given to Earth from the grey races that have formed alliances with certain branches of your governments.

It is obvious that travel across great distances is not practical using conventional propulsion technologies such as those publicly utilized by your NASA and other agencies. However, if you use the channel’s favorite analogy of drawing two points on a piece of paper, point A and point B and then asking someone to point out a shorter path from point A to point B than a straight line, you accomplish this by folding the paper over onto itself. This is an example of the principle of phase-shifting.

One of the benefits of phase-shifting is that you create an electromagnetic field around the craft that attunes it to the particular ley line or vortex. This in turn creates a sling-shot effect, moving the craft through the ley line or vortex. While the ship is in this EM-enhanced state, it is invisible to most instruments and the human eye. When the ship pops out of the portal or stargate, it becomes visible until it re-enters the portal or stargate.

Closely related to phase-shifting is zero-point propulsion. This is not propulsion the way you normally think of it. This is the ability to create a null electromagnetic zone around the craft, or cause it to enter into a dimensional state whereby there are no electromagnetic polarities. This has the effect of transporting the craft directly into the etheric realms.

[Channel’s note: There is a scientific parallel regarding the idea of transcending the polarized, or dualistic realities and entering into Oneness. In the EM null zone, the positive and negative polarities are perfectly balanced and so there is no polarity acting on the null zone. This is the “doorway” into higher dimensions that the Arcturians are speaking about. Scientists are rediscovering that the “ether” or “aether” exists within this null zone. There are many good articles by zero-point researchers available on the Web.]

When the desired destination is reached, the ship re-polarizes itself and emerges back into 3D or 4D space.  There is, then a dimensional shift that occurs to allow the ship to transcend the limitations of 3D time and space. The zero-point field acts as the doorway between the dimensions. Within a zero-point field, energy becomes essentially infinite and matter and energy can be rearranged at will.

This brings us to the third and most advanced form of space travel – thought transference. To keep it simple, this involves the ability to think yourself to any location and time in the Universe. This is not done by using technology in the normal sense, but by learning to realize that everything has a unique energy signature, and if you match that signature, you enter into the domain of that signature. Another way to put this is that in the higher dimensions, there is no time or space. We are all One and we all exist at a point of singularity. Within a singularity, there is no place to go and no time in which to go there. You are simply there already. The only way to differentiate one “there” from another is through energy signatures. Earth and her people have a unique energy signature. If a soul capable of thought transference desires to go to Earth from a distant Galaxy, that soul simply tunes into the energy signature of Earth and “moves” or attunes his/her consciousness into that signature.

Once a soul evolves beyond ninth density, the concept of space travel itself becomes meaningless.   Not only is such a soul aware that he or she is One with Everything, the energy of that soul becomes spread across all of Creation at once, so that there is no place where that soul is not. Therefore, the idea of going somewhere becomes ridiculous. Nevertheless, such a magnificent being can appear to anyone, anywhere, in a form that can be recognized, simply by using the energy signature of the beings receiving the “visitation” and rearranging the molecular structure of the surrounding “field”. This is one reason why the thoughts and beliefs of the beings receiving the visitation so greatly influence how the visitation is perceived. This is also how higher density beings are able to communicate in commonly used words and phrases. The etheric field of the channel contains an energy signature and the visiting entity utilizes that etheric field and matches frequencies as closely as possible, accessing the language and thought forms of the entity and using them as appropriate to facilitate communication.

Of course, we are oversimplifying these concepts in order to allow you to grasp them, but these are the primary means of travel throughout this wondrous Universe.

There are a small number of souls on your world that are actively developing the abilities mentioned in this article; i.e., teleportation, tuning into energy signatures through thought transference, etc.  There are those scientists that are aware of the quantum flux and its strange behavior.   There are others that have mathematically determined the validity of the zero-point field. Still others have had limited success with teleportation, the ability to transport themselves through time and space.   Subatomic particles in the laboratory have been phase-shifted and transferred through time and space from one location to another instantaneously by some of your more “mainstream” scientists.

Beloved ones, there is really only One Reality and that is God.   Since we are all here and now, right here in this very space, we can choose to experience anything and everything right now.   It is only in linear time that the concept of coming and going is meaningful.

We hope we have stimulated your thought process and have prompted you to explore these subjects in greater depth. We leave you now by reminding you that we are always with you, guiding you and comforting you during your time on Earth.   We are the Arcturians.

Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 815, Snowflake, AZ 85937 (http://www.salrachele.com) (928) 528-7118

Leah and the Arcturians
Happy New Year
Received by Sal Rachele
December 30, 2004

Leah [to channel]: Beloved, I know we haven’t given any public discourses for a while. You’ve been busy with your holiday and January plans and we’ve been busy working with earthquake victims.   Well, actually there’s no such thing as a victim, but you know what we mean.   We’ve been helping souls transition that were drowned or fatally injured by falling debris, and we’ve been spending time with their families that are grieving.

On a lighter note, this message will sum up 2004 and go right into the most wonderful year ever on your world, 2005. Of course, these numbers are conventions of your man-made calendar and do not mean that much from our perspective.   However, a large number of you use these yearly transitions to focus on what you want to accomplish in the future, and so we will take advantage of your forward-thinking populace to gently bring our perceptions forward.

Greetings, beloveds!   First of all, we want to offer a toast to the absolutely AMAZING work you’ve done on yourselves this year.   CONGRATULATIONS!   And we really mean it.   We’re not just puffing you up with a feel good verbal massage. (A massage message? Nah!).   We couldn’t resist playing with those words.   Seriously, congratulations are in order, for so many of you did more healing and releasing and ascending than even we thought possible at the beginning of 2004.

This channel is a prime example of what we’re talking about.   He went through several worldly experiences that by 3D standards would be considered real downers.   And yet he had the most joyous year of his Earthly life and one that brought the most growth of any year since he began having embodiments on this Earth.   He’s not alone, dear ones. Many of you have had similar experiences.  What’s the expression – sometimes it felt like going through a meat grinder or being run over by a Mack truck, but you made it through,  and I’ve got news for you.   Your year 2005 is going to be even more amazing. We say that with complete certainty.   For you have a momentum going, and it is building up steam.   It is the momentum of passionate living.   It is the momentum of knowing your connection to the Divine.   It is the momentum of bringing forth your desire to serve your fellow humans in a greater capacity.   Most of all, it is the momentum brought about by your trust in God and in your God Presence within.    Now it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are in the loving arms of your Creator, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.    Rejoice in this knowing!

So, let’s have a toast. Raise your glasses, even those of you who have sparkling cider instead of champagne. We look forward to New Year’s Eve, and especially to the music of the channel at the Ranch [TOSA]. Our beloved Archangels Zadkiel and Uriel will be delighted in the musical journeys being created. Our very being is musical in nature. We live and move in the vibrations of the sacred toning of the Heavens. Our wings unfurl as we fly through the ethers on the notes of love and the song of the heart.
Oh dear, I could get more poetic with every word, but there are others who wish to speak on this glorious day. Our friends from the beautiful blue-white star of Arcturus are ready and waiting.
Greetings in the Light of the Radiant One. We are the Arcturians. We have been working with the channel for some time now and gently offering our insights and suggestions to those of you who are open and receptive to our messages. We will massage you with our message of love and understanding. (See, we can play with words as well.) We are often thought of as more scientific and less emotional than our beloved Leah, but that does not mean we are not passionate about your growth and accomplishments, dear ones. It brings us great joy to see so many of you willing to venture out from behind your conformity and all-consuming daily activities long enough to realize that there’s a whole new Earth happening right in front of you. The expression “what you can conceive, you can achieve” has been with you for a long time. Today, let’s practice that wisdom as we paint a picture for you of what 2005 can look like if you simply acknowledge your unlimited creative potential and move forward into actualizing it.

Although there will be more upheavals in the world at large, as these are a necessary part of the cleansing in preparation for ascension, in your personal lives, dear ones, there will be an epiphany of new understandings and these experiences will move into your daily lives in ways that are impossible to ignore. Many of you will go through “miraculous” healings and some of you will draw significant prosperity into your lives. Your relationships will grow and blossom in new directions as you embrace the idea that you have a holy connection to your brothers and sisters. Jealousy, envy, greed, blind lust, possessiveness, victimhood, resentment and smoldering rage will be gently laid aside as you embrace the knowing within your heart that everything is in Divine Order in your relationships. You will not seek to hold another back from expressing his/her deepest feelings. If one moves on and out of your life, you will honor the decision and wish the highest good for that departed loved one. You will discover, as new relationships unfold, that there are ways of expressing that exceed your wildest expectations. You are angels unfurling your wings (as Leah so eloquently put) and learning to fly, not just solo, but in holy relationship and in holy communion with groups of like mind.

What you can conceive, you can achieve. Looking further into the future than just this year, let’s start with flying – haven’t you always wanted to fly? Can you conceive of the possibility of sprouting wings and soaring above the trees and plains? Well, if you can imagine it then you can do it. (There! Now you will stop considering us to be just practical and scientific. We are poetic as well.) Have you always wanted to teleport your body? Manifest things instantly? Heal all disease and suffering? Be eternally youthful in an immortal body? Have the ability to come and go from this world at will? Although these are considered lofty ideals by most, you CAN conceive of these things, right? As we speak about them, you are visualizing them, correct? Then you can conceive of doing these things. Didn’t Jesus say you would do all that he did, and more? Is 2005 the year you fully understand his message?

We’re not going to make specific predictions for your year 2005. That would not serve our purpose in being with you. We want you to fly. We are your flight assistants, helping you unfurl your wings and showing you how to surmount the obstacles in the flight path. We point out the pitfalls and elaborate on the beauty of the journey. We are not so much concerned with the destination. That will take care of itself. Once you are on the spiritual journey, you cannot turn back (nor would you want to). Once you asked to have greater trust in the Divine, it became so. Look back on this year 2004. Isn’t it obvious that your degree of trust has increased exponentially? You are considering doing things in 2005 that you never would have imagined a few years ago. Or if you did imagine them, they were still just “pipe dreams.” There used to be this voice inside you saying, “Come on, get real, this is just airy fairy dreaming.” Is that voice still there? We don’t think so. If it is, it is rapidly fading. Beloveds, this is not a pipe dream or airy fairy fantasy. This is reality. This is transformation. You have passed the point of no return. Into the arms of your Creator you sail, clear and straight as an arrow. There is no need to glance back, although it is okay to appreciate how far you’ve come. Enjoy the journey and know the inevitability of the goal. Your enlightenment is assured. Your ascension is certain. There is no turning back and no desire to go back to your old life. The future is here now. Rejoice in it. Hoist your glasses to the most fabulous year since your beginning as an individual soul. We love you and bless you and honor you. Adonai.

Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 815, Snowflake, AZ 85937 (http://www.salrachele.com) (928) 528-7118

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