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May 5, 2005

Dear Ones,

Can you feel the change in energies around you on this, the 05/05/05? You are doing so well. The veils are thinning for so many of you. As they do, beauty is "returning" to the earth plane through your greater awareness. And what brings it through more fully and more quickly? Only appreciation and gratitude. That is all it takes. That is the magic formula.

If you can appreciate the beauty that exists around you, you are bringing it more fully into reality. If you can envision beauty, and nurture that vision with love and gratitude, you are contributing to itís creation.

As you appreciate and welcome the elementals and the devas of nature, you bring them closer. You increase their presence through acknowledgment.  A simple premise.

As you focus on the beauty in each other, you also bring more of it into being in your reality. The truth begins to shine through, the beauty that exists in each one, and the oneness of all.

Each of you, as you release the need for judgment, of self and of others, as you see through eyes of love and appreciation, are lifting all into a new place. Every negative thought and pattern that you transmute through love and grace, every act of forgiveness benefits not only yourself but the all. That is what you came for, why youíre here at this time of great change. It has been challenging, you have wondered if the work you were doing was having any effect on things. It is visible now, it is palpable. You can feel it and see it, if you open yourself to it.  You are the masters and the miracle-workers, bringing the new world into form, as the old form fades away.  You are birthing the New Paradise and the new life. And it is so very beautiful.

In loving appreciation and deepest gratitude,


through Bonnie Waters


Esoteric Tantra Newsletter: 5/11/05

Channeled Guidance:
An alignment with the consciousness of wisdom is a purposeful orientation, yes?  The extreme energies that are bouncing back and forth within the world consciousness at this time, are there for a purpose, so that many can see themselves within their own extreme vision of life. 
Much is soon to shift in the world experience, as the light-force consciousness enters the world awareness.  Structures, that have been in place for long periods of time, are about to shift.  And this is needed Dear Ones, for the world as it is needs to come to an awareness of wholeness.  And that which separates one from another will be forcefully brought to the forefront of world experience. 
Be conscious, Dear Ones, of your own extreme thoughts of how you envision your ability to participate with others in life.  Be assured that the consciousness of life is a mirror of what you are focusing on internally.  The more that you shift your heart's consciousness towards compassion, kindness, sweetness, gentleness, harmony, balance and peace, the more that this will be mirrored in your physical world. 
Be assured that many are down-loading this compassionate awareness, at this time.  And it is expanding the beauty of life within their own sphere of perception.  Soon the light-streaming consciousness will intensify, and that which needs to be uplifted in areas of disharmony will be shifted intensely.  Therefore the more that you can hold the consciousness of harmony and peace within your own being, the more this intense version will not be your experience. 
You are learning, Dear Ones, to create from the consciousness of love, kindness, gentleness.  The more the world learns to experience itself from the heart, the more it will be uplifted.  And all will feel the blessings of life within a larger experience, a larger context. 
We are aligned with the highest version of light-force being.  And wish to be of service to those who are unhappy in their life. 
There are times of shifting coming very soon.  Allow this to occur in your own lives with harmony, and balance, and peace.  Be the own God-force alignment within your own heart, so that you can be a part of the Divine Expansion here on this planet. 
Be aware that time is shifting.  The old patterns of living are going to change soon.  Allow this to be a fullness of expansion for yourself and those within your life.  A joyful, uplifting expansion of light-force consciousness mirroring the beauty within your own heart. 
We are through for now, Dear Ones.
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