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The Leilines holding The Karmic Memories of War

Process for Restoring the Karmic Balance on Earth

There are 3 primary leilines or creation lines that presently need great assistance. These lines hold the karmic memories of humanity and run through the 3 primary sites or hot spots of the planet. The first line connects Iraq to the USA. The second line connects through Israel/Palestine and the Middle East regions, extending out and joining the first line. The third line is not completely activated as yet, but is building with an immense karmic energy wishing to release through it. It is held through the Middle East and connects through Pakistan into China and Korea, across to Japan, extending across the ocean to the USA, through San Francisco, across the states of USA through Washington, and across to the Middle East regions into Iraq and Iran.

Each of these lines carry the karma of battles between religions, states, nations, races and tribes and concurrently they draw forth from the collective consciousness of humanity’s energies present at this time, and all that resonates with the separation consciousness of all races, tribes and nations. Obviously, this assists to create the world situation as we know it in regards to the American, English and Australian war with Iraq, and the many other ongoing struggles that are occurring in regions related to these lines. These are not the only lines filled with the collective karmic memories, but these are the 3 that are bursting at the seams, and it is this energy that is the underlying agent for a potential replay of a karmic battle between nations.

The Mother Mary Love and Peace Link-up is offered as a means to clear the primary line that runs through the USA to Iraq, and across through Pakistan to Korea, and across to the USA again. San Francisco is a pivotal point in this healing process as it is a feminine portal, which if opened to its highest potential, can release this energy with love. This will create the build-up that runs within the line between San Francisco and Washington (that creates the two separate parties or split in the consciousness of all people in the USA) to be released, and this should create a greater levelling and connection within the hearts of all people within the USA in relationship to the Middle East. The memories of 9/11 are held in the cellular memory banks of all beings, and this experience ignited the memories of other times when our world experienced great trauma. This has created fear to arise in many people, and in others, a great sense of love and peace. Those that are presently holding fear need to heal their own memories within themselves of previous lives where they were traumatised, for this is influencing their ability to discern for the highest good in this life.

The Inner Plane Ascended Masters offer the following assistance to all who wish to further restore the balance of karma on Earth. This is a process that will further develop the work offered through the Mother Mary Love and Peace and the prayer that Lord Michael has offered humanity for the clearing of humanity’s karma.
Process for the Restoration of the Karmic Balance for Earth
Become aware of yourself and the physical body that you live within, standing or sitting on the Earth. Become aware of the Earth beneath you, even if it is three stories down. Call to the Earth spirit to rise up to merge with you and flood you with the spirit of Mother Earth. As she holds you, become aware of your heart centre and the point of light within it. With the focus of your breath, allow yourself to expand this point of light. Send this light out of your heart as a light burst or a bursting star. Know that within you, you hold the power to create this, and as you focus on this occurring, it will occur.

If you find this difficult, you have made a sacred agreement in this life or another life, and it is important for you to break this now through the following words: “By divine decree, in the name of God/dess and under the Law of Grace, I now break all agreements I may have made across all time, space and dimension in relationship to not allowing myself to focus my light through my divine intention. So be it.”
Send the light rays out of your heart and allow them to fill your field of energy that surrounds your physical body and merges through your physical body. Become aware of this sphere of light that your consciousness rests within that is contained 6 feet around your heart in every direction. Ask for this sphere to be purified by calling now to the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, the archangels and angels, the Galactic Federation and the Inner Earth Temple Workers to assist you.

Become aware that as you ask for this, your sphere receives much love and light from these beings that now surround you. Become aware that each of your chakras is an aspect of this sphere, and if any of these are closed or not sitting in their highest vibrational field, this will cloud your sphere and cloud your clarity and consciousness. Become aware that you have the power within you to heal this sphere in any moment and to align it to the highest vibration through calling for this. Call within yourself now for your sphere to be raised in vibration, and ask that all attachments or energies that are not of your soul vibration be lifted from this sphere. Become aware of Lord Michael standing by your side as he places his Excalibur sword of truth through all dimensions of your being, clearing your energy sphere. Become aware of your energy sphere being one with the energy sphere of the Earth, and recognise that if your energy sphere is resonating at a high vibration, it only draws to it energies of direct resonance to this vibration. Become aware also that if your energy sphere is resonating at a lower vibration, it will draw to itself, through the Law of Attraction, energies of a lower vibration. Become aware that the key to your balance in life is to care for your energy sphere by asking for it to be cleared each day and asking for it to be raised to the highest vibration in divine order for your being.
Now your energy sphere is clearing and raising in vibration, you are able to assist the clearing of humanity’s collective karma and assist energetically the situation that is occurring on the planet at present.

Call to your Divine Presence to merge with you and ask that your mastery channel through you. Become aware of energy beginning to flood through your energy sphere raising your consciousness into a higher platform of energy. If you have any links to the world net within your energy field at this time, you will begin to experience the sensation that you cannot raise in consciousness or vibration any more. This will create you to not expand beyond the level that you are presently vibrating at. Therefore, it is important for you to clear your links to the world net to complete this process. This can be done through the process that is offered through this link.
If your vibration is raising steadily and you are expanding, you have no connection to the world net, and therefore, there is no energetic restriction around your energy field and it can expand unlimitedly if you so choose.

It is at this level of consciousness that you can truly create great change through all dimensions of the Earth plane through your focus of love and light, and through your acceptance of responsibility with your own connections to the collective consciousness through your genetic line. Call for all your ancestors to be with you, all fathers and mothers of your genetic line and ancestral line to step forth to you. Call for the divine assistance of your God Presence and ask that you be placed in a field of radiant illuminating blue light for the completion of this process. Call for a golden pyramid to anchor over you and also ask to be placed in an Ascension Chamber of Light.
Call to the Inner Plane Ascended Masters to bring forth to you, all aspects of your consciousness that presently resonate with the frequencies of separation and ask that they be placed in cocoons of love. Call to the Divine Mother and ask her to assist you in the healing of all your karmic memories that feel separate and feel resistant to the light. Become aware of energies that may be within your field that are asking for this assistance. Send your love out from your heart through the point of light, and send it to all around you with the intention that all aspects of your consciousness receive your love. Call for your heart flame to activate to the highest potential and ask that all aspects of your consciousness be open to forgiving all that has occurred through all space, time and dimension that has created separation within them. Breathe and release as this occurs, and know that many Inner Plane Ascended Masters are working with your energy field to assist you to release the deepest karmic memories of separation held within you.

As this occurs, Mother Mary steps forth to you and places within your heart a sacred chalice of rainbow light and love that will assist you to hold the love for all parts of you that may at times experience inner battle with the light. Call upon your Divine Presence to merge with you again and ask that all that is in divine order, be made manifest for the highest good of your being at this time.

Breathe and release again as your ancestors and the mothers and fathers of your genetic line step forth to you. They wish to release memories also and ask for your assistance with this. Hold the love for them as each one of them are asked to forgive all that has occurred through all space, time and dimension that has created any part of them to feel separate from Source. Radiate your love outwardly to your ancestors and honour them for the role that they have played on the Earth. As you do this, if you need to forgive any member within your genetic family or any being that is of your soul ancestral line … it is the highest potential for you to attune to this at this time. If there is difficulty in forgiving any being in your life at this time, it is important for you to call forth for all your karmic records to be brought forth to you and to all aspects of your being. As these records are brought forth energetically on the etheric plane to you, energies within you will begin to realise the karmic connection they hold to all that has been created in their life. Through this, you will be able to hold more forgiveness in your heart for others, as you will sense within yourself that you have played, and been a part of these energies in other lives.

Breathe again and call to God/dess that lives within you to awaken every aspect of your being to the recognition that it is divine, and ask that this also be received by all beings and all souls of humanity as they choose this. Ask within yourself that all beings and all souls within humanity may also experience that which you experience presently through this sacred release. Call for your divine soul family to merge with you as one, and ask that the angelic kingdom hold all aspects of your consciousness within the light of God/dess over this next 6 week period as much heals within you through the completion of this process. Allow yourself to discover your divine nature over this 6 week period and place your mental focus and heart focus on divine encounters with others in your life. Know that as you place your focus on your divinity and the divinity of others, and you accept all in your life with love and compassion, this process will complete itself and you will have assisted a permanent level of clearing through the genetic line and ancestral line of your being.

Know that this genetic line and ancestral line connects to your genetic family and soul family trees, and that the roots of these trees extend into the leilines of the Earth. Know that as the roots of these soul family trees and genetic family trees clear through this process, the leilines of the Earth will be able to release the karmic memories of the collective consciousness of humanity with ease and grace.

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