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January 17, 2003


Greetings Everyone! What a beginning to the New Year! Can you feel things opening up? It seems that events that have been on “hold” are now coming forward at a great pace and filled with surprises! We are being given what we need for all that we have asked for! And it is not necessarily coming from the direction that we were looking for it to happen!


It feels as if we are being carried on a cosmic rollercoaster, up and down, higher and higher with all of the thrills and anticipation that is inherent in such a ride! The difference is, we are not going in circles, but on an infinite ride, we have no seat belts, no shoulder harnesses, and the momentum of this ride is what is holding us in place. The way to make the best of this is to enjoy the ride and not resist the momentum, rather, be open in every moment toward change and opportunities.


The energies are actually pulsating at this time in Universal harmony. I can see them, feel them. We are becoming in tune with the greatness of ourselves, with the influx of the communications which are coming to us faster than we can comprehend in our minds. What a fantastic way to start a year!!!


I wish you peace in your hearts, joy in each moment, and the discovery within you to enjoy the experience of freedom of self.




 Online Channeling

January 17, 2003


Anshua Antallah ennui asi asi asi entillah antahedra Greetings from that which is Light, that which YOU ARE as are we.


Dear Ones, it is at this time that we wish to speak to you of your Giftedness.  That which resides within the Grace which each of you carries inherently, even when you do not feel it.


That Giftedness, that Grace which is within you is a part of yourself that cannot be taken from you. It can be disguised as feelings of emotion, as thoughts of less than perfection, nonetheless, it is there. It is simply that you often do not recognize that which is your most valuable set of assets in Being-ness.


Within each of you is resident a set of Gifts unique unto yourself. From these gifts you become the creator of your own reality, and the Master of all that that reality entails. You see Dear Ones, It is not that you must look outside yourselves, or in Judgment of others for your perfection, but to find that state of Grace within you for your connection to all that is, all that is you.


Your Gifts are beyond your imagination. It is that within you resides all perfection. In such a way you are able to call upon those Gifts for all that you seek. You must remember that that which you seek, seeks you as well. When you touch your own Grace, open your Gifts, you begin to expand from mere humanness toward a return to that which you are in Light.


It is simple really. It is to Master yourself beyond the illusion that you have accepted by creating a different reality that is what you want. To do this, you must believe it to be so, and it is. To change your perspective toward that of Grace is to open the door to the infinite which is waiting to assist you from that which it is within you. You see Dear Ones, that which you seek externally lies within you.


No two of you will have the same experience in seeking your Grace. Each of you is on your own journey toward that understanding. Each of you will have awakenings that apply to your experience. No road map will give you that which you seek. No set of instructions will tell you how you must live your journey. Instead, you must become in touch with your perfect and infinite self. In such a way, you are learning to create the reality that you seek.


You speak to us of Ascension and we say to you that you Ascend each time you become of Grace within you. You Ascend each time your vibration rises in frequency. It is a gradual process which also includes the entirety of consciousness, not simply your own, but the collective balance. Each time you rise in your own frequencies, you raise the vibration of all things toward a return to that of your Source. That of Light.


It is so that you do not fully comprehend that which we speak, yet you grasp the possibility of it. In such a way then to know of the possibilities is enough to create the reality. To change the direction of your life toward your giftedness and away from the destructive illusion that you had accepted unto this moment.


You are in the process of Ascension in every moment that you exist in your current manifestation. You become your Giftedness each time you accept the possibilities that you can create. And you deny your power of creation each time that you are caught up in emotionality, in the mental process as you attempt to justify and quantify that which is immeasurable.


It is your inherent right and Gift to question your experience. It is also your inherent right and gift to ask that that experience become that which you seek rather than the process of seeking it. Do you see? It is that rather than to become caught up in the process, it is to believe in the reality of the outcome. This is your Gift as well. To know that you have the power of creating these outcomes simply by believing in them.


It is also within your Grace to remain still and not within judgment of the journeys of others, as in your stillness, you become aware that all function at different levels than others yet all moving toward the same imagined outcome. Rather than simple imagining it is to believe. For when you become of the drama of others you lose sight of your inherent Grace. You become overpowered of the illusions instead.


Your Gifts lie within that which you are made. You are constructed of Light. That Light having manifested in this experience for you that you may come of a higher state of Grace from within your Being-ness. In such a way, that Light from which you are made becomes more luminescent as you realize your Grace, your Giftedness. It is this Light which elevates you toward the Ascension you seek. It is this Light which carries within it all of your Rememberings, that which is of and from the Beginning. Knowing this then gives you the Gift of Realization that you are unlimited in nature and therefore powerful beyond your comprehension.


From a standpoint of no limitation, it is simply to move within that perfection, that Mastery of self toward any and all that you wish to know and learn. Further, as you become aware of these knowings, you are able to apply them in every direction of your being-ness, for as you know, you are. As you know, you are limitless in the reality that you create.


As human beings it is easy to allow negativity to seep into your thinking and emotional selves. It is to see that negativity for what it is and not to accept it into your being-ness. That negativity is a part of the polarization which is occurring at this time in mammoth proportion to that of even months ago. It is that the polarization is separating the chaff from the wheat in such a way that many are not realizing or understanding the part that they play in the continuation of the heightening of the overall consciousness. And many are doing this well.


At the same time, others play the part of creating chaos. They are creating from their darkness that to which the Light will respond vehemently. That aspect of being a catalyst toward change is not only necessary, but a natural part of the process. Those of you who have ears can hear us.


You see Dear Ones, as the negativities of your world become escalated, chaos and change are inevitable. Without those changes, without that chaos you would be stagnant in your journeys. In such a way, many of you are being propelled into taking higher roads that on the outset appear to be more difficult, with more lessons, more situations which challenge you yet when you stand in the integrity of your Grace and Giftedness, those challenges, those struggles fall away, and you are able to see the road ahead of you. You are able to know the reality of your creation as you become a part of your own process. It is that from within your Grace, your Gifts become known and your limitless selves come forward

In knowing that which you are Becoming.


In the coming days it is that you have a need for touching the knowings within you. It is that you have a need to find your Rememberings, your Perfection. It is that there is no weapon more perfect in the battle of that which is Light and the ensuing Darkness than that of your Grace, your Giftedness…your Light, that which you are in Truth.


You have done this before, in the early times. It is not that you are faced with anything that you do not already know or understand from within you. Many of you have come at this time to this place for the purpose of illuminating the darkness from within your Grace. From within your Giftedness. There are no others who are greater or lesser than you. Only the illusion of it.


Dear Ones, you are of Power. You are of the One Light which is, all things. Therefore, nothing is impossible unless you believe it. We and all others believe in you.


And to light we return.




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