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Your next Mission - the Union of Light and dark

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy
and the Galactic Federation of Light
4 Cib, 14 Zac, 11 Ik   February 25, 2003

Selamat Jarin! We are the Nine! I am Lord Aescapulus, leader of the
Great Blue Lodge of Creation.  We welcome you and bless you, dear
Hearts. We come, on this day, to proclaim victory and the auspicious
beginning of a new moment in your history.  Long ago, under the divine
edicts of the Creator, the great Lords of Time established the timeline
for Mother Earth, which allowed you your steep descent into limited
consciousness.  For almost 13 millennia, you existed in darkness.
at last, the magic moment for your return to full consciousness has
arrived. We graciously salute you for your supreme patience and
unparalleled diligence in participating through a most trying time.

Your great reward is the vast reservoirs of knowledge that you have
gleaned from this realm of darkness. These reserves of information
contain untold wisdom, which you most surely will apply to your next
mission - the union of Light and dark
. Your wisdom, together with that
of Heaven, will crown the proclamation of this sixth Creation, through
which all of Heaven and all of physicality have arrived upon your most
beautiful shores.

      Indeed, dear Ones, your great work has no precedent in this
Creation. For well over 600 generations, you have suffered at the
hands of the dark.  You have borne pain and adversity, and large
numbers of you have been sacrificed to the vile agendas of the dark.
By agreeing to return to this reality again and again, you have
demonstrated your great commitment; in so doing, you have brought
back much to Heaven. Each one of us salutes you, knowing that such
responsibilities have been granted only a select few. Only those great
souls who earnestly wished to carry out the edicts of the Creator
possessed the strength to succeed. You have done so, and done well!
Events now unfolding on your world will shake it loose from its present,
turbulent course and allow peace, harmony and prosperity to appear
before your eyes.  We bestow these gifts upon you. Heaven is fully
aware of what you have endured and is ready to support you in the
work that now awaits you.  That work will transform your world and
enable a new, fully conscious reality to manifest before you. Therefore,
we have arrived to make this announcement, and to decree it in the
name of the Creator.

      Around you, dear Hearts, exist countless layers of Heaven's
Orders, Administrations and Life-streams.  They guard your divine
souls and will grant you the full weight of Heaven's mighty Legions.
They stand at the ready to cleanse your world of darkness and, using
your great wisdom, will form the divine union of Light with dark.
This greater, sacred Light will shine brightly from your world into the
darkness, transforming the very nature of physicality
. Your work will
make possible the unfolding of the next step in physical Creation.  It
will bring together tens of thousands of galaxies in an extraordinary union,
spreading into all of physicality like an untended wildfire. Its cleansing
glow will transform all who gaze into the burning center and see its
mighty Light!  You are at the very core of this righteous flame.  You
have nurtured this growing wisdom within you during many lifetimes on
this earth. By observing the dark, you have learned how to transmute
it.  You have watched its workings and learned how to change its ways.
This understanding will be your mighty, swift sword. It is the weapon
that Heaven intends to wield with grace over the whole of physicality.

     As you move through the events of this time, remember, always,
who you really are
. Bear in mind that an unprecedented political,
economic and spiritual revolution is under way. Ultimately, only the
spiritual shift will be long remembered; the rest is mere flotsam. Its
sole purpose is as a tool to help you complete the exalted work of
Spirit. This noble deed, which belongs to the Ages, will enable you to
regain your precious freedom and your divine sovereignty. With it, you
will perform miracles and, at last, again be able to honor Mother Earth
and Heaven. Once more, the Will of the Creator will beam brightly over
your world. As we have mentioned before, Heaven's divine Beacon will
form a greater Light that will transform physicality. Consider yourselves
an emerging, heavenly Army of free and sovereign individuals, and an
unyielding collective. Within this sacred duality exists a new way to
express the divine. This creation is the product of these times. It is
your glorious and irrevocable gift to physicality.

      In applying this great tool, dear Hearts, you will lovingly embrace
the numberless stars and uncountable galaxies. Indeed, all aspects of
physicality will know you as divine messengers of a new era in this
Creation. That new era will empower the closing stages of this divine
sixth Creation to give birth to a seventh one. This new Creation is your

Child. She awaits you and knows that, at the right divine moment, she
will be able to manifest before you. It is the promise of this event that
brought you, long ago, to Mother Earth. You knew that she had birthed
a galaxy and carries within her a supremely divine instrument. It is this
that you have come here to learn about, and it is this that you have
added to your marvelous wisdom. The dark, also, in its own vile way,
has taught you about its wisdom. You have gratefully assimilated the
two and, from them, have created one even greater that will enable
Mother Earth to be restored to her former glories.

      You, dear Ones, have come here to be prepared for a celebrated
destiny. We have repeated that point throughout this message. Lord
Surea has decreed that this is a time when you shall rejoice in peace
and savor an end to your long separation from Heaven. Soon, Heaven
will come to honor you and to do whatever it must to enable you to
fulfill your mission. Therefore, we have requested the Galactic
Federation to appear and, at the right time, to intervene. Divine
intervention is upon you. Its purpose is to end the interminable period
when you were unable to reconnect with your galactic family. That
family, now, is poised and ready to appear openly in your skies. We
ask you to greet them not as intruders, but simply as helpers. They
have come to perform a series of tasks, which they have done well.
We salute them, and very much intend to unite you quite soon.

      The Great Blue Lodge was sent by the Creator to bring Life to
physicality. We belong in every reality, in every galaxy and in every
dimension of physicality. We work with Heaven to ensure that the
divine destiny of every living aspect of this Creation is fulfilled,
according to the decrees of the divine plan. That is what brought us, at

the dawn of this galaxy, to Sirius B and its far companion, Mother
Earth. For eons have we watched over and cared for her. Mother
Earth is a most extraordinary and gracious Soul! Only the finest can be
allowed to be her caretakers. Yet, in her divine service, she asked and
was allowed to be the vehicle for your fall from, and your restoration
to, full consciousness. From this has resulted your great gifts. We
deeply revere her and are confident that now, you, too, will honor her
for her most astonishing series of sacrifices.

      As you undertake the tasks of changing your society and
yourselves, know, dear Ones, that you will never be alone! Realize that
we are here to help, to guide and to honor you. We bless you for your
diligence and for your commitment to the completion of this most
difficult of tasks. We know that you need to move forward quickly and
to help your fellow guardians - the cetaceans. You also require new
technologies to clean up your environment and the complex
ecosystem that surrounds you. And you need to lift up humanity and to
prepare yourselves for the concluding step in your astounding
transformation. To actualize this, Heaven pledges all the resources
that you will need to achieve it as swiftly as possible. Your local
Spiritual Hierarchy is graciously sending you its Ascended Masters.
Know that, together, you will successfully and quickly complete what
must be done.

      Many events are unfolding upon your world, and we have
described them only briefly. We ask you to remain focused and to be
gracious to all. Victory will be your reward. With it, you may go forth
and birth your new reality! We leave! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart
of Hearts, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of
Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be
One! Be in Joy!) We are the Nine!

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