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It is the Time of Becoming       
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Online Channeling and Messages
January 30, 2003

Greetings to each of you. The energies have escalated and it is as if we have
taken a ride on a runaway train what has no brakes, no seat belts! Time is
speeding up. We are sleeping less and yet more productive. Working between
the energies. In other words, we are riding the null zones which trigger the
manifestations we intend.

It is that as we move forward in our time, we are beginning to find the
spaces between time. We are able to accomplish more in a moment than we did
in hours or days before the changes began. It is the time of Becoming. We
have begun our ascent toward that which we have always been.

Do no be afraid if the Rememberings come in fast and hard. Rather, continue
to breath and allow yourself to be a part of what is happening. Those who are
demonstrating opposition to the polarity of Light do not understand this.
They fight the momentum, and this causes behaviors that are often surprising
to those who "get it".

In a group that I participated in last week in Clayton, GA, the question was
asked why so many people who seemed to be on "the path" seem to be falling
away at this time. Many are simply dropping out of sight, or are becoming
involved in other than Light work. This is happening because these beings
have been working from within their heads, following ideals that they did not
touch with their hearts. Dear Ones, reach out from within your very
being-ness, from your heart of hearts and  touch that Light which is you and
all others. This journey is not about what we think, what our emotions tell
us, rather, who we are within the totality and how we contribute toward that

It is a time of confusion. Much is happening in our world, yet, when we
remain centered and in joy, we become part of the solution. We contribute
from that perspective to the balance of Light over Darkness. We contribute to
that shift that we know is coming.

Know this. You are never alone in your journey. When you look around and you
see no one who supports you, no one with whom you can exchange your feelings,
your knowings, your ideas of that which is Truth, you are never alone.  It is
that there are many who guide each of you. If you could only see them as I
do, you would have fear of nothing, only joy within you as you realize that
we are of the One and the One is of us.
Namasti     Meg

Online Channeling
January 30, 2003

Antallah antui anshallah. It is time for you to come forward and claim your
eternal selves
.  Dear Ones, that which is occurring at this time is a grand
opening of the Universal communications network in that you are able to
connect directly with all that is in ways that you have not done since the Beginning.

It is that as you are opening, as the photon particles move through you, you
are becoming beacons of Light. As this is so, you are communicating as that
Light. The Light remembers. And so will you.

That which you have known always comes forward to you now. That which you
have always known is awakening within you as you inherently begin to
understand and further, to know.

At the same time, there is a cosmic gathering of those who are not incarnated
at this time.  Those beings of light, Masters, students, teachers, those of
the ancient wisdom, inter-stellar travelers,  those of the rainbow light,
those of gold, those of silver and others are gathering throughout the
dimensions bearing witness to the fantastic openings that are happening
within your realm.

They await the moment when you experience a collective of consciousness,
for as this occurs, the balance of weight within the Universal processes will
  As this is so, many of those bearing witness will come forward with
open arms to welcome you home. Many of you will move on as Masters in this
process, committing yourselves to the service of others in other realms.  Most
of you will share that which you have learned in your human-ness.  There will
be an exchange like no other as all are gathered and there is a celebration
within the One.

As the star gate opens in November of this year, becomes your opportunity to
experience this grand gathering from the perspective of the Source.  It is
that you are able to travel outside of your bodies to a fullness of Universal
education, returning (if you wish) to yourself unharmed.  It is that you are
about to fly as you have never flown before.  As within this star gate is
infinite, unlimited is your experience there.  It is to learn in and of the
Source.  It is to move within that which you are as Light Beings.

It is to know all in an instant. To understand those Knowings in the same
instant, and to bring them back to this realm as Masters of the Knowings to
share them
with others who have not yet learned to fly.  In such a way, the
Light becomes them as well.  It is that you are, if you choose, conduits of
Ascension.  It is that you may choose to create that Ascension from within
yourselves.  In such a way, you Become.

As you have Become, so you are.  Those of you who have ears may hear us.  As
you have Become, so you are.  It is so as has always been.  There is nothing
new in the entirety of all things.  Only that which has been forgotten.  Awaken
to your Rememberings.  Do not resist.  The direction of your journey has always
been your choice.  Let go of your attempts to understand.  In doing so, you
allow the knowings to be alive within you.

That which is, is not found in any book except the Book of Light.  That book
which contains the listings of those who have always served and who are
returning to that which is Light as workers of that Light. Those who have
moved throughout eternity only to return to the One and having done so have
created a clear passage for all whom they have touched.  It is to be in and of Grace.

Is it that you have found that Grace within you? It is there. You are
beautiful. You are perfect. You are that which is all things
, all things
being you. In such a way, you can be no less, no greater than any other,
simply a Being of perfection.  That which is the Grace within you is the
opening of your essence to all that you seek.  It is the key to what is and
our True identity.

Dear Ones, introduce yourself to your True self today.  It is that your Grace
is that which all Masters before you have learned to flow within.  Look past
that which you believe to be true of yourselves.  You doubt your own
perfection.  You judge yourselves based upon the judgment of others.  How is it
when you are in judgment that you can touch perfection?  It is that this
judgment leads to expectations which therefore limit your experience to only
that which you have expected or that which you have feared.

Reach beyond that part of you who attempts to control you by delusions beyond
your eternal Truth.  Your Grace is there.  Hidden, alive, waiting.  You are the
only obstacle to yourselves.

Know this. When you become of the belief that you are helpless in your search
for that Grace which is you, call into the Universal process for assistance
and you will be heard.  You are never alone for you are many aspected
throughout the realities and at the same time there are many such as we who
come to serve you as you have served others.  Believe in that which is from
your very being.  In such a way, that which you have believed is so.  That
being said, you have come into your power of creation, your Grace is that
which sends the message home.

Be in peace. Be that which is Love. You are the heart of hearts.

We return to Light.

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