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The Monthly Weather Report!
Updated March 1, 2003

Welcome to Weather Report Number Twenty. This particular Weather Report explores the move into SPRING of 2003.

This is the second year of a Seven Year Cycle of Integration/Tribulation (2002 - 2008) and continues to be the most crucial time of choice we have ever known.

Gabriel has been speaking to us since 1990, bringing clear information about this time of unprecedented change and opportunity. However, he has also made it quite clear that the opportunity to shift into deeper levels of freedom and personal fulfillment requires that we each look deep within.

We include this segment of Children of Light to facilitate that inner journey, giving clues to the energetic movements that are attempting to take place at particular times. With clear information, we are empowered to make conscious choices.

We are in a time of unprecedented planetary evolution, more accelerated than anything we have known in our recorded history. It is no doubt apparent to people around the world that CHANGE is the watchword of the day. It is also vital to remember that within change, it is our CHOICES that will determine what our world will become.

We are POWERFUL as individuals, particularly as we join together with others who are working to claim the power of their individuality in love.

We have discovered from working with thousands of people in various parts of the world that there are many similarities we all share in the process we are going through as a planet. That is comforting, for it reminds us that we are not alone. In facing the challenges that are presented to us as we move into our present opportunity of planetary initiation, focusing on the similarity of our worldwide humanity will be of great help.


Physical and Emotional Symptoms:

As stated in previous Weather Reports, we are now in a seven-year cycle of Tribulation from 2002 to 2008.  This simply means that everything is presently held in duality will now go through the tribulation of transformation and healing.  All negative beliefs held in the mental body and all wounded or shamed feelings held in the emotional body are now being compelled into the light of day for healing.

 This shift is moving us towards balance unlike anything we have known.  However, the energies of Spirit that are creating these shifts will wreak havoc on our personal or collective defense systems if we resist this healing change. 

 We each need to take responsibility for nurturing the survival/defense system we have known.  For those who are not familiar with this concept, these are the energetic barriers that we created as children that we bring into adulthood without even knowing it most often.  However, we can no longer simply remain in these comfort zones of what is familiar as the planet now shifts into the next stage of her evolution to create a fifth root race of humanity – spiritual humanity.

 We want to take a moment to clarify the concept of duality just a little before we move on.  Since this is what we are being asked to heal, it is truly important that we begin to understand what is involved. 

 We live in the physical world.  Therefore, we experience everything through polarity.  An example is that we have the polarity of darkness and light.  Without one side, we would have no way to perceive its opposite.  This is a perfectly balanced system.  It is within our feelings that we create the distortion to this system.

 As children, we needed guidance, information and tools in order to know we are safe to experience all our feelings.  However, if we did not have that guidance, we were left to our own survival instincts.  Whenever we experienced a feeling through the trauma of shame, pain or judgment without nurturing, we learned to judge and avoid those feeling experiences.  

 An example might involve the feelings of powerful and powerless.  These are the two sides of polarity for this feeling experience.  If in this example we had an initial negative or shaming experience of the feeling of powerless, we would have learned to suppress and avoid it in whatever ways necessary.  This lack of education caused us to create a survival relationship with life – left in the myth that if we could just avoid the feeling, we would avoid shame, pain and conflict in our lives.  

 Not only did this misconception create a shift from polarity to duality (the judgment of one side of polarity), it also caused us to fear moving into life.  Our first commitment within this lack of emotional education was to create a defensive approach to life.  We became committed to avoid and resist the feelings we associate with childhood pain as the bottom line of our survival. 

 This leads us to the next stage of a negative web or defense structure.  The way the energy of creation works is as a reflection of whatever we believe and are committed to.  If we resonate with the belief that the world is safe and abundant, we will attract the mirror of that belief and commitment.  Life will be a celebration (with the inner soul challenges to continue to grow and evolve).

 However, if we believe that the world is NOT safe and we become committed to fighting a feeling, the universe will then reflect that resonance as well.  It is like saying, “God/Goddess, I would like to fight this feeling until I get rid of it!  I hate it!”  And the loving response is, “We have given you free will.  You may make your life about whatever you choose.  Are you sure you want to make it about fighting and resisting?”

 Without knowing it, we have each in some ways taken our childish perspectives and misunderstandings and made our survival commitment just that.  We have gone through life saying, “Yes, I want to fight.  I am not capable of feeling this feeling.  It reminds me of my shame and fear.”  And the Universe simply responds with giving us ways to fight the feeling – sometimes constantly (hoping we will wake up to the fact that it is our own choice creating and manifesting).

 This time of healing duality is basically to bring up all of these childish myths so we can realize we are fully capable of dealing with these feelings now that we are adults.  We are fully equipped with the ability to learn new things and to respond to the wounded child within.  The challenge is that when we shut down on our feelings in duality, we froze those feelings at those early age perspectives.  When they come up, we go into illogical fear just like a little five year old (or at whatever age the particular feeling is frozen).

 It is vital that we realize this is what is happening so that we can get on with learning how to respond.  We need to gather information and tools and shift our commitments to integrating the healing adult perspectives of life that are now available to us.  For like it or not, these healing changes are coming faster all the time.  It is a time of opportunity unlike anything we have known.  We can be sure that we will manifest more quickly whatever we are committed to – fight or flow, powerful creator or victim.

 Within the process of healing duality, there are many events and influences that are affecting the change.  One of those becomes particularly relevant in this three-month period.  There is a planet called Nibiru that comes into our solar system every 3600 years.  This planet is 100 times as dense as the planet Earth.

 It is challenging just to imagine something being twice as dense as the Earth.  But Nibiru is 100 times that dense.  So when it enters the solar system, it begins to pull at the core of everything near it.  This has been happening from a distance for us already.  That is one of the primary reasons that we have experience such drastic weather changes in these last years.  However, Nibiru comes fully into our solar system this year.  In May, it will be as close as it will come to the Earth for the next 3600 years!

 What does this mean for us on Earth?  In the past, this planet’s influence has created tremendous shifts.  Because in our past we have been so caught up in duality and a dense magnetic field, Nibiru has even created complete pole shifts.  This is what created the Ice Age, as an example.

 However, since we are waking up and creating a healing in the consciousness of our planet, there is no reason why the shifts have to be so dramatic at this time.  As a matter of fact, this planet is now becoming a healing encouragement, moving us deeper into a time of initiation. 

As it pulls on our core as a planet and as individuals, it brings up all that is held in duality or in the Shadow of our subconscious.  Anything that we have avoided and stuffed into the darkness will be compelled into the light unlike anything we have known.

 The areas of the Earth that will experience the most radical outward shifts will be those areas that are most dense or most heavily trapped in the choices of duality.  That is why it becomes increasingly important for us to take responsibility for ourselves and to encourage one another into healing, loving, integrative choices. 

 There will likely be some shifts, such as increases in shifting the tectonic plates of the Earth.  There will likely be some earthquake activity as well.  But the more we each respond and hold a place of calmness, peace and mutual value, the more we will be a healing influence for our world.  Fear will never solve anything.  The loving response of us as empowered adults will solve everything in the grand scope of our changing world.

 The primary thing Nibiru is affecting at this point is our collective consciousness.  It is breaking apart all that we have discussed above in the unhealed duality, negative belief and charged emotions.

 With all of that shared, we will now move into the Monthly specifics…

 For those who are new to this site, we introduce everything from the perspective of the initiations we are going through now as a planet.  There are seven levels of initiation that will allow our planet to move into her true healing – the Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration on the Mount, Renunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension.

 This is not a Christian religious perspective.  It is simply shared through the model that the master teacher Jesus demonstrated for us all with his life.  These are the seven levels of experience that we must each move through in order to move out of a survival system of the ego defense into the integrative experience of the rising soul.   Gabriel says that the word Christ simply means Soul…so this is a time when the Christ/Soul experience is becoming possible for each one of us as a planet for the first time consciously.

 In the last years, we have moved through the first three layers of these initiations.  This does not mean we have integrated all three levels of each initiation.  It simply means that we have now been introduced to the energies of these three layers.  It is up to each one of us as individuals to integrate these energies at our own rates. 

As we move into 2003, we are now being asked to begin integrating the fourth level of these initiations.  This is the level of the Renunciation and brings us into an opportunity to open the heart unlike we have ever before during the entire year.

 We are not going to get too complicated with this heart opening.  There are ultimately seven gateways with specific influences, but those will be introduced in Ron’s second book – Revelations for a Healing World, Book Two.  There is plenty on our plates to simply begin working with the layers of information that are introduced here.


In March we will be focused on bridging the 2nd chakra with the 5th chakra more fully.  This will bring us into the fourth level of two of the seven initiations – the Baptism and the Crucifixion.

 This means that we will be dealing with the issues of the second chakra in the naval area, which involve feelings and our one-on-one relationships.  We will also be looking at the influences of the fifth chakra in the throat, which brings us into the issues of our creative expression, our higher will and our commitments.

 This may be a time when there are a lot of feelings moving, reflected in emotional extremes.  As discussed above, all the feelings that are held in duality will be coming up from the subconscious to be nurtured, so that we can reveal the deeper soul connection that is only possible as our emotional body is prepared to become the experience of that soul.

 This will be a time when the sexual force is activated in powerful ways, as well as the erotic force of Spirit.  As we deal with nurturing those wounded feelings that rise, we will have the potential of moving into a deeper experience of pleasure than we have known.  It is a time when will, passion and pleasure can become unified – directed by higher will as a creative process.

 We need to be aware that there may be what seems to be illogical emotional upheaval, as we also move through a purification of our tendency to relate through attachments -vs- true connections in our lives.  Attachments take place when we objectify the people and things in our lives to simply seek gratification from them.  Gratification has no real exchange of energy.  Instead gratification only allows us to relate through pushing and pulling on one another.  Giving and receiving through connection of emotions is the new, healthier option that needs to be explored in this time.

 As we look to our relationships, we need to be willing to admit and work with our co-dependent connections.  We will find that in this time we will get less of a hit from these old ways of attaching through the glamour of thinking the object is the source of our fulfillment.

 As we experience our individual Shadow self rising, revealing our old conditioning, we will find that reflected in the world around us.  We may very well see an acceleration in the move towards war.  War is a result of duality and one side fighting another, based on fearful agendas of domination or gratification.  One way or another, we will become more aware of the two sides of duality rising….that which is held in the light and that which is still in the darkness.  This will serve well for the healing, as more and more people rise to stand in peace proclamations. 

 As the two sides of duality prepare to come together, they must first rise into our consciousness.

 It will be truly challenging if we attempt to suppress or act out or feelings!  Activations in the throat chakra will make this even more apparent.  Remember that the bridge from the feelings to the throat and speaking our truth in love, moving towards healing solutions is the focus of this month.

 It may be a time of high’s and low’s.  If negative feelings are resisted, they will come in extreme.  The need for Compassion will be made apparent more than ever.  Feeling out of control may come up very strongly as we move through the renunciation of our old ways of relating to integrate the new.  This inner conflict can result in increased anxiety and fear.  However, if we know to expect it, we can also be that much more willing to respond from our own opening hearts. 

 The physical symptoms that are likely include activity in solar plexus and stomach, build-ups of energy there as our defense armoring is being burnt through.  There may be lower and middle back challenges, anxiety attacks or bouts of depression (if holding feelings down).  Many may find they are raw in the throat as well.

 The naval area may be tender, as well as experiencing build-ups of energy.  Both men and women may feel like they are about to give birth.  Kidneys, spleen and liver may be challenged, as well as issues with excretion (diarrhea and constipation or frequently urinating).

All year long there will be heart movements of energy, pressures and sometimes pain as the blockages are being worked through.  Breathe and gently help to stretch these areas open.  Doing inner nurturing work will also help a great deal.

Thyroid issues could be accelerated if that is a challenge.  The immune system will be shifting a great deal in these months, creating temporary weakening as it becomes a true integration system, rather than a “fighting” one.  There may be sinus activity as well. 

There may be a great deal of expansion and contraction in the throat.  Breathing may be challenged for some.  Activity will be moving at the back of heart chakra, between shoulder blades.  Some will open to “seeing” energy more acutely, as well as tapping intuition and knowing more fully.

This entire year is the mid-point in the awakening process – a very important balancing point between the soul and the personality self.  This is where the two energies meet and the personality begins to truly go through the renunciation or giving up of the ego defense to protect it from the illusion that it is unsafe.  This shift could bring up sadness or regret in heart.  Compassion continues to be very important, as well as the acceptance of all feelings. 


This will be the last month of the first cycle of this year – a time focused on the CONTEXT or perspectives of our lives. 

 The energetic focus shifts this month to a bridge between the 3rd in the solar plexus and 4th chakra in the heart.  This will bring us to the fourth levels of dealing with the Transfiguration and Renunciation initiations. 

 Issues of the lower will and mental body will be joining with giving/receiving of the love force.  This is a time when our will for life can truly begin to take over as our guidance, rather than our lower survival will. 

 This will be a month to examine issues of forgiveness – moving through the feelings that hold us in unforgiveness.  This will also be a time when control issues will come up to be re-directed by the higher will through forgiveness/acceptance.

 This can create a struggle between the lower (ego agendas and control) and the higher will (soul directed as it serves the highest good of all).  There is a wisdom that comes from this calm voice of the soul that is attempting to bring us to whatever will create the deepest personal fulfillment. 

 This will be a month of a lot of re-evaluation, looking at what has value, meaning and purpose.  It will be a time of growing discernment, as we become aware of the choices that were motivated out of fear and avoidance.  Practicing the qualities of the heart will be extremely helpful. 

 As we go to heal our duality, we will become empowered adults.  This means we will no longer remain like wounded children who are waiting for the “powerful people” to do it for us.  We will awaken with less ability to be controlled through others’ agendas.  This is a threat to those in the world who seek to control the masses. 

 Many events are manipulated and orchestrated to keep us in fear as a whole.  As we go to heal the lower will, it will accelerate those who are determined to keep that fear and control in place.  This may be reflected by greater moves towards war.  Remember that the constant reminders to be AFRAID and in FEAR in the newspapers and media serve the agenda of control. 

 Look at how there has been such an acceleration of how we had better rid the world of “those evil terrorists.”  We have seen constant “THREAT” headlines in the newspaper.  We have actually seen no more threat than ever…but now that September 11 woke the fearful consciousness of the world, we are more easily manipulated.  While there are many agendas for control, such as going after the remaining reserves of oil in the world (Middle East) is the true agenda.

 No matter what you choose to believe about the behind the scenes agendas, one thing is for sure.  We have everything to gain by healing our own inner fear and duality.  Building discernment will allow us to be more responsive and to stand up for our rights and the rights of each sacred individual on our planet.

 This is a month that will move us into deeper acceptance of self unlike anything we have ever known.  As we begin to accept and value our own individuality, we will then be more likely to allow that individual space for others. 

 For those who have continued to do their inner work, this will be a time when it is easier than ever to move into new choices, based upon new acceptances of self.  There will be an awareness of a new sense of balance and coming together – particularly if you are using this time to practice active forgiveness daily!

 Some of the physical symptoms of this month will be continued activity in the solar plexus.  Anxiety.  Pains in the sternum.  Rushes of energy.  Being extremely tired and drained, particularly if a lot of control is going on.  Drained by others if not careful. 

 Control dramas (magnified in the world as well).  Pressure in heart.  Greater intuition.  Sensation and sensitivity in third chakra as well, again like something being birthed.  Throat and larynx activity.  Digestive challenges.  Lung activity, such as inflammation.  Pneumonia.  Flu symptoms.  Immune challenges. 

 This is a time to be careful with diet.  Not too much food at one time for most people.

There may be tightness in shoulders, arms and neck.  Stiffness.

 And there will be continued deepening of pleasure!  Fusion in love is more possible.  Deception will be more difficult, as well as being more difficult to indulge in control dramas. 

 War is entirely possible, according to present commitments.  It looks like at the present they will hold off until at least late March.  (Iraq, Korea and South America are all possibilities for upheavals and conflict.  More controls will be rising as we move into May.


This will be the first month of the new four month focus on the CONTENT of our lives.

 This will be a month to focus on the bridge from the 6th chakra in the forehead down to 1st chakra at the base of the spine.  This will bring us into the fourth levels of the Birth and Resurrection initiations.

 This is a month when the Soul plan will more deeply integrate itself into the form of our lives!  We will be dealing with evaluating our choices, commitments and developing a deeper sense of conscience.  Individual and group soul plan or destiny will become more accessible – if we have been responding to the energies in the previous months of the year.

 These soul shifts will create a reforming of the structure of reality I many ways.  This may bring up a sense of fear for the unhealed, wounded parts of self.  We may find ourselves wanting to go to old choices for a sense of familiar.  But we need to continue to look at the experience they create.  What works?  What serves?  This will be a time when truth and destiny will be the focus.  This will bring us into a greater awareness of what serves the highest good of a “we consciousness.”

 This is a time when we will begin to finally move outward after months of a lot of inner focus.  It is a time to focus on goals and clear, committed choices.  Issues with relationships, work, creativity and health will also be coming up. 

 As we integrate the new, we will continue to see a destruction of many old forms that no longer serve in this new structure of polarity healed. 

 As the old forms fall apart, we will continue to see the revelation of more corruptions and deceptions.  Economic systems will likely go through major changes.  (corporations and government)  Secret agendas may be revealed between the US, Israel and Great Britain.  Though they will be sure to try and cover it all up in hopes of keeping people in fear.

 As they continue to use fear tactics of supposed terrorism, people will begin to catch on to the agendas more fully.  Even the mainstream media may choose new content and become a part of a deeper truth.  Could create destabilization of economics and political concerns.

 We will most likely see a restructuring in the medical community, as well as insurances.  Corruptions revealed.   Won’t be popular as these truths come to the surface.  They will also try and cover it all.

 As Nibiru comes in during this month of may, we will find a pull of all that is held at the core….and a revelation of anything that stands in the way of the core, soul self.  It will ultimately be a time of restructuring what is of true value.  Choices may seem risky or radical. 

 It is a time to watch health and well-being.  Molecules and cells of body will be shifting.  That is how fully our reality is shifting.  As the immune system shifts, the body may be tired as it uses energy that it has not before, particularly if there is resistance to change or new choices.

 We may continue to see manifestations in the lower back, pelvis, hips, legs, feet, ankles and knees.  There will be activity in the genitals, as well as feelings of desire or bursts of creativity. 

 We know that this is a lot to consider.  However, we feel it is better to have an idea about why our lives will inevitably be going through major transitions.  If we can begin to trust that it is all working towards our healing, we will be more likely to take responsibility as awakening adults in a world that is learning to hold the space for the spiritual human experience.

 As we learn to stand in this new depth of truth, it is important to remember that we are not alone.  We can reach out to one another and support each other with tremendous compassion – encouraging one another to feel, express and release our childish fears and defenses.

 If there is anything that we can do to be of further help, please do not hesitate to write.  Blessings as we go through this together!

 Ron and Robert    Children of Light.com

Robert can be reached most conveniently by email (GabrielLt@aol.com) or by phoning 212-662-8631.

Finally, we include a website where those of you who live in the United States can go to let your voice be heard as issues continue to rise. This site will allow you to discover exactly who your representatives are. We suggest that the most powerful place to let your voice be heard is to your CONGRESS PEOPLE AND SENATORS.

The only way to let those we have elected know how important our personal freedoms are is to speak up. We have received a number of emails from people asking what they should say. We suggest that you simply speak from your hearts.

After reading our Monthly Weather Report, you might consider reading this page on another web site. It offers some intelligent comments about recent events in Congress and the oil agenda in the Middle East:


And we continue to share a web site where you can speak out about the issue of war:


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