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January 2, 2003              
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Greetings everyone! We have moved into a new year, and with that, we have moved into a zone where we are gathering light within ourselves. The new and higher frequencies which are entering our bodies at this time are a bit at odds with the lower frequencies we are used to carrying within us.

As the light energies enter our essences and infiltrate the entirety of our being-ness, our physical and etheric selves, our physical bodies are exhibiting many symptomologies in response.   Many of you are not sleeping well if at all.   As if you are laying there all night waiting for slumber to come, yet it does not.   You aren't particularly tired during the day, and in many cases, you are on "over drive" as many of you have reported feeling "wired".

You are also craving, needing certain foods which are unusual to your diet.   Others are craving certain tones, or music, hearing it in their heads until they can experience actually hearing it. Y ou see, each food that you crave, each set of tones or song that you hear carries with it certain harmonic frequencies.   As you experience that which your body is craving, you feel better.   You are giving yourself the attunement that you need for balance with the new frequencies.

Also at this time, it seems as if that which you have set forth is manifesting faster than you can grasp the reality.  At the same time, obstacles are occurring that would seem to upend the progress that is occurring.   It is time to mobilize yourselves into pro-action. I  n other words, as my good friend Bett says, you have to pray and move your feet.   In other words, you must be an active part of your own journey, assisting in your own visions of creation as to what your reality will be.   That which you wish or intend is the reality that you are creating.

So it is that to do this, you must take an active role in your own accomplishments!   When an obstacle presents itself, look past the obvious blockage and find the doorway that leads you to a different avenue of creation.   Do not believe in obstacles, rather see them as opportunities for change.   Perhaps something so simple as a change of perspective. There is nothing that you can't do!
I wish for each of you that which you see for your own aspects of creation. As I said, nothing is impossible if you simply believe in it.


Online Channeling January 2, 2003

Antua antallah entui ahlantan It is that we greet you from within the energies of that which was and is the eternal Beginning…

Dear Ones, it is that you have gained much in the past year as you have moved through the incoming energies and frequencies. You have experienced many, many changes within your existence, your homes, life, jobs and every other aspect of your existence in this life.

As you have moved through the incoming energy patterns, your DNA has initialized toward expansion, your brainwaves have begun to operate differently, your bodies have changed in an effort to maintain the higher vibrations that have infiltrated your very being and you have been downloaded with that which you need to know to move forward in this now, in this moment, toward your remembering of that which is Truth.

Each of you seeks Truth in your own way.  Each of you in all ways seeks the same Truth even though culturally or mentally you do not understand the Truth or method of others in your world who seek that same Truth as you. In such a way, you are beginning to come together as a world of One. It is not possible for you to exist symbiotically as different peoples with a vehemence of beliefs.

A difference of beliefs is a natural occurrence due to cultural teachings, that of your churches, and that  which is learned through your various evolutionary processes.

Many peoples move forward with their agendas in the name of God.   It is that we tell you that that which is God is that which is all things, all things being you.   In such a way then, each of you who moves forward in the name of God, moves forward within your own name as well… your own being-ness.   In doing so, you are representing the One in all that you do…

It is that each of you in every way must learn that it is not a matter of opinion or cultural, religious beliefs or even beliefs that have been taught in an earthly fashion, but to move past all of those beliefs to the knowing that which is Truth.   In such a way, you are then able to accept your neighbor, your brothers and sisters in Light as they are in essence, not as the ego from which either of you would present.

You see, Dear Ones, as the ego reigns, wars are born and damage is done.   Arise to your true selves and see past that which is the illusion to the reality of the opportunity at this time to move toward creation rather than destruction.   It is not a simple matter of wanting world or Universal Peace, but in being that which you project to all other things.

Greatness comes not from believing, but from knowing, and from what you do with that knowing.

There is coming to your world in the near future serious conflict which will be destructive to many.   Others are planning even larger destruction.   It is not that you must accept this destruction as a part of your reality as inevitable but rather for you to assist in changing that reality toward peaceful resolution and existence.

It is that this is not only possible but necessary for the survival of you as a people, as a planet.   Those technologies which have been developed within your realm are dangerous not only to your physical being-ness, but to your planet, your local celestial environment and further, out into the dimensions where others may be damaged as well.

As the negative energies of conflict and war are expended, they travel inter-dimensionally throughout the Universal process in the same way that all other energies travel…As these energies travel via the Universal process, they communicate every aspect of themselves thought the Universal mind, the harmonic frequencies, the very essence of being in all things.   As this occurs, the darkness is manifested, growing in strength and power,

In such a way, it is necessary to change the conscious to a higher sense of being toward shifting the balance of that which is light and that which is darkness toward an illuminated being-ness which is an existence of all beings toward the being-ness of the One as Light beings.

Many of you are innocent to that which we speak, having never experienced the horrors of destruction upon your own soil or even that of others except from a distance, or in fictitious ways as demonstrated by the imaginings of others, neither of which is reality.   Many of you have experienced second hand reality as also your technologies have provided, giving that second hand reality a distancing from that which is within your perceived reality.

In such a way, we tell you that the time has come for you that you must embrace those destructive tendencies of others as a fact of your existence.   In order to accept a reality you must first admit that it is part of you and your world.   In other words, Dear Ones, you cannot release anything that you have not yet owned.

Once you have accepted and embraced the realities of which we speak, you are then able to release them, changing the conscious perspective to one of peacefulness.   What we say to you is that that which you seek is as easy as changing your direction from origination within your thoughts, your mind and emotions, to that of your heart, your essence.

Any change may occur in such a way.

And so it is that we have other subjects we wish to speak of to you.   Dear Ones, the energetics which are incoming at this time are of major importance and effect.  They come to you in the form of wide band width.   In other words, they are deeply pulsating through your being-ness.   In such a way, your particulates are being divided, communicated with, and reset in form as each pulsation moves through you.   In such a way, in every moment of this time, the now time, you are being forever changed as beings.

As these changes occur, you are becoming more easily receptive to the knowings that we have spoken of earlier.  The conductivity of that which is you has changed and will continue to change.   Within these changes also occurs an evolutionary process within you that is unprecedented in the human race.

This evolutionary process carries with it a complete change in the way that the electromagnetic communication moves through, with and within you. There is an acceleration within you of all information and communication.  This acceleration involves not only your bodies, your energetic selves, your brains, but your very soul essence.

As the evolutionary changes within you accelerate the electromagnetic processes in such a way, you are becoming a transmitter and receiver of Universal information, that of the One in such a way that you are able to communicate instantaneously.  This also means instant manifestation as well.   Instant and absolute knowing, as the electromagnetic energies surge through you.   Not only is time as your comparative factor speeding up, you are speeding up as well.   In such a way, you are beginning to inherently act as the galactic beings that you are.   Soon you will be able to communicate telepathically as many of you do already.   Soon, your thoughts will be your instant reality.

In such a way, these changes mean that you must exercise caution in all that you do, for negativity cannot be allowed to be festered or propagated within this evolutionary process.   Rather, grasp this opportunity as one toward expansion of the Light forces, the Light energies which are coming to you at this time.

Imagine the expansion of this Light in, within and around all things.   Imagine that which is light is coming through you and that with a thought an action, a word, you are directing that light with your own energy.   It is so that you do.   And as you become conscious of your doing-ness, so you become the creator of miracles.   A miracle is an imagining which has come forefront into being.

In each moment, in every particle of every Now, there are miracles all around you.   We say to you not to wait for those miracles to come to you, rather for you to create that which is the miracle you seek.   And so it is.   Be in peace.   Be that which you are, all things, all things being you.

And such as it is we return to light.


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