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Lady Kadjina (Quan de Churnia) Speaks
January 19, 2003      Awakening-Healing News Index 2003

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More Solar Objects Photographed - Monitoring Ships   Strange Language Projected onto Dubai TV Screens - UFO Link

Wayne:  On January 14, 2003, there was a photo of the Sun that showed at least one strange object and some kind of “projection beam” or other type of trajectory and a filament coming out of the Sun. Can you tell us what these are and what’s going on here? 

Have we not been through this before? (smiles)  This is Quan de Churnia here again.  How many times have we answered this type of question and told you there would be many more of these things?  I am Commander-in- Chief of the object that we have named Tetros, which is another way of saying ‘the second Earth.’ 

And we’ve also spoken to you of several objects that go in and out of the Sun and at that time we told you from our perspective that the Sun is not hot.  The Sun works upon your Earth plane as the light of the Sun works through a magnifying glass creating heat.  It shines off of and through particles of various types, creating heat upon your Earth plane.

. What you are seeing here is another object that belongs to my fleet of many objects.  This particular object travels on an electronic type of beltway.  It moves at a tremendously high rate of speed, leaving behind it something similar to a fast-forward track on some types of film that you have.  And of course with these craft we use tracking devices and they also create a honing beam and these two types of energies together have created something similar to a roadway, if you would.  Now the filament arc that you are asking about is just a normal breathing portal, if you would.  The Sun is a sentient being.  She’s alive.  If this were not so, she could not give life-sustaining properties to your planet.  And so the Sun breathes and this is the way that she manifests the way in which she breathes. 

You’re asking what we are doing with this object.  We are on a fact-finding mission and we are working to gather information throughout this quadrant of the galaxy.  We have sensory stations set up on many planets that monitor the activities, not only of Planet Earth, but of many planets in this quadrant.  We keep a close surveillance on all of the planets and stars.  All of us move forward in consciousness and synchronicity with one another.  In many respects this quadrant has been held back from its full potential because Earth has been lagging behind and has not lived up to her destiny at this point in time.  Now that Earth is coming into her own and will be ready to manifest and implement the many expressions of light in every system of Planet Earth as a sentient being, together will all the human institutional structuring, we are checking to make sure that all systems are ‘go’ with every planet and star that will be interacting with Planet Earth as she comes into her own as the communications hub of this quadrant.

Following the year 2007, up through approximately 2010, the numbers of UFO observations will escalate by 300% the first year, clear up to 1000% by the year 2010.  During this timespan many technologies in the way of transportation will be given to you. 

In the year 2007, Planet Earth and her many peoples will be ready for new forms of planetary self-government, under the guidance and direction of the light.  The beings who will be in at the head of these various self-governing bodies are in place upon the planet and are very knowledgable as to how to make sure that there is enough water, food, housing, education, and medicine for everyone on the planet.

The original Constitution of the United States, with its original intentions and purposes, will be upgraded, so to speak, and extended to every form of life upon this planet.  All animals will be seen to have the same rights to happiness as do the humans.  And all of your trees will also be declared to have rights and no longer will they be toppled at the whim of humans.  Schools will begin to teach the very young to have a deep respect for themselves, for each other, and for the very soil upon which they walk.

And so our function with these many, many great ships that you are going to be seeing is for the purpose of bringing technologies to Earth; monitoring many levels of activity throughout the galaxy; serving as living quarters while we’re on a mission; serving as a laboratory with small minicraft that can go anywhere in this quadrant, even to Earth; to serve as transporters carrying individuals back and forth, and who have a need for the information that we have in our possession.

Some of our equipment is of a type that has the ability to totally disable some of the technologies upon the Earth that are not conducive to the highest good of all humans and all forms of life.  We can step in and help with this when humanity’s collective consciousness has turned away from war and is firmly grounded in the desire for peace. 

Wayne: Earlier this month, there was a report of a UFO sighting over Deira, Dubai (reported in the al-Khaleej Newspaper in the United Arab Emirates, January 12-14).  Along with this sighting, there was a report in the local paper that TV screens had broadcast what appears to be a strange symbolic language.  The hieroglyphics seem similar to the ones that were supposedly found on a metallic beam recovered after the apparent UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947..  Can you tell us if this is related to the UFO sighting in Dubai, how it got onto the TV screens, and what this language is trying to say?

There are groups of humans whose key energy function is to decode these hieroglyphics.  You, Wayne, have the capacity to do this if and when you choose to do so.  And this is done through the utilization of mental telepathy and astral projection, the ability to visualize, and also through the use of the many nadial sensories that are built into the systems of certain humans.
Now even though all humans have the same number of chakras, they are not all tuned to the same frequencies. 

It’s much like a radio—a radio is simply a radio until you tune it to a certain frequency in order to hone in on a particular broadcast.  And this has to do with what we call humans who are key energies.  They are tuned to a particular frequency in order to receive and implement certain information.

And so with these pictures, first of all it was imperative that people know that we are here and that we are desirous to begin communications with you.  This particular TV screen contains certain encodements that can be translated by a group of individuals who live not only in that region, but in other parts of the world as well.

Now certain metals such as gold are used as transducers.  In your ancient scriptures gold was used extensively in the Temple of Solomon and in the workings of the Arc of the Covenant.  Gold has certain alchemical properties and since there is, as you pointed out, much interest in gold in that area, and the encodements have to do with the ways of utilizing the properties of the gold that runs through certain veins in that region.  You have been told of certain crystal grid systems; there is also a type of trans-conductor that utilize the properties of gold in their relays of information systems. 

Wayne: What civilization are you from and how did you do it?

Well, technically we are not a civilization.  We are more a federation made up of beings from many places.  We don’t think in terms of civilization in the same way that Earth beings do. From our perspective there is only one civilization and soon upon Planet Earth there will only be one civilization made up of many beings with a wide range of DNA encodements and frequencies, each contributing to the highest good of the entire civilization.

As to how we did it, for one thing we used the gold in the region and we have the ability to intercept any and all communication upon Planet Earth and interject whatsoever we choose to.  We have already done this with the heads of state of many governments and because we have this capacity is the reason why some governments felt it necessary to implement the various star-wars types of programs into their military.

But those of us who had encampments on the backside of the Moon told your early moonwalkers to ‘get lost’ and we meant it, and so they have not returned.  You will not be allowed to continue in these explorations until you reach the consciousness of the highest good of all.  When you understand the meaning of “Do unto others…” then you will understand that when the others want to search you for weapons of mass destruction, then that is indeed their right. 

Wayne: Could I be so bold as to ask what the hieroglyphics say?

We cannot give you a direct translation at this time.  It is for those who have the capacity to understand.  The information in the wrong hands would not be beneficial at this time.  But we can tell you this: it is a message of great hope for humanity and in essence it is saying what we have already said, that there are four years of struggle left, and for everyone to put in place the higher technologies.  Awakening-Healing News Index 2003

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