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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Imix, 19 Chen, 11 Ik   1/21/03

Selamat Jarin! We are here, dear Hearts! Many things are unfolding on your world. In this message, our focus will be to continue our discussion regarding the events occurring now before our eyes.  First contact involves not merely our grand reunion, but is concerned, as well, with the full return of the Light to your world.  Heaven wishes to reintroduce to you its many sacred Orders.  The first to appear will be Earth's Ascended Masters, whose primary task is to oversee our operations.  Their helpful and wise assistance has allowed our liaisons and our earthly allies to work much more effectively together.  Moreover, the many Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods of Mother Earth's Ascended Masters have given us the guidance needed to prepare you for the approaching Earth changes.  Be aware that these changes will manifest fully only after you have been safely evacuated from your present surface societies.  We have firmly held to this position since this first contact mission began.  Your transformation is crucial to the progressive unfolding of physicality - in fact, you will be an extremely critical component in the revelations of the next few decades.

      In coming years, you will transform yourselves and your world, as well. Your technologies and your manifested abilities will reverse the pollution that now fouls your air, land and water.  Moreover, you will unite with the peoples of Inner Earth once again to establish the migration that will return your sister-worlds, Mars and Venus, to their original states.  Finally, we will assist you in reconstructing the asteroid belt to its original form - the large water-planet that most of you know as 'Maldek'.  These events will create a solar system star-nation that will become an influential member of the Galactic Federation of Light.  As part of this process, you will begin a 'remembrance' - a special, sacred training that will reunite you with your many heavenly Life-streams.  At the moment, Heaven is completing this procedure, which requires your return to full consciousness.  The next step - manifestation of Earth's legions of Ascended Masters among you - is Heaven's most cherished role in the present first contact mission.

      The Ascended Masters wish to impart their wisdom directly to you. In the past, the appointed minions of the Anunnaki manipulated many philosophical orders and faiths, distorting the wisdom uttered by the Ascended Masters during their various times among you. Now, they wish to correct this wrongdoing and mend the great divisions that have grown up among you. The moment has arrived for a great epoch of peace and cooperation among the many nations and cultures of your world. This planet has passed through a long, dark night. A new day is dawning and, with it, an infinitely great miracle. One aspect of this wondrous event will be a combined message from the Ascended Masters. Their message is about permanent peace and the endless circle of Love that surrounds you. It will concern the Divine Will's return, in full force, to your world. This Divine Will will come not in anger, but in Love; not with fearsome thoughts, but only with perfect grace and full forgiveness for all that previously has occurred.

      This is a time of dramatic changes, which will prevent unnecessary war in the Middle East and decisively fling from power those in North America who have illegally seized control of your planet's lone remaining superpower.  The manifestation of the Ascended Masters will occur simultaneously.  Heaven will need to soften the shock of these events.  Heaven wishes to let you know what is occurring and what it expects of you.  The Light holds no secrets.  It has only held back, temporarily, while the forces of good worked their magic.  That magic is about to manifest a new perception of your reality, and to redefine wealth and power.  Heaven wishes to play its sacred role in this operation, which focuses on the unparalleled re-education of the peoples of this globe.  This project is dear to the hearts of Earth's Ascended Masters, who desire to assist in the 'education' of Earth's citizenry.  They wish to pass on an entire body of wisdom concerning the need to care deeply for Mother Earth and her divine ecosystem.

      When the final mass landings occur, Heaven will accompany our ships. Until then, this process will move forward gradually but inconsistently.  Similarly, the Ascended Masters will first appear in many locations around your globe.  They wish to help the peacemakers and to assist in transforming the enormous barriers that have been used to separate you.  Now, it is crucial for you to perceive the Truths in your beliefs, as well as the many lies that the Anunnaki's earthly minions previously had planted.  These falsehoods must be purged, so that the true essences of the Ascended Masters' original messages may now be faithfully imparted.  Next, a succession of new and up-to-date messages must be given.  They have been hinted at in many of the wisdoms that Heaven has recently transmitted to a series of special, earth-bound 'channelers'.  As these events are revealed to you, Heaven will give you a way to increase your understanding of their significance.

      Yet another instrument of the divine are the many groups of gifted children who now abound upon your world.  They have arrived to assist Heaven in your preparation and to act as key assistant teachers for the Ascended Masters.  Each of these specially chosen children has come to explain, show and teach by example.  Once again, the age of parable is alive on Earth!  Most of you have been acculturated into a world that is now dying.  Although outwardly, it still seems quite alive, in fact, it realizes that its 'transition' is indeed in progress.  The rise of a worldwide movement for peace, and the many messages of the 'children' are only a few of the signs of this growing decay.  Those who control your world are beginning to follow the way of their former off-world masters, and are joining the Light.  As a result, the children's messages are being more widely heard.  The messages of the 'cetacean nation' are also becoming more mainstream.

      For a very long time, the cetaceans have been this planet's main guardians.  Together with a number of human shamans, they have kept Mother Earth's ecosystem flourishing.  The connection between them and the children is a natural continuation of present events.  Your beloved world, also, is preparing itself to shift into a fully conscious realm.  For that reason, dear Ones, you have arrived at this special moment in your Earth's history. It is destined to transform you swiftly into a new species of Earth human - homo galacticus (galactic human). This Being is the reason for our coming and for Heaven's great interest in you.  The special children are here to help you and, soon after, to become the leaders of a new star-nation.  With the Ascended Masters, they will lead you into a new era of peace and cooperation.  Our mission is to serve as midwives for this most welcome birthing.

      Clearly, many things are occurring and more are about to unfold.  Our task is to use these events to create a new reality. First contact is the point at which you are transformed from a closed society, overpowered by its divisions and its beliefs, to an inclusive one that accepts new beliefs and encourages harmony and a never-ending quest for the Truth.  You will receive that Truth.  Be prepared to acknowledge quickly that many of your most profound beliefs are wrong.  You will develop your Science and expand your philosophies in ways yet unheard of, resulting in a glittering union of these now-contradictory  elements.  Your society, too, will be transformed.  Distribution of power and wealth will improve.  The rights of a justly sovereign citizenry will be acknowledged.  The privileges of the few will be transformed into the rights of all.

      Today, we have continued our discussion of forthcoming events. We ask you to maintain undivided focus and absolute commitment to your success. We in the Galactic Federation of Light unite with heaven in assuring you that whatever you and your reality require for the process of transformation is completely under way. The time for many wondrous events is near. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the unending Supply and eternal Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)       Awakening-Healing News Index 2003

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