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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy
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9 Men, 13 Yax, 11 IK    February 4, 2003     Awakening-Healing News Index 2003

  Greetings, dear Hearts! We return! Even though your world is
undeniably in turmoil, behind the scenes, many things are
unfolding.  Events are on schedule for a major announcement that
will drastically change your world
. With it will occur the outcome for
which we have longed, the opportunity to step formally out of the
shadows and explain to you who and what we truly are.  For far too
long, we have had to endure a vast cover-up of our existence. 
Those in power have used this curtain to conceal a wide array of
crimes.  They have hidden a huge inventory of technologies from
you and used the massive build-up of the combined
military-industrial-entertainment complex to hide their true
purposes.  These powerful families fear you deeply and worry
constantly about your growing potential.  They know what your
freedom represents and they are not anxious to let go of you.  Yet,
like Moses, the forces of freedom have grown strong and are now
confronting this vast and oppressive monster - this new Egypt. 
And, as in the Exodus, we are ready to do Heaven's bidding and to
bring you to a richly deserved land filled with Freedom and abundance.

      First contact is an extraordinary turning point in your history. It
is the one event that will completely sever you from your past. First
contact will bring new governments, a new economic and financial
system and an end to the utter greed and power that long have
ruled your days
. Heaven has brought us here to liberate you from
the clutches of an unforgiving darkness.  This darkness has
reached the point where its vile schemes have even become a
gross insult to the divine plan, and to the local Spiritual Hierarchy
that so graciously and compassionately watches over you.
Therefore, the time has come to encourage our earthly allies to go
forth and free this planet from the hypocrisy that tightly controls
your last remaining superpower.  To this end, we pledge our full
assistance, the use of our fleet and the good offices of our liaison
boards.  We urge long-promised events to manifest now.  We ask
you, dear allies, to officially declare what you need from us in these
matters.   Many months ago, a plan of action was formally drafted. 
If any corrections are needed, we ask you to step forward and
explain them to us.

      We are ready, dear Hearts, to do whatever is necessary to
usher you into a new reality. In this cause, we ask for your
assistance.  Continue to put pressure on your governments.  Let
them know the reasons for your disaffection.  Tell them what you
really desire. In turn, we know that your actions will strongly
encourage like-minded individuals to declare a dramatic end to this
illegal governance.  Having done so, they will need strong and
constant popular support.  Prepare to use your knowledge to give
others a better understanding of these extraordinary events.
Remember, also, who you are and do not resort to acts of
vengeance.  Be gracious and forgive those who so harshly sought
to rule you.  Bear in mind that each one of you is an actor upon this
earthly stage.  Their role was as the villain who seemed, at first, to
be the hero.  Soon, when the truth is revealed, indescribable
emotional distress will be unleashed upon them.  You will act as
conciliators and teach others by your example.  Be ready: know
what is occurring and how to keep the situation under control.

     In turn, we will use our time in public view to assist you in these
matters.  You must gain a new perspective on your history. Nearly
13 millennia of darkness are coming to an end.  You have stood on
the precipice and proved your mettle. Now, it is our earthly allies'
turn to do the same. It is the moment for them to demonstrate their
true beliefs
- something we have dearly supported for more than 5
years. These agreements, which have Heaven's full support, will
allow a new reality to be revealed. That reality flourishes within
each one of you. It is bringing you to the point at which your
personal sovereignty can be legally acknowledged. This means
that your Liberty, now, is no longer merely a welcome phrase, but
a true necessity. The moment for you to become fully conscious
.  Our task is to wholly encourage and completely support
this process.  Thus, we have written this message not only to you,
but to those, also, who so dearly wish for the immediate
transformation of your world.

      This is not only a change in consciousness, but also the
reconstruction of a reality
. These processes are not unique but
are, in fact, deeply related.  As we have mentioned on many
previous occasions, full consciousness nurtures an environment of
responsible freedom and purposeful sovereignty, which cannot
exist with misunderstandings and fruitless aggressions.  Instead, a
realm based upon harmony and cooperation is the norm.   The
future devised by your present rulers is incompatible with this
manifesting new reality.  Therefore, this vile abomination must be
redressed and transformed. And, because we expect certain
events to gloriously unfold in a most productive and meaningful
way, we must solemnly request that whatever is ready, now, be
manifested.  In these times so fraught with peril, the edicts of the
divine plan must become your reality.  Anything less would be most
unsatisfactory to Heaven.

      We implore those who have the power to alter the present
state of affairs, to do so. We have provided the vital technology
and background support you had previously requested. Now, we
ask these things to be done, and to be done now. First Contact is
an operation that we sincerely trust will begin with you. We wish to
explain ourselves to you, and to demonstrate our true benevolence
and our fervent support of the sacred decrees of the divine plan. 
We are with the Great Ones of Heaven, who govern our actions.
Thus far, this strategy has led us to a general surveillance of
Mother Earth and to secret negotiations that have motivated us to
assist our earthly allies.  Nonetheless, the time has come for action
and we know that this urgent message will have positive results.

      As to us, we have several contingencies already under way.
Our primary purpose remains, above all, to ensure your return to
full consciousness, and to a world based upon peace and
.  When we arrived here, your local Spiritual Hierarchy
welcomed us.  Through their efforts, this first contact mission has
undergone a great deal of change.  Many times, our plans were
altered and the composition of our fleet changed.   Yet, we
remained committed to the triumphant realization of our mission.
Now, the time has arrived when we feel that we must issue a
clarion call for action. Once again, we call upon our earthly allies to
act.  Do not let any sudden, tragic event or any other eventuality
prevent you from seeing your role in this difficult operation through
to its inevitable conclusion.

      First contact has become a matter of absolute importance to
the Galactic Federation of Light.
Grave consequences will result if
this mission does not succeed as planned.  As fully conscious
Beings, we know that your future, and ours, is bright.  With every
day, the time for our reunion draws nearer.  Although now, we have
hit an obstacle in our journey, we know that together, our efforts
will lead to success for all.  Those who have stepped forward to
assist you, both on your world and in space, have done so
because of their deep commitment to the Light.  For that reason, it
is important to remain positive and to focus totally upon our
success.  Remember, dear Hearts, the sacred purpose for which
we have joined together - to form your new reality and to achieve,
as one, our shared and glorious destiny.

      Today, we have delivered a clarion call to action. We ask you
to carry out these tasks even as you read this message. We are
convinced that all that needs to be done will be completed
according to plan.  We thank you wholeheartedly for your support
and request your gracious perseverance.  Together, we shall be
victorious!  We now take our leave. Blessings!  Know in your Heart
of Hearts, dear Ones, that the infinite Supply and Abundance of
Heaven is yours!   So Be It!   Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for
Be One! Be in Joy!)
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