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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy
and the Galactic Federation of Light

3 Ik, 0 Zac, 11 Ik    February 11, 2003
Greetings! We return! In our last message, we explained to our earthly
allies the urgency for action. Now, we wish to add that we have also
studied our present scenarios and reordered our fleet's priorities. It is
imperative that changes required by your global society be made
immediately.  In order to carry them out, we have appealed, once more, to
your local Spiritual Hierarchy for guidance.  Whatever we can do, dear
Hearts, will be achieved only at the behest, and with the full approval, of
Heaven.  This means that we will act when Heaven deems fit.  And, because
these actions must occur, we are determined that this message serve its
divine purpose, and spur our allies to action.  Remember that we are
capable of pursuing and successfully completing these actions unaided, if
need be.  We would like to resolve them together, according to the
provisions of our previously signed agreements.  Now is the time for a
mutual declaration that a new reality, filled with peace, freedom and
prosperity, will be delivered to the peoples of Earth.

      This eternal longing for freedom and prosperity exists throughout your
globe.  For too long, an economic and political system based on want,
hatred and power has warped your world, leading to petty wars, wanton
disregard of your personal sovereignty and governments whose sole
purpose is to enrich themselves while serving their powerful masters.
This has been your lot for many millennia.  Only names and places have
changed.  >From the 15th to the 19th Centuries, the Ascended Masters
pioneered concepts that, at first glance, seemed to continue these
practices.  Yet, within these financial and governmental instruments were
hidden the foundations of a new reality, whose dates had assigned their
maturity to the present era.  Accordingly, the moment has now arrived for
these deeds to be accomplished.  Henceforth, we, together with the
Ascended Masters and a number of international institutions, will apply
pressure for these things to be achieved.

      Formerly, these legal and financial domains ordered various monetary
instruments to be delivered.  In the realm of law, this last cabal's
unauthorized actions have been clearly stated, and strict orders
demanding their immediate abdication conveyed.  What is lacking is the
necessary resolve to finish what so magnificently has been begun.  To this
end, we are most grateful to the Ascended Masters for taking it upon
themselves to intervene more directly.  Yet, this last stubborn cabal has
continuously demonstrated its inability to be trusted, or to do anything that
does not serve its purpose.  This cabal wishes to draw your world into a
monstrous conflict and to unleash the catastrophic capabilities of the dark
atomic genie.  Further, this same cabal has perversely continued to pursue
space weaponry.  We find this absolutely unacceptable!  That Apollo 13
carried such outlawed weaponry nearly led to its outright destruction,
forcing us to issue edicts that put a hasty end to your Apollo space
program.  Manned space flight, which we have carefully monitored for the
past 40 years, has consistently been confined to the near-Earth orbit.

      Thus, this cabal has a long history of defying those whose basic goal is
to establish equality and nurture a harmonious and peaceful world. It
globally trumpets these principles, yet manages only to exhibit its
hypocrisy. It must be known that they are not alone in their treachery.
Many nations in Europe, Africa, Oceania and the Americas share a similar
like-minded history and policies. What is unique, now, is that a bold
consensus has emerged that can usher your world toward a much different
and kinder destiny.  This coalition is built around a vast fund that contains
countless trillions of dollars.  Its delivery will catapult your world into a new
system of banking and finance that will provide you the resources to end
poverty, clean up your environment and make available a veritable army of
presently suppressed technologies.  This package will include the
wherewithal to end wars and lay the foundations for a new global
community.  At this very moment, the means by which it will unfold is
occurring in the financial capitals of your world.

      Similarly, the foundation for a new global political system has been
established in a number of nations in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the
Americas.  This political system will overthrow the illegal cabal and put into
place a system to strikingly end their phony 'war on terrorism' and allow a
shining new era of freedom and true democracy to blossom on Mother
Earth.  We heartily support these events, and yearn for their immediate
manifestation. Still, this last cabal looms menacingly over your globe. An
end to its present tyranny is the world's most transcendent hope for the
sparkling new world shown you by Heaven.  Thus, we sit, now, and watch
the events as they play out before us.  Again, we offer our earthly allies
whatever they may need to achieve a swift and compelling victory. Dear
Ones, these announcements must be made, and the agreements that we
all jointly signed demand action, now.

      Accordingly, we have planned in detail various unilateral actions that
we will implement only if your world needs them, and if Heaven agrees with
our plans.  For the first time since the end of the 'Cold War', your world is
caught in the midst of an extremely critical situation. This crisis can be
easily resolved. Its solution is clear. We call upon our allies to formally
request our help. We possess technologies that can obliterate anything
that opposes them.  Here, again, we caution you that we will kill no one. Our
Motherships can easily accommodate the entire population of your world.
We also have monitoring equipment that has kept everyone on your planet
under observation. We know what you are thinking and what are your true
desires. Our technology, also, can block and neutralize any that you might
possess. The time has come for action!

      Our plans are extremely comprehensive. For the last few years, we
have adhered to the strict provisions of the agreements that we signed with
our earthly allies.  These documents demanded a definite timeframe for
implementation.  In accordance with their stipulations, we have issued a
series of public calls to action that stated that, after a certain time, we
would be free to implement them unilaterally.  Now, that time is quickly
drawing near.  In America, we know that those who have sworn to end the
illegal rule of this last cabal are feeling the heavy burden of external
pressure.   Your world's financial and legal communities are demanding
action.  This cabal has delayed various legal orders and prevented the
delivery of certain large financial instruments.  Their unending duplicity and
stubbornness have become legendary.  Again, we state, the time has
arrived for action!

      Your world is on the brink of a truly magnificent reality. There, at last,
you will achieve your destiny and become fully conscious Beings of Light!
As physical Angels, you will sustain your beautiful Mother Earth and the
rest of your solar system, as well as the vastness that is physicality. In that
new form, you may well laugh at what is occurring now.  At this moment,
however, it no doubt seems rather distressing.  Here, we ask you to remain
focused and wholeheartedly committed to peace, and to success.  Many
wonderful events are unfolding.  Many unspeakable acts will not.  The
crucial component remains your own positive intentions.  Together, dear
Hearts, we can, and will, succeed!  Never lose sight of who you really are,
and of the heavenly power that faithfully supports you! Remember that
together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have resumed our discussion of prevailing events. As ever,
you remain the key component.  Recognize your growing power and use it
to transform your world.  Bear always in mind that you are undergoing an
unprecedented transformation.
An undeniable aspect of this is a final
phase that is rife with the potential for chaos.  We now take our leave!
Blessings, dear Ones!  In your Heart of Hearts, know that the never-ending
Supply and Abundance of Heaven is yours!   So Be It! Selamat Gajun!
Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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