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Experiment Earth

9D Nibiruan Council Update
January, 2003                                    Awakening-Healing News Index 2003
By Devin/Jelaila

Greetings beloved ones of Earth,

It is with great joy that we share this update.  For those who have been aware of our work over the last several years this time represents a culmination, a completion.  The most difficult part of our work is done.  Like most other groups working with your planet, we have a specific set of tasks or assignments we have agreed to do.  Our work involves creating grids and templates that will enable you to reach the highest level of ascension, along with providing you the required processes for emotional clearing and DNA Recoding necessary to create them.  Our work also involves firing the codes of those on Earth who have agreed to assist in these efforts. The name we have given our project is, Project Earth Shift. The updates we have given along the way are updates to inform you of our progress. We’d like to take this opportunity to recap the work we have done up to this point as we feel it will explain more fully our involvement with Earth. Before we begin we feel it important that we explain Mother Earth’s role in all of this.

Earth is the third of 3 Grand Experiments in Polarity Integration.  This means that she is a special planet set aside from all others and populated with every species in the known universe for the specific purpose of integration.  In this melting pot of species, and with the aid of highly evolved incarnated souls and their angels/guides, it is hoped that full integration of the Light and Dark can be achieved.  If this occurs, peace will reign in the galaxy and universe.  Why? Each species will have the blueprint, created in the Grand Experiment by their star-seeded children, to resolve any conflict no matter how ancient.  It is these painful, ancient irresolvable conflicts between races and species that have resulted in numerous galactic wars that have brought about the necessity of this experiment.  If Earth fails to achieve full integration, the galaxies will be destroyed because there won’t be any way to resolve the conflicts.  If Earth succeeds and peace is established, the Polarity Game will end and all souls who achieved integration will have the opportunity to move on to other realms and create new universes and games through which they can continue to learn and grow. 

Full integration means achieving compassion.  Compassion is the midpoint between the two polarities of Light and Dark. It is also the neutral point and the Void of Infinite Creation both represented by the Fibronacci Spiral and the number 9.  Nine is the number of beginnings and endings, hence the Void.  Doesn’t the number 9 when turned upside down look like this spiral?  So, Earth must achieve ascension to the 9th dimension not to the 5th dimension as you may have been told in order to complete the universe and the Polarity Game.  To achieve a 9th dimensional level of ascension and full integration we needed a series of higher level electromagnetic grids constructed around and overlaying the 3rd dimensional grid on your planet and anchored in at the same grid points.  Before we go further, let’s define grids and their purpose.

Electromagnetic grids provide the foundation or infrastructure of each dimension.  They can be likened to the electrically charged grid in the ceiling of those bumper car rides that you find in your amusement parks.  Each car is connected to the grid in the ceiling by way of a long pole through which run electrical wires. You are connected to the electromagnetic grid that surrounds your planet via what is known as your neural net or network.  This network is composed of neurons and neural pathways through which the neurons travel.  Each pathway represents a behavior.  Each time you learn a new behavior a neural pathway is added to your neural net.

Like the bumper cars, if you become disconnected from the electrical grid you lose all power and are dead in the water, so to speak.  When it comes to grids, if you become disconnected, you lose your memory. Why?  Your memory both personal and collective is stored in the grid and it is through your neural network that you access it. (collective memory= “Akashic Records.”)  To bare this out let us give an example.  When the grid shakes as it does when hit by solar flares you temporarily lose your connection to it.  Each time your lose your connection you lose access to both your short and long term memory.  To regain access to your memory you have to reset the connection and tune back in.  When your grid vibrates too much or for too long it makes it very hard to stay connected to it.  Your grid is shaking a lot these days, which means that you are having trouble staying connected to it.  When one has to work that hard to stay connected, it drains life force resulting not only in a loss of short and long term memory, but mental acuity as well. Let’s continue.

Within each grid are stored templates.  Templates can be likened to computer software discs.  Each contains belief systems and their corresponding behavior patterns and can be felt but not seen, at least not from your vantage point. The templates determine what and how you think and behave.  Together their combined level of integration determines the state of your mass consciousness.  The more polarized the templates the more dysfunctional and imbalanced the civilization.  Back to the analogy of the bumper cars, if you were to insert templates/software into the cars’ electric grid containing programs that controlled the cars’ movements, the people in the cars would have to either go along with this new change or make the conscious choice to exit the cars.  DNA Recoding is an example of a choice to leave the bumper cars and their existing programming in order to create a new set of behaviors based on fully integrated templates. 

Currently the templates in the 3D grid control the majority of people on this planet.  The choices you have made to step beyond those templates and grid have created the 4D, 5D and now 9d grids.  You connect to the higher grids by embracing the belief systems and corresponding behaviors within their templates.  As you do this you, in essence, form new neural networks within your brain that resonate to the same frequency as the grids to which you are connecting.  The higher the grid that you embrace the higher the frequency of your neural net…and you…and your DNA since embracing more integrated templates results in a change in your DNA.  Let’s digress a moment to explain the purpose of DNA Recoding.  Through the DNA Recoding process you consciously create a new neural net that supports a new type of DNA, crystalline DNA and its corresponding compassion-based state of consciousness.  The compassion-based state of consciousness is found in the 9th Dimension.  As stated earlier, 9D is the dimension at which the Game ends.  So DNA Recoding enables you to get connected to the 9D Grid through your 9D-level neural net and crystalline DNA so that you can end the Game and move on to even more exciting places.  Let’s continue.

We cannot create the grids alone.  We need your help to make them. When you provide the impetus that creates a grid (144,000 people representing the 12 Primary Universal DNA strands and sub strands corresponding to the 12 levels, and 12 octaves within each level, of consciousness represented by the 12 Rays) making the same choice at the same exact moment) we (“we” includes among others, the Kryon group of magnetic engineers who construct grids) are then able to create its structure.  Creating templates is also a joint effort but unlike a grid, they require only one individual making a conscious choice to act out of love or instead of fear in response to a particular situation (the 100th Monkey Theory**) for their creation.

In keeping with our plan, each grid would be of a higher frequency than the one before it thus acting as a stair step out of the 3rd dimensional reality/grid in which you were held.  The first part of or work included a mass awakening of spiritually encoded individuals.  Their purpose was to create a new paradigm of spirituality and through which a 4th dimensional grid could be created.  For this we turned to the Christos Office, the management office of Earth’s heirs, formerly known as the Sirians of Sirius B. In 1987 at an event called Harmonic Convergence that grid was created.  It represented the Spiritual Path, the first step out of 3D and also paved the way for higher-level grids, each supporting higher levels of consciousness coming to Earth in the form of teachers and teachings.  We call this grid the Christ Consciousness Grid. It heralded a return to spirituality from which the people had turned with the advent of science. 

In the years between 1987 and 1994 we focused on creating templates for the 4D grid while preparing for a 5D grid.  When ascending a planet, an informationgrid must be created as part of the process in order to give the people all the information that has been hidden to that they can make informed choices regarding their ascension.  As this information is revealed people writhe in pain from the betrayal and dishonesty.  Yet it is at this point that they must make decisions as to what they will do, what actions they will take.  Will they take responsibility as Creator God/Goddesses or react with anger, as victims will do?   If they become victims their ascension will stop at 5D.  If they take responsibility their pain, when transmuted into compassion could fuel a quantum leap in ascension cutting the amount of time and work by many years.

In 1996 the 5D Ascension Grid was created through the combined efforts of those we awakened and activated in the First Wave* (1994-1996) along with a new race of beings who began incarnating on Earth as early as the 1960s whom we call the Spider People.  You have several names for them of which Indigos is the most common.  This race is known throughout the galaxy for their ability to create technological webs. In return for assistance in reintegrating lower chakra emotions, which they had lost, they agreed to create a “web” through which you could access all information.  You know it as the World Wide Web, or Internet.

In the years between 1996 and 2001 we were busy helping you to create more integrated templates via emotional clearing in preparation for what we hoped would be a 9th dimensional grid.  Those who awakened during this time experienced accelerated emotional clearing with a greater degree of physical and emotional symptoms than ever before. They were clearing thousands of lifetimes on many dimensions within a few years.  This intense clearing paved the way for a quantum leap in consciousness that would negate the need for a longer ascension process involving the creation of a 6D, 7D and 8D grid.

In 2001, the Dark took what they believed at the time would be the final step needed to assure Earth’s enslavement, the events of 9/11. They had a target date of 2001 to have the Earth totally under their control.  Because the First Wavers* had done their work and created the 5D grid and templates the Dark was taken by surprise.  Instead of becoming completely enslaved a new grid was created providing a clear path to freedom.  The Dark’s plan…a plan that has been carefully designed and instigated for thousands of years…was foiled and their goal unachieved.  The new grid was a real problem for the Dark because it was composed of Compassion, the highest frequency in the universe and the one force over which they were powerless because it neutralized everything.  The Dark knew that if the people created a grid of this nature there was no way they could ever control them because the people could integrate any fear-based weapon or situation the Dark could create. At this point the race began. The Dark regrouped while we continued our plan of integration with stepped up emotional clearing creating even more integrated templates.  The new templates for the 9D grid would have to be the most compassionate and completely integrated so that they neutralized any polarization, any fear.  When you reach a place of compassion or neutrality there is no more fighting…the conflict ends and its energy dissolves back into the Void.  To accomplish this monumental task we would need more galactic encoded individuals. It was at this point that the Second Wave was awakened and activated.

The Dark’s new deadline for global domination was now December 31, 2002.   The Dark would do all in its power to stop the integration process and enslave the planet.  One of their primary devices would be a frequency fence constructed around the planet that would control the people on a biochemical level via scalar waves (read 9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2003). We, on the other hand would bring in all the help required to complete the templates.  If all of the 9D templates were completed by the end of December and the grid anchored into the planet, freedom along with ascension to the highest level would be assured for everyone who wanted it.  The Dark would only be able to enslave those who chose to remain in 3D. On the other hand, if we did not succeed and the Dark completed their frequency fence first, the people would never get beyond 5D which means the planet would either be enslaved or destroyed.  We know this because 5D is the level at which the 2nd Earth Grand Experiment ended.  On the 2nd Grand Experiment, as all the secrets were revealed the people could not process the overwhelming pain of betrayal and dishonesty due to the fact that they didn’t have a Compassion Grid nor templates containing formulas for transmuting their pain into compassion.  As a result, they took up arms against one another and eventually their warring destroyed the planet. The Dark doesn’t want Earth destroyed, they want to enslave it, hence their idea of a frequency fence, a weapon they tried to use on the 2nd grand experiment, but didn’t get erected nor perfected in time.

As of December 27, 2002 all of the 9D templates have been completed and the grid securely anchored in Mother Earth.  The final template symbolizing a lock that secured the 9D Grid was completed on December 15, 2002.  We won the race!  The Dark’s frequency fence is still several months away from completion.  With this final template in place ascension out of a 3rd dimensional reality to a 9th dimensional reality is assured.  Now you are free to ascend and create a fully integrated reality.  This means that you can have harmony in diversity.  You don’t have to polarize to the Light or to the Dark, creating hive minds or collectives nor societies based on war. You can have a society where oneness is understood and each individual is free to choose his/her own thoughts and make choices while still connected to All in Oneness.  This is unprecedented in the universe!  And, you have done it!  Please don’t ever let anyone convince you that Earth was a lost cause or an experiment that went wrong.  It was always in perfection.

In 2003 -2005 the Third and final wave of galactic encoded individuals will be awakened and they will number close to a billion. Their purpose will be to take Earth into the Galactic Community.  These will be highly evolved individuals whose emotional clearing and DNA Recoding process will be much shorter due to the work already done by the first 2 waves. By 2007 the world as you will know it will not be the same…it will be a galactic-level planet in direct physical communication with its stellar neighbors.

As we stated at the beginning, the major portion of our work is now complete.  The final years until 2012 will be devoted to assisting individuals in completing their DNA recoding and emotional clearing in order to achieve ascension to 9D and become citizens of a new compassion-based society within the galactic community.  These individuals will become the seed race for a new species that will eventually populate the galaxy and bring it the peace for which we have all worked so diligently. 

With the awakening of the Third Wave, there will be a great demand for assistance. This demand will be met by those we call Galactic Counselors and we have already begun the training.  If you are a galactic counselor you will find this contract encoded in your Life Blueprint (the road map you created for your current incarnation that contains all the lessons you wanted to learn along with all the contracts and people through whom you will learn those lessons this lifetime). 

We’d like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to all of you, both earth-born and star-born, who have made this possible for Lady Gaia.

In closing, as the events of 2003 occur, remember that you have a way out.  No matter how difficult it gets, you have a solution.  The Dark will continue to play their roles trying to enslave Earth.  This is what it will take to wake everyone up.  It is up to you, the people of the First and Second Waves, along with those who came before creating the “spiritual wave,” to show Lady Gaia’s children the way to freedom and a new reality of harmony and joy.  Teach them to use their “Inner Technology” of Compassion. Show them that it is the one and only force that renders the Dark powerless. Use it, be it, and that world for which your hearts yearn will be yours.

In loving service,
Devin, Head of the Galactic Federation’s 9D Nibiruan Council
through Jelaila Starr
www.NibiruanCouncil.com                Awakening-Healing News Index 2003

*The First Wave, as well as the Second and Third Waves, consist of those individuals coded with a galactic orientation meaning that once awakened, they will seek out the multidimensional, galactic information or bring it through as channels.  These people realized that spirituality in and of itself is not the final step but part of the journey.  They intuitively understand that the planet is ascending to a definitely physical destination, the galactic community.  Their purpose is to prepare the planet and its people for this final step.  This is why those of this coding either skimmed by the spiritual information or always felt there was something more.
**100th Monkey Theory -

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As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do and how to achieve it.  Jelaila can be reached at (816) 444-4364.  Email: Jelaila@NibiruanCouncil.com - Website: www.nibiruancouncil.com

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