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Sananda's Fourth Message             Awakening-Healing News Index 2003
Channeled on October 22, 2002
by  Lois Hartwick

 My Friends, I welcome you here today into my heart and into the vision I am holding for you and the rest of the world.  These are days in which much is tumultuous and uncertain, and yet, by holding light many thousands - - millions even - -  around the world extending prayers to the greater good, are helping hold humanity in an encased vision of peace.

 This vision, although interrupted at certain times, will be the mainstay for your planet.  At the moment you are engaged in listening to acts of war or presentations of purpose toward this end, while many disruptions are occurring around your world.  Yet it is today, with great concern, I say that whatever has developed or is developing, will be assisted by the efforts all of you have made. 

 I am part of a greater Corps; a Corps of beings who hold light in many different dimensional frameworks, positions, consciousnesses, dimensions, parallel frequencies and assorted descriptions providing within your consciousness an understanding of what I am attempting to describe.  There are many millions of beings in various forms and levels of awareness, who prepare and work with us to create the dimensional frequencies needed to contain and hold this higher level of reality around your planet.  This vision of which I speak. 

 You have heard many voices through various channels or experienced through dreams or third eye perceptions and intuition much that is forthcoming.  Part of the prophecies are from an older time and some are present and with you now, today, in a more conscious and strident level than may have been in the past twenty or thirty years.

 This Corps, and I would like to call it a Corps of Light,  is a grouping of consciousness and realities holding a greater vision than is being held by many of you at this time.  As it is fed back and mirrored onto earth, it is being held by those choosing to do so.  As reality begins to change on your planet, much destruction occurs as a result.  No one is interested in changing the actual outcome they once predicted -- at least if they were those choosing to hold the planet in the straights in which it has been.  Yet as you begin to awaken, or as realities begin to change, you understand a higher purpose and intention you are reaching to have and hold steady in the years ahead.  Not only is the intention one of peace -- certainly a greatest one to have --  but also an enlightenment of mankind to the extent where love begins to pervade your planet once again. 

 Many of you may feel you are living in a loving world, but most of you have understood by now how many things seem to have gone astray from what you clearly saw or believed was reality before you.  For some, there is enormous discouragement in your hearts that these higher consciousnesses or awarenesses have not taken hold fully; that enormous discrepancy exists in the way life is perceived or what one grabs hold of and what one chooses to maintain or even create on this planet.

 You will find a disruptive war coming before you.  I have spoken of this earlier in the other statements, but it is now a forgone conclusion, essentially.  This information will reach many, and perhaps, including those who choose to create aspects of this war.  Nevertheless, it is a point of information that you need to know:  This war will not destroy your country nor will it destroy the human spirit.  It will, rather, revitalize many of you still lying laggard in your efforts to create a higher reality.  It will encourage many of you when you begin to understand the enormity of opposition to this level of reality.  The networked effect will create a dynamic such as never been seen on your planet. 

 In the heightened sense of reality each one of you dreams about or recalls in meditation, or perhaps even speaks about to others, you will recognize each of you carries within your own heart, certain instincts that pervade or prevail toward the expressions of love and kindness with each other.  This has become an unusual commodity on your planet in many respects.  It does not mean that it is not there, but it does mean other efforts or situations are prevailing.  I would like to use, for the moment, the sniper shootings now occurring in Maryland and Virginia as an example.

 Each of you may be using, from your own perspective, aspects of love, acts kindness and care toward your neighbor or friends, but when a situation such as this comes in, it creates levels of fear, suspicion, and less generosity and kindness because one draws back into their home or whatever they believe might be a safer place, with  less and less expression in the truer nature of your hearts.  This is a very small example of what is occurring in many places around the world.  People are being left suspicious, feeling threatened, and not trusting the reality in which they live, building a competing thoughtform (to peace) existing on your planet. 

 Everywhere there has been war and dissention, levels of discomfort and fear still remain. Some people wait for the other shoe to drop, some people feel their lives have been destroyed, while others harbor great loss of those they loved or the homes they had or the health they once enjoyed.  All of these thoughts and fears create the opposite reality from that which you are choosing to create. 

 So it is that this 'reality' is utilized to move forward an agenda not truest and kindest to your hearts.  By supporting each other, through a networked relationship, such as the Internet, uniting prayer and levels of awareness around the world, you are beginning to open doorways, which have been closed for a very long period of time.

 You are beginning to understand greater realities and that we are working with all of you around the world, not just in one place or another.  It is equally dynamic in terms of energy put forth into the Philippines, as it is in the United States, as it is into Italy or Bosnia or elsewhere.  What matters, however, is how many people in those areas are opening to receive or  are working with their own level of prayer so a new dynamic starts to be created.

 This is what I am speaking of today and wishing to encourage all of you to remain with your hearts open enough to hear that the light will prevail in these altercations in times ahead.  Do not deceive yourselves that other realities will take place, for this is not the case.  There are too many now who are willing to absorb the energies of peace and the truth of what is presently occurring. 

 We have, myself and the Corps of Light  (akin to an interplanetary federation and resembling to some degree, the United Nations only comprised of many planetary and space realities), combined to effect change on your planet geared toward those prayers and intentions most loudly heard.  And we can say this because very few who have an intention to dismantle another are prayerful about doing so!  Look to see who is doing the praying on your planet, and you will begin to understand what we are hearing and responding to. 

 Imagine yourself lighted each day.  Even those of you having difficult times or moments you  feel afraid or unsure of your reality.  Imagining light pervading your being will allow you to keep close contact with those of us working with you.  Perhaps a tall order if you watch television all day and see the news being presented.  You may feel disheartened; you may feel discouraged; you may feel no ground is being gained.  Quite the contrary.  You will be hearing in the news of many changes coming forth shortly.  Be aware that we are connected to these realities now being created, and they will be shortened in a timeframe vastly different than is being projected. 

 Know, too, much fear present on your planet exists because too much of this energy is held onto.  You recognize when enough fear comes forth, it creates more fear, spreading its intention like tentacles into other areas.  It is not by accident these sniper attacks happened around Washington, D.C.  for this is an area where enormous fear is being disseminated into your world. 

 People unable to maintain a specific balance, particularly in these times, will find it difficult to be rational with the intentions or the realities they are creating, such as the present case now.  It will happen in other ways, but it also happens more regularly where fear is present.  Those not holding light or choosing to hold light, will be disrupted in their thinking far more easily. 

 It is time to tell you these changes upcoming will affect your world.  At first you may find they appear to be negative in scope, and I would assure you, they are.  In the long run, or in the days after, however, there will be shifts that will allow for a great deal more light, a great deal more prayer, a great deal more intention to create a much finer world than you have had at this point.

 Most of you believe what is occurring will not actually come to fruition.  That the war with Iraq will fall away because of a variety of situations or perhaps, will not be allowed to occur.  I would suggest that this will materialize and will become a part of the reality, but will also be short-circuited in another way.  When that happens, many changes prevail in your world from sources that have not yet engaged their efforts toward creating a more peaceful reality. 

 It is time to recognize that for each one of you, there is each one of us.  There is a comparison and a holding of light I spoke of much earlier.  In addition, there is a family of souls to whom all of you have been connected, whether it be a soul group or whether it be a family member or many family members.   Recognize they are beginning to gather in great strength and numbers, putting forth enormous effort toward holding peace on your planet.  It is becoming a multi-leveled desire. 

 Imagine for a moment if your parents were on the other side, and they were looking toward your reality, would they not be caring you are in peaceful co-existence with everyone else on this plane? 

 Such is the desire being put forth by many.  Understand this force expands well beyond your planet and has enormous repercussions to those who have chosen to create chaos.  It will become a diverse time;  you have known this;  you have seen great disparity of action; but in that disparity, you will recognize a higher and finer truth:  Love is starting to prevail.  Such action has not been engendered on the planet in this way at any point in time.

 It is essentially a new beginning for Planet Earth, or one soon to be here.  One in which cooperative efforts, between parents and siblings and cousins and their children and neighbors and politicians, and between countries, between seafaring nations and shipping people around the world, between those that are piloting from one area to another, and between those who are sending energy into space, germinate.  Such connections start for a new beginning and a new lifetime.  Yes, not everyone will understand and not everyone will choose to participate, but what will occur is a deafening roar from those choosing to live a certain lifestyle, to live a peaceful co-existence, and to hear the higher voices joining them.  And I for one, join all of you in that connection. 

 I am here today to remind you of this -- to create a reality and put forth an intention and a belief system and an opportunity all at once.  To say to you, "Do not let go of what you have been knowing for a very long time.  Do not give up because of much that is being reflected back from the bizarre events occurring elsewhere around you.  Do not hold despair that the higher truth will not prevail.  Do not leave behind the dreams you carry and the opportunities present within them."

 For some of you on this planet it is easy to understand a weariness, and in some cases, a jadedness as to what is potentially possible.  As if you have created as far as you can at this juncture, and it still seems monumental to accomplish the rest.  For not only are you thinking about the larger world, but each of you carries within your own personal realities to accomplish as well.   Maybe not all of those have reached a pinnacle point, either.   If this is the case, I wish to remind you that in co-creative efforts with more and more coming forth, your voices are heard and help is more present than it has been on your planet in a very long time.  Look to those -- to those to whom you pray -- for assistance and guidance and do not give up your efforts or turn away because your heart has given up.  Move through and keep caring that your light still shines. 

 The Corps of Light is what I would call an organization, for lack of a better word, in which the higher realities from many different aspects have come together and put forth, not only a 'mission statement', but a level of cooperation in action to be more involved in earth activity than previously for the following reasons:

 l.  Many of you have requested it.  There has been within your prayer, a call for assistance and help.

 2.  We have watched intervening forces move in and abrade themselves into your society with much disruption and dissention and very little has been done by those of us remaining silent to actively participate in ways that you would knowingly see.  We are, however, taking a more pro-active stance at this point in time, to make sure your earth remains intact.  This does not mean that we are interfering with your daily lives in individual ways as you might perceive or wish.  But we do have a sense the prevailing view of the existence of your planet is of tantamount importance.  Therefore, we are choosing to maintain our connection and involvement with the activities that are being generated there. 

 3.  And finally, we are connected to each one of you through love and through light.  By maintaining this level, this reality, we are able to set forth, not only an intention, but an actual physical reaction you are able to hold and to perceive, that will get you through, what might be considered by some, a dark night. 

 All of these things are part of our participation and yes, it extends even in a greater way as well.  Some aspects will not be spoken, but we are choosing to manifest our presence throughout your world in a myriad of ways:

  ~ You may be in situations that start to look differently than they have in the past. 

 ~ You may have, within your physical sense, another sense of reality standing right beside you. 

  ~ You may incorporate new situations in your life that you had not previously experienced.

  ~ You may decide to make changes or to feel great presences beside you, assisting you or leading you ahead in ways you previously had not chosen to go. 

 Our effect will be felt and in some cases, seen more clearly than you have encountered in the past.  We are choosing that our light be known.  As I said, I am but one of many.  We have, together, in this group, and to those who said 'yes'* around the world, passed a light with candlelight from one to the next to the next, linking us together.

 So this then, is where we, the Corps of Light, will start.  Pay attention to those new things that may be coming forth - - things you are noticing or witnessing or feeling or intending,  recognizing there are going to be some levels of lightness coming into your heart not previously there for many years.  A new lightness and a new knowing will start to prevail in your energy field, encouraging  you to go forth, to walk more lightly,  to carry more light and to uplift those around you. 

 Some of you felt changes from the initial 'yes'* that you made in your lives. Some of you recognized that your lives were forever different, some of you underwent physical shifting, some of you felt calmer, some of you felt more connected and some of you were able to prevail through very difficult situations.  Now we are choosing to work with you specifically at night, but there will be intentional activities during the day to allow you to see more clearly what we see.  You may see aspects of your own life needing to be changed, needing to be strengthened, or to be let go of, but you also may see a new lightness, a new presence because of your connection, and you may see your connection with us.

 It is a time of shifting and changing.  It is also a time in which you are being brought to the forefront of the souls who are serving here, who are choosing to hold light.  To man the forts as it were.  And to uplift and create that level of ascension, which has been so predominant in the minds of many these past twenty or thirty years.  This level is a level of upliftment.  A level of greater light.  A level where truth can prevail instead of lies.  A level where your hearts can be open and sing instead of be faced with fear.  Do not let go of this dream and reality for it is so much nearer than it has been.  Even as you recognize within your world these vast changes occurring, you will see a whole movement -- as if you took a slipcover off the world and moved it over here and this slipcover became the higher truth and reality in which you lived.

 The actual presence of the world you have been on may indeed choose to remain in that reality where you no longer are.  As if there are two worlds -- the duality of which you have known for a long period of time -- but the dream is contained and is held in one, so you are able to maintain and live in that reality when enough have chosen to do so.  That point is coming.... that point is coming. 

 Forgiveness is an important aspect for your world to learn about.  I do not necessarily speak of the forgiveness that is thrown out in terms of religious or general belief.  I speak of forgiveness from a higher place.  When situations come about in which one person feels wronged or many people are wronged, often you will, in your higher efforts, attempt to forgive that person you perceive a 'wrong-doer'.  And in that wrongdoing you may be holding onto some pain because you felt threatened or attacked or misused in some way.  So you struggle in your being to forgive while holding this pain within yourself.  It becomes a dynamic that does not work so easily, but rather, creates more pain or creates a situation that is never fully released. 

 I would like for you to understand, imagine moving out of your physical being, let's say to a 7th dimensional awareness, and look at the reality of each person's light that has engaged in this situation.  You reach a level of compassion and understanding for what has happened over many lifetimes to each person bringing them to this point.  From this higher perspective, you'd forgive them.

 From your present level (with respect to forgiveness) if you understood you do not necessarily see the entire truth, but only a portion of it, it would make forgiveness easier.  It would give you a bit of an edge to say, "I am forgiving them for I know not all the reasons why or the answers for this situation."  And move on, truly believing that you do not understand all of these reasons.   And if, indeed, you are having some problems with forgiveness in your heart, ask for assistance from one of the members on a higher level, whomever it may be you pray to.  And if you choose the expression of God to come forth to assist you, you will be given this help to release whatever is being held onto.

 It may seem like a small matter, at this point, in context of all I am speaking about today, but do you recognize that all wars are created from misunderstandings and lack of forgiveness?  One believing something about this group as opposed to that group.  Or this person as opposed to that person.  These things create such a sense of injustice and pain within, that they are not letting go and war does not stop.  There is always justification on someone's part, who is holding pain, for this type of reality to be ongoing.  It cannot stop, however, unless one is willing to face his or her ability to forgive.  So I offer that as an aspect to be considered along with holding light.   

Nine months from now you will be free of many things of which I am speaking.  We are in a  holding process at the moment, and you will see a different result than present here today.  I am hopeful each of you will feel blessed by the outcomes of your own individual lives, recognizing you have come here to assist those of us working with you and to assist the planet because of the love in your hearts able to reside here at this and other times in history.        Awakening-Healing News Index 2003

  A calling is coming forth echoing throughout the universe, and it says, "Peace, Peace, Peace."   It reverberates everywhere. 

 This is Sananda.  From my heart to yours there is love, light and peace flowing.  Hold it well, my dear Friends.

 **Note:  "Yes" refers to Sananda's request in his first message.  The earlier messages are posted at  Sananda  #1 3/3/02,  Message from Sananda  Part II  4/28,   A Call to Service for the Earth  Sananda III 8/4  via Lois Hartwick  or www.expressions of light.com.  Blessings all.  Email:  hilo@bcn.net

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