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Wednesday, February 05, 2003 11:52 PM     Awakening-Healing News Index 2003
A Message from Kirael: The Crew of the Columbia Space Shuttle
Aloha Everyone,
  On February 2, 2003, the Kirael Shift Report focus group met with Master
Guide, Kirael for the monthly session at the Honolulu Church of Light.
Through the gift of mediumship of Rev. Fred Sterling, Kirael shared this
message with the group regarding the crew of the Columbia space shuttle.
KIRAEL:  Good evening.  Today we meet with a bit of a heavy heart for
those that we have lost.  We send our love to the beautiful people who were
left behind, and let each in their own way know just how powerful this
experience will turn out to be.

We have watched seven energy patterns of the human world whisked into the
loving Light of the Creator.  And as the human world grieves the tremendous
losses, we in the guidance world feel the exhilaration of seven spirits that
now are held in the Light of the Creator.
 As the space vehicle entered the outer realms of the planet, great concern
began to penetrate the conscious minds of all on board. Each had a knowing
that something out of the norm existed. It was as if their higher selves
began to transform the very particles of their life force. No fear permeated
the crew as the panels of the projectile began to give way in the extreme
heat that held the craft in its final moments.

 In those definitive moments, in what seemed like a heartbeat, all seven
crewmembers immediately withdrew from the restraints of their physical human
body and returned to the truth of their spirit body to assess their chances
of survival.  They dislodged themselves from the shuttlecraft and they knew
beyond doubt that they had been freed of the human world.  They stood united
over a place you call the United States, and probably the most important
thing they wanted you to understand was the way in which they stood.
 Imagine in your hearts, my friends, the beautiful man from Israel in the
very center. He held out both of his hands to the two women and they formed
a trinity. They allowed their energy to expand until the four remaining
astronauts joined hands to surround them completing the circle of life. They
merged into an enormous light which was surrounded by the angel force. This
drew the attention of all light and for the briefest of moments, humanity
was merged to its natural state. There they held as the shuttle plummeted to
earth with the remains of their human bodies.
 They held tightly as the shuttle disappeared into a barrage of flames.
They stood tightly over some place called Texas, because Texas has something
to do with your president.  They hoped all of the people of Texas and all of
the people of the United States would look upward and not see just the
devastation, or the horrors, but would see the unity force of love.
 It is prayed you will find meaning in all of this.  They took their
greatest moment in their entire experience and gave you the final gift- "We
collectively are the unified Light of all existence and in that we came
together to remind the world to find peace within.  We stood in a united
force of light to demonstrate that all levels of life need to come together.
May we be remembered in your hearts as the Light that did it all.  Let the
world know that is what took place."
You can listen to Reverend Fred Sterling's church service message which
includes a healing prayer in honor of the seven astronauts with music by El
Lopez.  Click on the Sunday Service 02/02/03 link at:
http://www.kirael.com/church/archives.html Awakening-Healing News Index 2003

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