Subject: Metatron on Expansion Happy New Year!
From: "Keth Luke"
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 23:02:25 -0400
Aloha Everyone,
Happy New Year - Galactic New Year that is - July 26, 2000

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     Metatron on Expansion

      written by Christine Bearse
      Posted Tue, 25-Jul-2000 04:22:26 GMT

     Archangel Metatron - July 24, 2000
    Greetings to my family of light . . . I wish to commend you on the
    choices you are making, and the attention and devotion you are
    giving your earthly life. For in the days and moments of your life
    reside the wisdom of the ages, for you walk and live the
    potentiality of many worlds. So many new scripts are being drafted
    by each of you and I am here to say "Go for it"? Your support team
    is in place, and we are assisting each as you envision your life
    with a fresh set of inner and outer eyes. The light you are and
    have been anchoring is holding the capstone for each of you?

    At this time of great transformation, I would like to assist all
    with a new concept of time and your efforts to visualize and
    manifest your desires for your life, and indeed life on this
    earth. In the past you were given instructions on manifestation
    that were perfect for the time. If you wished something in your
    life, you saw it, tasted it, and created it in every detail. As
    you envisioned the particular item or relationship you wished, you
    were learning/remembering how to focus energy in a certain
    direction. Stay with me for a moment as you read these words, and
    remember what that was like. For example if you wanted a new
    home/living space . . .  you sat, called in the light and
    envisioned it in your minds eye: the perfect color was  . . . the
    perfect location was . . it must have  . . . floors and  . . .
    many windows . . .  it should be located ..miles from my work . .
    .  the yard should be . . . .etc. etc . . .  and on and on you
    visualized knowing you were creating what you wanted . . .  and
    that was great!

    Now, I suggest to you a new way of creation and manifestation.
    Time as you have lived it on this earth is/was a linear event,
    which was partially created from the physical birthing and then
    dying of your physical body . . .   for with those events you
    seemingly came and left in a linear fashion. And so over the
    millennia, hours and minutes, and all the details became
    important as guidelines. For you apparently only had a certain
    allotment, only so much time to live, to play, to get enough
    money, to be happy etc . . .  and then you would die and this
    time line is finished. End of Story. I suggest to you to allow in
    the notion that time is not linear, which you have all heard many
    times, but that time is an energetic state  . . . a vibration . .
    . and as such has no beginning and no end, it just is.

    As you have now ascended to your next level of light, of living
    the light within this current embodiment, it is time to consider
    working with the element of time in a new way. Allow yourself to
    release the outdated concepts, such as: I only have so much time
    to do a certain thing, or It has to be done in a certain way or
    There is not enough time. In regards to manifestation, the lid has
    been blown off, and the sky is the limit. The vibration that you
    are, is allowing you each to work with the element of time in a
    new way . . . by allowing you to EXPAND your thoughts, dreams,
    hopes and wishes instead of FOCUSING them.

    There is no longer the necessity to be so very specific when you
    are visualizing or creating something for yourself (or the world)
    . . . for if you do, you are, in essence, CONFINING or DEFINING
    what the universe has for you, or wants to give you.  Allow
    yourself to really get into feeling and then working with the
    vastness of yourself and your potential.  When you release your
    desires, with and through the energy of that which you are, you
    tap into the unlimited potential of the universe.

    You are remembering that you are an endless being.

    Remember, as I have said before . . .  you are fulfilling your
    service because you are here, and now is the perfect moment for
    you to play with your creative abilities and let your wishes and
    desires flow with the language of light, the language of your
    heart. There is simply no need to have to lay out your plans like
    a blueprint for you ARE a living blueprint, and you have stepped
    into the zone of being the perfect architect. For the instant you
    envision something like a new home, as an example, the living
    forces of light within you, actualize that, within the framework
    you have already established.

    Remember you have not been sitting around for the past 10 or so
    years have you? How many times have you prayed or sent out hopes
    and dreams to the many times have you spelled out
    exactly what it is you wanted . . . .. those thoughts and wishes
    did not disappear, but became activated blueprints for your life.
    Your soul, your higher self, has kept all of these records, for
    each of you walk a specific life, in terms of expressing the
    light that you are. Some of you have dreams or visions of that
    which you experienced in another life, or alternate realities, and
    some of these exist in what you would call the future . . .  for
    in truth, time is all of these states. You do have enough time . .
    . you DO have all the time you need and want to create a wonderful
    life, and to accomplish all that you came
    to the earth to do and be.

    You are already experiencing many time fluctuations, feeling like
    last week was years ago, or the morning was days long and the
    afternoon just sped by. So many of your linear concepts are being
    shaken apart, for you are a timeless being and you are remembering
    that more each day and detaching from what once was a
    concept/belief of a life of limitations. Along with this great
    expansion is a freedom. Freedom to be and let go of all your
    preconceived notions of what your life would be or should be or
    even could be. Many of you have already thrown your pre-written
    book of life into the air, and let all the pages go where they
    wanted to go, trusting that it would all be perfect. Some pages
    completely disappeared, and those that returned to you seem to be
    written in a new language, which indeed they are. It is a language
    of a higher frequency/vibration, the keys of light that you are.
    And even if consciously you cannot decipher it, have no fear, for
    your inner eyes, are reading it and writing it so you can
    understand its message.

    And now, as you write your book of life, all you have to do is
    write a simple phrase . . . ie: I would like a new home . . . .and
    then close the book. For all the specifics you have sent out over
    the past few years, have been aligned with the being and the light
    that you are now.

    Allow the concept, of time as an energy - a vibration, to shift
    your manifestation process into an expanded state. Release the
    linear vision you may have in your inner eye, of your own time
    line, to that of an endless stream of moving particles. You exist
    within this stream as part of it, being in touch with the farthest
    edges as well as the middle. Time is very pliable and in constant
    movement, and it all exists in the now. There is no past, or
    future separation within this flow. Each particle moves freely,
    and aligns perfectly with the particle right beside it. So as you
    live this life, you are touching into the past of your soul as
    well as the future, and being all of that within the now.

    So utilize this endlessness to create, manifest and dream your
    dreams.  The focusing ability that you have fine tuned has brought
    you to this place of terrific expansion, for in your remembering,
    you now realize that what used to take weeks or months to come
    forth, now materializes sometimes within minutes. You have come to
    this place of beauty through your own efforts and by maintaining
    your own sense of balance, trust, and faith. But even more, your
    belief in the light of your soul has brought you to this now

    My family, expand your concepts of life to include unlimited
    possibilities, along with enough time to be and experience all the
    pleasures of this life. And open your arms and your heart to
    embrace the vastness of the crystalline potential of that which
    you are . . .  a Divine, living, breathing, feeling, walking,
    miracle of love.

    Received through Christine Bearse

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