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Editorial: 16 July 2000
    Your Natural State of Being is Joy

    Dear Ones of Light how incredibly beautiful you all are. Your
    lights are indeed lighting up the universe and getting brighter
    and brighter with every day that passes. Your collective energies
    are merging dear ones and therefore, the light that is now
    emanating from this small planet Earth is shining vigorously for
    all in the neighbourhood to see quite clearly. And so, we come
    with this message today to tell you how well you are doing. We
    come with the message of joy in our collective heart, to share
    with you this energy for restitution and continuance.

    We speak to you often of joy. We tell you how important it is that
    you demonstrate this energy. And here we are once again to remind
    you that life is indeed meant to be joyous. Spirit is joy and as
    you are all spiritual beings, then this is your natural state of
    being. Being Spiritual is to be joyous at all times and in all
    circumstances, no matter what they are. Many of you will say,
    "Well that is ridiculous. How can one be joyous when one is
    experiencing something tragic or sad?" But dear ones, what is
    tragedy? What is sadness? These are emotional responses based on
    seeing life as limited and finite. On seeing oneself as powerless
    and without control over one's own destiny. So you must get over
    this belief and change it.

    When you hear that somebody dies you immediately think "how sad".
    And when you hear that people are starving and going through
    hardship you say "how sad". And of course, to feel another's pain
    is to have compassion and that is good. But you react to other
    people's pain because you are still not realizing that all of you
    are infinite and powerful spiritual beings. When you see yourself
    as separate from God, then you feel pain and grief be it for
    yourself or for another. But when you see yourself as an eternal
    and joyous spiritual being who is connected to the source, then
    you can say "well this may be unpleasant but I choose to
    experience it from joy". So, when a loved-one departs the Earth
    plane, you must wave them off with joy in your heart, not sadness.
    You can say "adieu" rather than "goodbye for ever" because adieu
    is only a temporary farewell beloveds, not a permanent one.

    You are all undergoing experiences that you have chosen for
    yourselves, you must remember this. Death is not something to be
    sad about, regardless of how it occurs. And any kind of tragedy is
    but a challenge to the people who are involved to find the truth
    within the event. The challenge dear ones is to live life with joy
    in the heart, by finding something 'light' within the life
    experience. Joy brings enLIGHTenment and with enlightenment comes
    acceptance and acknowledgement of the truth.

    There is no such thing as a victim of circumstance, because
    everything that occurs does so because you have decreed it. It may
    not seem pleasant at the time, but it is only a role you are
    playing out. The gift of enlightenment dear ones is to have the
    conscious understanding of this. Because when you have the true
    integration of this belief, you will laugh and laugh and laugh at
    life. You will see it as it really is, not as you think of it at
    the moment. You must remember dear ones that within every dire and
    tragic action lies a wonderful blessing. And when you recognize
    the blessing, then you have joy.

    So may we, once again, advise you dear ones that you begin to
    locate your joy. Find it wherever it is and let it out. Find
    something to laugh at. Sit in front of your television screens if
    you must, but tune into those programmes that make you giggle,
    chuckle and shake your belly in contractions of mirth.  In the
    seriousness of your daily grind, find something to laugh about.
    Look for the truth within the circumstances that surround you and
    laugh. Even if these appear to be serious and nothing to laugh at,
    try to see them in a different or broader context. Try to be
    detached from negative input and calm your emotions so you can
    see the 'lighter' side.

    To achieve the Ascension that so many of you desire deep in your
    hearts, is to live life in a permanent state of continuous joy. So
    dear ones we issue you with a personal challenge and say "find joy
    and acceptance in every moment". And when life presents something
    that is not to your liking, know that you have the power to change

    The information above is presented for your discernment,
    and is courtesy of:
    Susanna Thorpe-Clark and Korton Communications


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