Subject: Archangel Gabriel-Reconnects Lifeline to Great Central Sun
From: "Keth Luke"
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 12:41:23 -0400

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    Message for July 18, 2000:


    Reconnects Lifeline to Great Central Sun

    I am Archangel Gabriel here with you this evening.

    I have come with the gift of Spirit.  I come to teach you these

    Sacred Inner Portals which exist within that Lifestream, the core

    of your connection to Spirit, and the Sacred Flame within.

    There has been much teaching concerning this Merkabah, this Star

    Tetrahedron.  Yes indeed, from the Scrolls of Life, I can confirm

    to you that this star of brilliance is the building stone of your

    very nature.

    Let it be known that within the Central Channel of your being

    known as your main Vortex of Light are seven energy centers.

    Within each of these energy centers there is that Star

    Tetrahedron.  In fact, the very Seed of Life which springs forth

    these Fires of Self and Creativity is this Star of your True


    Yes, Beloved Ones, you may look unto the sky and understand the

    true nature that is within you.  Each of these wheels of Sacred

    Fire is a little star whose presence is within you.

    Each Little Star has the potential to become the full glowing

    radiance of the Mighty Seven Stars of Creator.  Within each of

    these chakras is the Seed of Perfection where the mighty Seven

    Creators dwell.  Yes, Beloved Ones, the Seven Stars which

    fashioned the heavens and fashioned All That Is within the Cosmic

    Ocean live inside of you, as seeds of potential which can unfold

    unto the very glory of your Father Sun.

    Within each of these Starry Presences are the Seven Stars of

    Light--we find at the vortices or points of this Star

    Tetrahedrons, a Triune Council of Beloved Star Beings.  For,

    within you are these known as the Rainbow Trinities.

    As each Chakra works together as a rainbow, so too, do the Mighty

    Elohim, the Mighty Archangels, and the Chohans of Light focus,

    dwell within each of your Chakras.

    Though this may be hard for your imagination, O Peoples, know that

    the Most High do live within you.

    Know that in each Chakra, one of the Mighty Elohim exists!  Within

    each Chakra, one of the Mighty Archangels resides!  Within each

    Chakra, does one of the Lords and Ladies of Light live and dwell!

    Know that these Three focus the fourth point which is your self

    actualized in the Future-to-be, in the Ascended Realms, a Master

    of Wisdom and Love and Peace.

    These great Creators and Servants of Cosmos do hold a focus for

    your own existence within the very Chakras of your being.

    Elohim are the Seven Mighty Beings which did create Universe.  For

    they are the Masters of Form.  They are those Mighty Spirits which

    guide the Nature Devas and the Elemental Forces, and all of the

    out-picturings of the Heart of Creator.  Know that those Mighty

    Archangel are Keepers of Sacred Pattern.  Do guard the Sacred

    Matrix of your Original Creation.  Do adjudge and guard the Laws

    of Creator.  Know that those Chohans of Light, are Ascended Beings

    where particularly focused upon you.  That even though there are

    Chohans of Seven Rays that watch over Mother Earth, each

    individual has personal Lords and Ladies from the Ascended Realms

    that caretake for their Soul.

    Therefore, within each of these Sacred Fires within you, are the

    Great Creators, the Great Guardians and the Great Teachers for

    humankind.  Within already the fulfilled matrix of your true

    being.  All of these form that Sacred Star which is the Seed of

    your Life unfolding.

    Therefore, People, understand that you may attune with these

    Elohim, that you may attune with these Archangels, that you may

    attune with these Chohans of Light.  They will come to teach you

    and they will unfold to you the Mysteries of your own Being.

    They will activate that Central Vortex of Light within you known

    as the Crystal Rainbow of Being.  They will open the Portals of

    yourself and connect you directly to the Heart of Great Central


    For these Beings, these Trinity of the Rainbow have been sent

    forth by the Creator as your own Divine Government.  These are the

    Councils which are responsible for you and your actions.  These

    are the Councils to which each must turn to find guidance and to

    walk in balance with All.

    Understand, Beloved Ones, that the keys to unfolding this Crystal

    Matrix of the Rainbow are within your Sacred Heart: for you must

    enter into your Sacred Heart and claim the Living Waters which are

    at that Well Spring of Eternal Life at the center of this garden

    called Eden.

    Once you have purified yourself and put on the Mind of the Child,

    that Original Mind, and are escorted by the Cherubim at the Gate

    of your Sacred Heart, you may go forth and drink of the Sacred

    Waters freely.  These Waters will fill the Chakras, these Light

    Centers, with that nourishment which will make this Starry Seed


    Soon, to your amazement, you will be radiating before Invisible

    Realms those lights of the Sacred Rainbow.  Your feet will be

    glowing, your hands will be serving, and your mind will be focused

    upon the Light in All!

    Therefore, O People, seek your connection unto Creator through the

    Heart.  For that Cherub which is guardian for Sacred Heart is the

    personal steward assigned to you by Creator to guard the Innocence

    of your True Nature.

    Therefore, if you seek pure connection of direct lifeline to

    Creator, go in the joy of your Original Love.  Know that the gifts

    of Creator will awaken this Rainbow Reality, will reveal to you

    the Councils which guides you, and will empower you unto

    unimaginable lengths, depths, and strengths by empowering the

    gifts of your Soul.

    These Rainbows teachers will show you how to unfold the gifts

    which Creator has given you.  They will teach you how to walk in

    Love and Compassion.  They will empower you on that Sacred Path of

    the Christ: unto your ascension into the Lights, into the Wisdoms,

    and into the Flame Imperishable of Creator.

    I am Archangel Gabriel, come to you this day unrolling the Scrolls

    of Life.  To teach you of the Sacred Rainbow that reigns within

    you.  I come to teach you of the Stars that are within.  To unfold

    to you your connection to the same Creator Seven Stars which beats

    the Heart of Creator within that Kingdom of Heaven known as the

    Great Central Sun.

    Mitakuye Oyasin,

    Standing Elk


    Canku Woksape Wicasa

    Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Win



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